Mysteries of shamanism

Shamanism — the most ancient form of pagan religion in which the principal is the worship of nature and the spirits of dead ancestors. Introducing yourself in an altered state of consciousness, the shaman is able to speak with the dead, make predictions, to cause rain, cure diseases, etc. Shamanism is found not only in Siberia, but also the peoples of other continents.

Shaman's call and shamanic illness

Shaman can not become one, but a man with congenital or acquired psychic abilities. A special place to receive the gift of a shaman shamanic shamanic call, and the disease that exists only in some natives of Siberia and the Far East, and very rarely appears in Europeans living there.

The future shaman is different from the beginning a special behavior: it tends to be alone, likes to dream, experiencing visions in dreams and reality. With age, these features manifest themselves with greater force. He has appeared hallucinations and seizures. He falls into a frenzy, as mentally ill, or, conversely, all day lying motionless in bed.

And only if the surrounding determine that a person has started shamanic illness that happens to be longer than the stronger he gets out of the shaman. However, a person can really go crazy and stay until the end of his life insane, unless he begins to engage in shamanic practices.

Shamanic illness is not just a place. She gives him special powers, changing his entire personality, then he can no longer be the same. Very often, this change does not cause a young man of joy, acting against his will. However, he did not give up the power. After that, as a rule, should be the initiation complex, anticipating an entry into the world of spirits, ie, the formation of a shaman.

However, not all the predictions come true Keire. First, he could not predict his own fate. Leaving in the early 30s in the U.S., he opened a detective bureau, where he hoped to solve crimes with the help of palmistry and clairvoyance, but alas.

Higher forces considered it impossible for him to use the gift of foresight to enrich and Keire deprived of this ability. Incidentally, something similar was observed in all other clairvoyants, who pledged to use his gift only to the benefit of other people, but not for profit, and similarly «punished» Providence disease or deprivation of that talent in violation of this fact.

Not having any other profession, Keire ended his days on the street, where he was dying of hunger, picked up a cop.

Initiation — «dedication» to the shamans

Shamanic illness — it is only the first stage of initiation. Sometimes it might just be a ceremony symbolizing the death and rebirth, but very often the «newcomer» is in a very unpleasant, but similar to the vision of the truth, when his body is subjected to torture and dismembered.

Undergoes a similar collapse, and all the consciousness of the neophyte. After this reunion is just a new order, and the man reborn as a new person.

At the end of the initiation of a person experiences an overwhelming desire for solitude — a thing of the tundra, taiga, steppe, where alone communicates with spirits. It may take several years, after which the shaman newly returned to the people.

In this case he needs assistance to older and more wise mentor who gives him the traditions and teaches a variety of techniques. Only after that the neophyte starts his own practice of shamanism.

The source of the power of the shaman is instilled in him the spirit-keeper. To do this, a shaman for a long time sitting alone at night, waiting for the arrival of the spirit. Spirit is in the form of an animal or person. Meeting with him is necessary for further shamanic activity, as soon as it gives strength and power of the shaman.

The shaman calls to mind the spirit enter his body. After a while, guardian spirit can be changed in exactly the same way.

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Ritual — a special form of entry into the beyond space shaman in an altered state of consciousness. In contrast to the shaman's disease, an emerging desire among neophyte shaman rite is carried out deliberately, usually with a specific purpose. Most often it is the practice of healing, at least — the implementation of the predictions or searching for lost items or pet.

A rite involves a number of Siberian peoples precede action. One of them is a sacrifice to the spirits of ancestors — slaughter a certain pet. After that, the shaman prepares special ritual items needed him on the way to the spirit world.

Most often it is a symbolic image of boats, miniature figurines of spirit-helpers, and the shaman drum. After that, the Siberian shaman smokes up very strong home-grown tobacco, drink a glass of vodka and starts a specific shamanic dance, thus introducing yourself in a trance state, culminating in a deep swoon.

In the shamanic practices of other nations rather than alcohol and tobacco use to enter into a trance and psychedelic drugs. As a result, the shaman does not feel the pain of its own weight and feel of the whole body a high fever. He begins to speak someone else's voice, predicts the future, find lost things or healing.

Sometimes the voices of spirits, ringing out like out of the ground or from surrounding objects, and hear the people around them. In some cases, there poltergeist phenomena: objects fly… observed rockfall, etc. About two hours later, the shaman comes to its senses and the spirit of an ancestor is removed in their worlds. After the break, which lasts about 3 hours, starting the final phase of the ritual, during which the shaman to thank the spirits of their ancestors.

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Invocation of spirits in these days

According to anthropologists, the technique ritual has not changed for thousands of years, and only in our time this ritual in many nations, as it were «out of fashion» because trends of European civilization. Most often, shamanism today is to attract tourists and entertainment, but it is not true shamanism, and its imitation.

Original Shaman is not an actor, a transcendent power conductor. It differs from traditional healers and herbalists hereditary, because it does not focus on just one healing, not using their knowledge and influence of spirits ...

Shaman has always occupied a high place in irerahii from Siberian peoples, as the guardian of an ancient culture and traditions. The very same shamanistic activities and to this day is selfless service and does not involve any remuneration, although it is in first place in the life of a shaman. Funds for its existence shaman usually produces the same work as regular people.

These days, a shaman — it is usually people with medical education and high ethical rules, which will never break the laws of the cosmos. There are many moral prohibitions for the shaman, who, in general, coincide with the universal (do not kill, Thou shalt not steal, etc.). Their violation leads to more serious consequences for a shaman than an ordinary man. First of all, the shaman who has violated a taboo, loses all its force, obtained from the spirits, and contact with the spirits themselves.

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