Satanist died during an occult ritual

On the wall above the bed painted a huge guy wearing the Devil    19-year-old fan of the dark forces and could not get out of the state of deep trance
Addictive occult boy had deserted from the army to hold a session of occult magic. The next morning he was found with hands bound and surrounded by satanic symbols.

Designed to fall to the military unit 83531, stationed in the village of Soldier Tashla near Ulyanovsk, Herman Peshekhonov came home with his grandmother in the late evening. Immediately rushed to his room, he refused to talk to someone. The guy was locked from the inside and did not respond.

German Peshekhonov

Only the next morning the grandmother was able to open the door of his grandson. What I saw an old woman, threw her in deep shock.

Herman was lying on the bed, dressed in a strange robe, and was not breathing. On the table beside the bed lay the charred remains of a guy doll, which he burned in a ritual. All the walls around his bed were izrisovany pictures devil and pentagrams.

Arrived on the scene medics could only say the death of 19-year-old boy. Examination showed that Herman died of acute heart failure.

— The body of the deceased did not have any traces of injections, there was no smell of alcohol, — told Life News Emergency Physician of the city of Ulyanovsk Eugene Zatsepova. — He just fell into a trance and did not come out of it — the heart could not stand.

German Peshehonovroom for Man

His grandmother believes that passion occult boy inherited from the mother

Upon the death of Private Military Investigation Department opened a criminal case MRS.

— A young man drowned vomit. The incident occurred Jan. 20, — said Sergey Zhukov Life News, a representative of the Military Investigation Department of the TFR.

— Who was sent to the ritual burning of the doll, the guy who spent the night before his death remains unknown, — commented on in the investigative agencies. — Notes he left, and did not seem that he was going to commit suicide.

According to the grandmother, the mother of Herman, too fond of the occult. The boy is still in the hospital refused, claiming that he — the Evil One.

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