Rule the world ... mages?

The myth of the existence of the secret government that controls the world, yet is only circumstantial evidence. But one can certainly argue — since ancient times, the political history of mankind is under the control of people who had a magical gift.

Great Teachers

In the East, in one form or another there are legends about certain teachers or mentors, standing at the highest levels of spiritual or magical initiation. For example, Taoists worship the eight mages hsien, who they believed lived in the mountains. Being immortal, and the hsien had supernatural powers.

Mahatma — Teachers of Mankind

The head of them, Zhongli Quan, possessed a magic fan, a wave raised the dead. Another magician, Chang Gol, was able to become invisible. A patron of musicians Han Syantszy with his magic flute made flowers bloom in front of the audience.

Many believe in the existence of the Mahatmas living in the hidden from the eyes of mere mortals, the hill country of Shambhala. According to legend, immortal Mahatma, but may have the human incarnation.


From time immemorial come down to us the legend of the Nine Unknown — secret union stewards of the Earth. This union was founded Indian emperor Ashoka, who reigned from 273 BC.

There is a hypothesis that the Company owned by the Nine Unknown, some prominent people of the earth. Christ spent several years in India, and these years are shrouded in darkness secrets ...

In the Middle Ages and up until today we are witnessing the emergence of outstanding personalities, who are led by the synthesis of the secrets of religion, the arts and sciences, even though physical immortality.

It's Leonardo da Vinci, Saint-Germain, Paracelsus, Cagliostro, Lomonosov, Roerich… probably among them were people with real power.

Occult Reich

Today it is no secret relationship with Hitler's Third Reich occult organizations. The greatest influence on the Nazi F?hrer had the Thule Society, founded a literary Dietrich Eckhart, who died in 1923 in Munich, and transferred their mystical revelations of the famous occultist Carl Gauskhoferu.

Since 1920, Eckhart, and their associates Gauskhofer talked to Hitler, engaged in a spiritual and ideological formation of his personality. Dying, Eckhart allegedly uttered these words: «Follow Hitler. He will dance, but the music I write. We gave him the means to communicate with them… I do not feel sorry for me. I would be a greater impact on history than any other German… „

After the death of his spiritual heir Eckhart was Gauskhofer. Rudolf Hess, who was also a member of the Thule Group, said that the secret was Gauskhofer teacher who held a very high level in the spiritual hierarchy. It Gauskhofer offered as an emblem of the swastika — a symbol of the sun in the European and Asian esoteric ...

Meanwhile, the attitude of Hitler in the occult and magic was pretty strange. In the spring of 1934 in Germany, has officially banned all kinds of predictions of future persecution, and occultists and astrologers on, although some of them have not touched.

At the same time the Fuhrer continued interest in magic and even established the Black Order — carefully classified occult organization that aims to contacts with the secret forces. Himmler created the SS is also different from traditional punitive military formation.

The image of the skull on the SS collar tabs, Norse symbols, brown fascist form, tradition and rituals inherited from the Knights of the Teutonic Order — all this suggests a connection with esoteric cults.

Magee Soviet and anti-Soviet

Like the rulers of the German Third Reich, the leadership of the Bolshevik Russia was interested in the occult. According to numerous reports, the 20-30s in the USSR there were secret societies and Masonic lodges ...

The first Masonic Lodge in Russia founded by Peter I, who was himself initiated into the Masonic fraternity. Among the Russian masons were listed in the main distinguished and influential individuals, often members of the royal family.

This tradition has survived to the beginning of the XX century, while in the second quarter of the XIX century, the Masons left in the “underground.» In 1826, secret societies were banned in Russia — they were a threat to the ruling power, and power is understood .

However, according to separate reports, the Russian secret Masonic lodge continued to work… They were persecuted, but at the same time, using members of these occult organizations for their own purposes ...

When security services were created whole departments, engaged in searching for signs of extraterrestrial civilizations and ancient cultures. The Bolsheviks needed knowledge and technology that could make power invincible.

One evening in the post-revolutionary Petrograd, in the living room of one house were about 20 people. It was the strongest magicians Petrograd and sensitives. Together they set out to make a secret ritual, designed to destroy the Bolshevik leaders. To do this in the living room made portraits of Lenin, Trotsky and other leaders of the revolution to be done on them deadly magical manipulation ...

But the plan failed. Someone informed about all the Cheka. Security officers surrounded the house, broke into the room and shot… all those present on the spot. There were no arrests, no questioning, no court… Obviously, those in whose honor the cult of magic coped too well knew the worth of the keepers of occult knowledge… for themselves were not strangers to this ...

On the idea of the occult background of the revolution, and induce the expression «Tips», «Soviet power»… After all, at the head of any secret society is a mystical board, which includes the highest stage magicians. A Soviet symbols — the hammer and sickle — very similar to signs belonging to the Masonic fraternity of «free masons»… It is unlikely that all of this — the result of random selection ...

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