REINCARNATION - a reference to the future!

The older of humanity, the more people involved in the problems of immortality. Science and medicine are not standing still. And the modern homo sapiens actually live longer than their ancestors. In addition, in the world appear more and more radical ideas and inventions that promise to extend the life of the ages. In the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property received an application from a group of scientists. They presented to the expert scientific theory with the official title: «A way to increase life expectancy for centuries.» What is this new product and how it extends the life?

Reincarnation — a reality?

The problem of extending human life by scientists from many countries, set up lab research institutions, associations of gerontologists. On the question of prolonging life spent millions and billions. Russian scientists from Naukograd Korolev, former members of the «Energy» Shishkin and Shatsillo offer to hold a shocking experiment.

«Our invention is unusual, frankly, we did not expect that the Patent Office will take up his study, — not without pride, says PhD Stanislav Shatsillo. — The manner in which we want to patent, it is very simple and based on this natural phenomenon as reincarnation — the transfer of the „inner part“ of personal information, the soul, if you like (although we prefer not to use the word), from dying to living humans.

Scientists have hypothesized that the information in a few seconds into the brain of the unborn child, as it is in the fruit, which is in the abdomen of a woman in her fifth month of pregnancy (during this period formed the brain).

And a pregnant woman and a dying man may be in a radius of 2000 km. It uses a sensor detecting the radio waves, and the fixing time.

The researchers calculated that figure a mathematical way, knowing the height of interest to the layer of the ionosphere, which significantly narrowed the range of your search. The basis was taken average — 250 births per minute on the entire planet Earth. It turned out that a circle of radius 2000 km. — Is 1/25 of its surface.

Hence, in this area at the right time will be about 10 pregnant women. Scientists insist that if you can time the release of information from the dying body and the time of the entrance to the unborn fetus, it can be very likely to talk about that here and now there was reincarnation.

Center for the „Eternal return“

If you think this is yet to be proved, you are hopelessly behind the times. That is a reality for a long time it is no secret. Moreover, in the scientific literature published tens of thousands of documented cases.

If you go to the Lenin Library, and there at the request of „reincarnation“ you will be given about 70 books and scientific papers. The problem of reincarnation conducted by scientists from many countries since 1960. Established specialized department at the Institute for Parapsychology in the UK and the University of Munich, in the U.S. is a center of „eternal return“, where for many years studied couples who were husband and wife in the „past“ lives.

In 1980, scientists from different countries of the Association established a treatment study of „past“ lives.
The most famous to date a Russian scientist, engaged in reincarnation, academician Alexander Marcon, Ph.D. psihodogicheskih Sciences, an honorary doctor of psychology, European University, a member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries, Academy of Natural Sciences (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences). In his works he cites many references to the proof of reincarnation.

The well-known story

At the same time in Spain and Russia, two women get into a car accident. Spaniard died, and the Russian woman a few days remained in a coma. And when I came to, I spoke in Spanish, Russian, do not remember. Husband and family did not recognize. The name of the deceased was called Spanish flu, although before that they were not familiar with. And when her husband came to the dead, she threw herself on his neck! The above mentioned theory of this case is completely explains the information from the deceased got into the body of Russians, who, being on the brink of life and death, his information at that time has managed to convey to someone else, but for some reason resurrected.

A striking example

A resident of Anapa Natalia Beketov „remembered“ 120 languages, including ancient Chinese, English since Shakespeare, and the language of the tribe drevneyaponsky Ngobe that existed in the VI century BC. And that 120 of its past life, she remembered some great detail. By the way, she changed her nationality, name — for Tati Valo — moved to Finland, for their past relatives.

CHNT — a man with a new body

Belief in reincarnation is often associated with the effect of deja vu, a strange sensation, experienced by people caught in a new situation, but tormented suspicion that all this has happened to him. However, not only suspicions.

One of the pillars of parapsychology, a professor at the University of Virginia, Ian Stevenson recorded about 3 thousand cases of people, mostly children, have argued that remember their previous existence, and describe them in detail.

In 120 he studied, people remember their past lives, he discovered a congenital (!) Features of the skin and skeleton. That is, the anatomical features that have a clear correspondence with the intravital (or got!) Lesions of the body the old man.

He and legally, through the testimony of witnesses, recorded a remarkable similarity between the living and the old people. Stevenson said that if a child — an object of reincarnation (more scientifically, scientists call it CHNT — a man with a new body) — to bring into the house where he lived in a past life (CHST — a man with an old body), he immediately recognizes the situation, tell you where that is, and how to call someone.

However, this should be done in the period from 3.5 to 5 years. Then the memories of past lives can only be obtained through hypnosis. The man himself says only in extreme situations.

Observations of well-known researcher of past lives — Dr. Joel Whitton, an expert in medical hypnosis and a specialist in neurobiology — showed that 90% of people under hypnosis can remember their past lives. Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto have found direct evidence that some of the memories that caused by the boundary condition, consistent with reality.

For example, one subject — a psychologist from Canada — has been a distinct British accent, an irrational fear of break a leg and the fear of air travel. As a teenager he had a vision, as if it were in one room with a Nazi officer.

Under hypnosis, the man remembered that he was a British pilot during World War II. Over Germany, his plane was shot. One bullet hit in the leg, and he barely had time to eject. But the land was seized by the Nazis who tortured him, pulled out nails. The historical archives of Whitton found mention of such a British pilot.

How is the transfer of information?

A person transmitting and the receiving person — two radio stations, and the information itself, the radio waves. Messages from dying (CHST) go to medical-energy cosmic channel (this is for each person) in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The channel is part of the ionosphere and through it communicates with the appropriate communication channels CHTN. The existence of such channels and the world of the cosmic mind has told Vernadsky.

By the way, the theory of scientists from Naukograd explains another mystery of nature. For many years, no one can explain the unusually high conductivity of the ionosphere with a darkened, unlit side of the sun. Theoretically, it should not be there, because there is no major source of ionization — the sun's rays. Researchers believe that the electrical conductivity is explained by the constant intense exchange of information between people.

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