A heavy blow to the sorcerers

Romania has long been a worldwide reputation of the country in which witches and wizards play an important role in all spheres of life. Thus, until recently, their work was not regulated by law.

When at the end of last year, the Romanian government tried to control the scope of the occult and fortune-tellers and witches enrolled in the category of entrepreneurs, who now must pay income tax at 16% and deduct part of their earnings to pension funds and health insurance funds, its adherents have expressed extreme dissatisfaction.

In response to a baker's dozen Romanian witches, led by the witch Bratariya Buzei left a curse on the Cabinet of Ministers of Romania. In addition, they made a night on the banks of the Danube and the Sabbath was poured into the river from the poisonous brew mandrake.

Under the new law, now Romanian witches are required after each magical services for which they receive compensation, to issue a check for payment and maintain a cash book with the registration of personal data of customers.

According to the workers of magic services, these conditions scare off those who need their help, because hardly anyone wants to about the visits to the sorcerers and fortune-tellers learned officials.

In an interview one of the disgruntled fortune-tellers told me that was not expecting such a strike by public figures, who often turn to her for advice. She said the policy of «steal, and then come to us to impose a curse on their enemies.»

It should be noted that black magic is really featured in Romanian politics. A year ago, during the second round of the presidential election rival incumbent President Traian Basescu, has complained that he used against the «negative energy».

After winning Basescu it constantly accompanies parapsychologist and clairvoyant Aliodor Manoela, and the president himself often appears in purple robes, which are believed to scare away evil spirits.

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