Can I change your fate?

Is there a human destiny? On this issue fought by the ancient philosophers and sages. But these days the answer is not found. Who ever can know how the world works, except for the one who created him? However, if future events are in time and space before they happen, and people can get information about them, which means that they have a destiny ...

The famous prophecy

Let us trace the "fate" of some famous predictions. According to Biblical legend, the Magi foretold the Jewish King Herod, who was born January 7 that the child would become the king of Judah. Frightened, the governor ordered the killing of all babies born on this day. The guards executed the order, and in Bethlehem killed thousands of babies born ... But the hay baby escaped this fate, and became king of Judah, not earthly, but heavenly ...

Of course, the legend is not fully complied with the historical truth. Thus, some historians believe that King Herod died before the birth of Christ. The fate of Jesus, his mission on earth than had been predicted long before he was born. In the second chapter of Matthew (verses 1-12) narrated that after Jesus' birth in Bethlehem "in the days of King Herod came to Jerusalem, the Magi from the east and say where that is born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and are come to worship him. "

Pushkin gave predictions of the utmost importance. This is evidenced by its full of mysterious meaning of the poem "The Song of Wise Oleg". We are in this work is a real historical event mentioned in Russian chronicles one of the "wise men predicted the prince that he was destined to die of his favorite horse. Since that time, he did not want to ride it. Four years have passed. In the autumn of the fifth Oleg remembered the prediction and, hearing that the horse is long dead, mocked by the wise men, wanted to see his bones: he started with his foot on the skull and said it is my fear? But the snake was concealed in the skull, it stung the Prince, and the hero died. "

Very great poet was predicted the death of the thirty-seventh year of the "white man", "white horse" or "white head". As we know, this has come true - who killed him was a blonde and Dant?s rode on a white horse ...

Born to be hanged will not drown

By the evidence of the existence of fate can be attributed, and numerous cases of miraculous salvation.

The helicopter was ... planned flight over the Siberian taiga, when his side fell a man, happened to be in front of the open door. Flight altitude was about 800 m

The precipitate was not taken aback. Outstretched hands, he used the jacket as a parachute. Fate was favorable to him. Caught on the top of a tall tree, to cushion the fall, lucky "nevezunchik" fell into a snowbank, who saved him from certain death ...

Konstantin Nikolaev ... (name changed) decided to take a dip in the hot summer in a mountain river. The course was so rapid that he was immediately knocked to the ground. After hitting his head on the threshold, he lost consciousness and woke up in the sea, where he claimed the rapid current.

Like "by order" of the sea at this time a violent storm. Being a good athlete, Nikolayev was trying to reach shore by swimming, but it belongs on and on. In the nine-storm in the sea are dying ships. But Constantine was able to hold out on the water more than 17 hours! Prostrate swimmer lifted aboard a passing ship.

... Another amazing incident took place in Moscow. The man was smoking on the balcony when it flew past the little child that had fallen from the top floor. Not a loss, falling smoked picked up the baby, and he was saved by a miracle.

To know, where the fall ...

What happiness would seem to be able to foresee his own fate! But is this true? After all, to know exactly why and when you die - like a death sentence with a delay in the performance ...

But the most dangerous thing in these predictions is quite another. Themselves without knowing it, having received such a prediction, we give a set to his death. There is a contradiction. A person seeking to know the future, to make life easier, and, recognizing him, condemns himself to death. Meanwhile, the prophecy could be wrong. Yes, and you can win a new destiny, having worked this ...

Analyzing the predictions made by the most renowned visionaries, it's worth remembering the "coefficient of accuracy." For example, the accuracy of the famous prophecies of Vanga, according to the researchers, was less than 70%. If we reject random coincidences (a tribute to the theory of probability) and the conclusions reached by analytic talent clairvoyant, it appears that Wang could predict future events is about 60-62% of cases. For many it is a psychic, but for the person who predicts the future, not so much ...

No wonder the Middle Ages arose anecdote about the astrologer Louis XI. For the evil prophecy the king decided to execute the predictor, but before his execution he asked to check the "Chaldeans", if he knows his own day of death. "I would die three days before the death of your Majesty!" - He replied, and was saved.

The question is not whether there is a future as a destiny in time and space, and how the virtual future for man fatally? Do we have freedom of choice?

Most evidence suggests that the destiny - it is not a program, but only outlined the contour of life. To realize his destiny person at birth is endowed with the corresponding features. But what you will attain, much depends upon you. Freedom of choice in this is more than a man. Although the fate with a strong desire and the right behavior can be changed.

"The Fate - a thread, one end of which lies in the hands of man, the other - in the hands of God - believe the Indian palmists. - What in God's hands, is a mystery, incomprehensible to man, so man must focus on what depends on it. "

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