Gift .... superstitions

candle   green love spellNot all items and things made to give for the holidays, birthdays and other celebrations. Some of the gifts can be curled his lips, and from others, and severely offended
Do not give knives. Moreover, not only knives, but in general any sharp objects, including a fork. It is believed that this will inevitably lead to a quarrel, parting (but if someone gave it to you, "buy off a little thing").
In no case do not give the Japanese knives - a hint of hara-kiri, but in the Middle East, a good knife or dagger - is a valuable and welcome gift, as well as a sign of great trust and respect. Also, the knife will be a valuable gift for the hunter, if he has no favorite knife.

Handkerchiefs. This gift superstition, common in the distant past, and now popular. "Handkerchief as a gift to symbolize the tears" - many people believe. However, tears can take from you if you give in response to a coin. It is believed that in this case, how would you buy a scarf.

Empty wallets, purses and piggy banks promise to lack of money as a gift. So put them in the bill! And even better - several, in order to "attract" money.

Clock. Symbolize the transience of time. It is believed that the donated hours will count down the remaining time that you intend to spend with this person. And when they stop, it will mean the inevitable separation.

Or the other option: watch as a gift, must show that it is time to leave. Even if we accept the validity of the symbolism of the gift, you are the options, how and when to give the clock. Start with that, too, if present clock, the good that they are for decades counted the time remaining for you to communicate with that person.

Again, there are times when things daryatsya "in memory", before the forced parting (retirement, moving to another city or country). And here, too, a nice watch with an engraving will be a great gift and a reminder of the giver. But it is also a view that wrist watches - the perfect gift, but only if they are mechanical, not electronic: mechanical clocks synchronize if the heart beats, and electronic emit harmful energy.

Mirrors. Mirrors attribute a lot of mystical properties, including what they considered a guide to the afterlife, and even mirrors lead to rapid aging, it is hard to fall asleep in bed when the contrary is a mirror. In addition, the mirror - this is, after all, a piece of furniture and will be better if people would choose it myself, based on their aesthetic preferences.

Candles. Give candles - a bad omen. But we often do not know what to give, especially in the New Year, restricted to a set of decorative candles. It turns out that the funeral.

Unsuitable precious and semiprecious stones Before giving precious and semiprecious stones, do not be lazy - carefully examine their properties. For example, give pearls - to tears. Also good to know in a frame of gold or silver is preferable to place the gift.

Unsuitable flowers. Language of flowers - all the science complex. Therefore it is better to know beforehand what a person likes flowers. Dried plants can be given only if people are crazy about them. If you gave the room a flower is not stingy - bestow merit money, otherwise the flower will wither.

Unloved animal. Naturally such a gift does not bring happiness but trouble. But even if you gave the desired animal and it died - it is considered that the deceased animal takes the soul of its owner. And if you gave the kitten, puppy or guinea pig (crocodile to the bathroom), you should always give a small coin for it, otherwise the animal dies or escapes. While it may be the case with the crocodile to give money not worth it?

It is impossible to give cosmetics, perfumes and clothing, if you do not have an exact idea of the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you give.

If a woman gives her husband socks or underwear, perhaps, it will go away or be changed accordingly.

There are also gift these superstitions:

Those who give birthday tie, will sit on his neck ...
Those who give a friend a tablecloth, a frequent guest in her house ...

Those who give head handle, the handle will lead him ...
Those who give the slave a calculator, it will always cheat ...

Someone who will give your wallet to a friend, always be able to take money from him ...
Those who give women glasses make her look at the world through his eyes ...

Those who give the hostess an iron, hot iron will not only her hair ...
Those who give a man a razor will cut off part of his success and fame ...

Anyone who will give the birthday box, the latter reveals all the secrets of his soul ... "
If a woman give a man a chisel, hoping someday to get pregnant from him ...

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