The secrets of shamans, doctors revealed

Researchers have discovered why an uneducated witch doctor can sometimes cure hopelessly ill person

Drain Soul

The word «shaman» sounds fascinating. And he seems mysterious fakir, the fluttering of a ritual dance maniac — a special cloak of animal skins. Falling into a trance, he talks to spirits. He beats the drums pounding a drum, whispered incantations. And often, in some unknown way puts them out of sick people sickness.

No wonder these self-taught healers asked for help in antediluvian times, come today — in an enlightened age. Of course, to maintain the image of witches inquisitive researchers explain their ability to heal those that are able to ascend into heaven, and act as intermediaries to the gods, or descend into hell, into the lands of the dead, where the lost souls is acquired.

According to them, stealing or losing souls of living people and is the cause of many diseases. Therefore, they are able to negotiate with otherworldly forces to regain the soul of patients and thus regain their health. But this tale.

Scientists from the U.S., Germany, Great Britain, conducted in recent years, many observations of the work of shamans in different countries, have made several major discoveries that are useful to modern medicine. They told us about MD German, MD, Ph.D. of Russia Lev KACHUGIN.

— Leo A., what shamans have surprised scientists?

— Only today specialize in many experiments convinced about what shamans have known for thousands of years ago, thoughts and feelings of human influence on his body. The simplest examples: a vivid picture of sour lemon in your mouth fills her mouth with saliva, the unpleasant memories suddenly start headaches, and the pleasant — our mouth is stretched into a smile. Moreover, researchers have repeatedly made sure that only one thought — as though intangible, ephemeral — can create a harmonious and happy life and turn it into an eternal struggle without the joys and victories.

— So, the term «thought is material» — not a commonplace phrase?

— No, it is well established that the thought of how matter reacts to the unconscious. Medical and physical experiments end of the twentieth century helped to understand the mechanism of the strange effects used by shamans. Thus, it was repeatedly found that the shaman can heal a person over whom previously had unsuccessfully worked best doctors. There are even cases of treatment of advanced forms of cancer. And in the early twenty-first century, these observations led to the creation of new psy-technologies to improve the well-being and health. They used some techniques of shamans, purified from the spectacular rituals, combined with the methods of psychology.

— What was the secret of these techniques? Hypnosis?

— No, I thought so before. Today it became clear that their hidden rituals of effective work with the subconscious. And it is, according to many experts, the information processing more than a million times stronger than the mind and almost completely controls the man.

Shamans act on the subconscious, using a well-known placebo effect.


— I spent many years studying new drugs and capabilities of the human body — continues Dr. Kachugin. — That's why I was interested in the cases of spontaneous recovery of people treated with shamans. Why did they do everything so clearly and quickly? In Brazil, I was shocked by the work of a famous healer. He comes to a man puts his hand on his head — a person better. If he is not getting any better, then the shaman takes the scissors, cotton wool and winds driving these scissors to the patient's nose. The man in shock. But after that it starts to heal quickly.

Or in Haiti for the followers of voodoo people — it's just a box, the carrier of the spirit. From this box you can do anything. I saw a mother brought her shamaness infant who had severe headaches. Shaman takes a supposedly magical plant that makes him a tincture (an extract of the plant, in my opinion, totally inefficient), it lubricates the baby's head and begins to knead a tiny head so that his little brain does not get out. The child screams. Then tape up his head. And a minute later the pain in a child disappears.

When the researchers examined such cases, they realized what the trick! These strange rituals operate on the principle of a placebo, when the cure of the disease stems from the belief that a substance, «dummy» or a medical procedure can be effective, although the drug may not be other than sugar or chalk, and the procedure does not have any medical value. And in his work on the development of new drugs, I often come across cases where a patient after receiving placebo, suddenly starts to feel better.

— It turns out that the person can change the state of your body?

— There is no doubt. However, not everyone is able to program your brain to recover himself. Therefore, so far, and popular shamans and psychics, which are sick people and those with spectacular rituals help a person to believe in a favorable outcome.

— What is the sorcerer uses as a «dummy»?

— For example, it takes a man some trifling thing — a ribbon or a button, and it is believed that they represent a disease. He whispers spells over the thing, and burns or buries — so he is «destroying» illness.

In addition, they use different substances. In Peru, for example, used pills made from the hallucinogenic cactus. In Brazil — the psychoactive mushrooms. With them, introduce yourself and patients into a trance. For the same shamans rhythmic drum beats in the act on the psyche of the patient, also affecting the subcortex. It starts with a relaxing, there is a quiet, clean, happy state, which is called religious people have a sense of bliss. It is key that opens all the healing processes. And, indeed, begin treatment.

The same happens with professionals. According to statistics, one third of all cases of recovery of patients receiving medical treatment, including operative intervention, obtained by the placebo effect, and not just because of medical intervention.

Thus, the perception and belief can provoke a healing that is naturally made by our body. In general, we all have the innate ability to heal, which is still present in us from the time evolution of our species.


Dr. developmental biology of cells from the University of Virginia, author of «The Biology of Belief,» Bruce Lipton:

— The teaching of the ancient healers, which is now practiced by shamans from different countries, perhaps, may soon become the basis of the new biology. The difference between traditional and new science is big.

The first argues that our body is just a machine, which is controlled by built-in computer, and we are just passengers, which this car is driven. And if the car will not start, it means that some part of it broke. And then the body-machine must be sent in for repair, which will replace the parts to supply the drugs and return the body-machine repaired.

A new biology suggests that you have an engine, the car — your body, but you're not a passenger in the back seat and the driver of this car, and it is your hands on the handlebars, and you control everything. So when something goes down in our body, we have to blame yourself — do not know how to drive properly. Learn to control the body — you will be healthy.

New biology and emphasizes the power of our thoughts. Even if someone is bedridden deadly disease, then, simply by changing their beliefs, it can cause spontaneous healing. So it was long before the first medical university, and people treated themselves. All we need is to step back and recognize that those methods were indeed scientifically sound.


Ancient system of Hong psychologists use

Shamans of Hawaii has a very interesting religion for thousands of years which they passed on from generation to generation. It is called Huna, which means «secret.» It contains a therapeutic technique, worldly philosophy, ways of how to respond to stress, how to communicate with people, how to think. Today the principles of the Huns use positive psychology specialists in many countries. Here are the top of her rule.

A. We must deal with ideas as to things, because that thought is material.

Two. Man's power grows as he helps others. Using the power to suppress the will power, which will weaken your power. The same applies to the disease. If you're gritting his teeth are struggling with the disease, trying to suppress it, the disease begins to resist.

Three. The world is so, how to think. Think of his shit — he is the shit. If you want this, it is automatically available.

4. Boundaries do not exist. All the boundaries in our minds, in my thoughts.

Five. It is important to choose the right target. It should be nerazmazannaya.

6. The moment your power over this world, on themselves, over their destiny is always here and now. Everything else — an illusion!

Memories and anxiety about the future failures of the power of your block. And the fulfillment of desires starts right here and now. Do you want to — then already begun.

7. The more you are in harmony with what you have, the easier it is to change and improve. Do you want health — love health. Do you want wealth — the wealth of love. Would you like beauty — the beauty of love. If you want someone bad, you break the law hoon, and nothing in life is impossible.

Eight. All the power is in you. No one will help. Only you.

9. If you have a dream, then you have the power to implement it.

10. If you want to get happy and friendly results, then use the cheerful and friendly methods.

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