Inside the ground is hidden parallel world

There are more and more evidence in favor of the theory of parallel worlds. Physicists at Stanford University managed to calculate the hypothetical number of universes that formed in the Big Bang — 10 in 1016-th degree. In this case it is possible that they may be in each other, and inside our Earth, possibly hidden by the Earth-2.

Even in the ancient sources are found allegations that the Earth is hollow, and in the depth of its inhabitants live underground. It would seem that this is just the result of early naive ideas about the structure of the world, when science was still in its infancy. Greek mythology tells of Tartarus — a sinister underworld. No wonder there is still a proverb — «fall into hell.»

The philosopher Anaxagoras (V century BC) built a model of the universe, consisting of a flat earth, surrounded by a sphere of air and ether cloud. But at the same time, he writes about a parallel world, where there are people, cities, and even the heavenly bodies. If the center of the universe — Earth, then where do these people live? Perhaps, under the ground?

Hypothesis of the existence of a hollow space inside the Earth and appear later. The theories put forward about Halley, Franklin and Lichtenberg. At the end of the eighteenth century scholar Leslie suggested looking for an expedition to the underworld. In 1816 a scientist Kormuls said depressions on the surface of our planet formed due to shifts of the earth's crust, which hides an empty space. A German professor Shteyngauzer argued that within the Earth is another planet, he called Minerva, slowly rotating in a circular orbit.

In 1818, a Clive Sims bombarded the U.S. Congress, universities and leading scientists of letters, which proved that the Earth consists of several concentric spheres with holes at the poles and habitable within.

The Soviet Academy of Obruchev advanced the hypothesis that a giant meteorite, a distant prehistoric times fallen to Earth, breaking her bark and forming a cavity. And according to a theoretical physicist John Wheeler, the electromagnetic radiation in a collision with the force of gravity can bend space and form a «black hole» within which the enclosed light — Gihon, from which may emerge over time the planet. Since geon — a system that closes on itself, the planet is located inside the hollow space. This is evidenced by changes in gravity at great depths.

American scholar of alchemy Cyrus Theed, studying ancient Egyptian papyri, developed the idea that the earth — sphere, on the inner surface of which is inhabited world. That is, we do live inside the earth!

Some scholars — in particular, Professor Shklovskii — develop the concept of «mirror universe», according to which there is a parallel space of the universe, according to the law of reflection is contracting so that the inside of a spherical cavity of itself to another area where greater value. That is, inside the Earth can be hidden Earth-2, the physical size even surpasses the original. And which of them is our planet — is unknown.

But suppose that someone is under the Earth is really alive. How are these creatures? Perhaps this is the strange fact that we take for supernatural monsters. For example, in 1972 in the American press reports about a monster of a hill Marpolf. This creature is seen in the Louisiana near the hill Marpolf. It was gigantic, with a head like a pumpkin. The monster in front of witnesses, uttering a growl, rising on the hill.

Some claimed that a mysterious monster had his hands in which he was holding something red. After rising to the top of the hill, the monster would disappear as if dissolved in air. Trying to find traces of it, the police searched the all-around, but nothing has been found, except for a piece of land where the grass was as if scorched by fire.

According to one popular hypothesis, such events are the origin of the plasma. But the «black dog» is probably behave like living creatures, not inanimate objects. And then — in theory have shown that some forms of life can emerge from the plasma. Maybe the tradition of the fire-breathing dragons and devils — not fiction, as it seems at first sight?

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