Friday. 13

&Another Friday of the month falls on the 13th number, and we, without being overly superstitious, with a shudder of the heart from the dark forces expect all sorts of mischief and trouble… How can they be avoided? Enough to follow some simple guidelines and you will not have this day special problems, psychologists and parapsychologists are advised.

Of course, as far as possible all the more important things undone. Even if you dismiss the influence of irrational forces — in this day of people succumbing to the general panic about the fateful date may get nervous and breaking anything… So, if you can — cancel all business meetings and negotiations. If this is impossible — be extremely careful, especially when signing contracts and other documents.

Try a Friday the 13th did not get behind the wheel. If you need somewhere to go, better to use the subway or ground transportation, or walk on foot, paying attention to traffic lights — in those days, increases the likelihood of accidents. You can not go on this day out of the house — do not go out, especially if the job does not allow you to be every day at the office.

Do not go and visit, especially over long distances — it is fraught with obstacles and accidents on the road, and the visit may be inappropriate, or away something unpleasant happens… Put visitality until Saturday. If you started to receive visitors at home, then perhaps that's closest…

Refuse to and from hikes, outings, whatever the weather is good or was on Friday — may have some unfortunate circumstances: for example, your company attacked by hooligans, or someone is injured. Not a good idea to appoint to this day and assignation. It could happen that you turn away from each other, although the fact there are no objective reasons.

Major purchases on that day too, it is better not to do — they may be unsuccessful. If you can not postpone the trip to the store or market for the products, be vigilant, since increased the likelihood that you will deceive the seller or cashier, or you pull out… As the purse is traditionally believed that Friday, which falls on the 13th the number of, patronized by irrational forces, beneficial to any activity associated with mysticism and the occult.

For example, it is possible for the day to schedule a visit to a fortune teller, psychic or clairvoyant. Most likely, you will get true and useful information. You can guess yourself, and magical rites or conduct. And they will be effective if you use the number 13. Let's pull out from the deck of 13 cards one by one and see their importance in the Commentary. Or — take the 13 small items, put them in one place, and without looking, pull one of them. Then Interpret your future according to their purpose: a coin — the imminent receipt of money or a profitable operation, the engagement ring — engagement or a wedding, a pen or pencil — the signing of papers, erasers — soon in your life something will disappear, the ticket — you will find a way… Also note the dreams that you dreamed the night of Friday.

Dreams «on Friday» is generally considered to be prophetic, and then there was the 13th number… You can think of, going to bed, getting sleep response to a question. And you're sure to get it. If a direct answer will not be, just try to remember what you dreamed, and look in the interpretation of the dream book.

Friday 13th — a good day to practice spiritualism. But to hold a session must be experienced in this man. You can get from the spirits of the answers to many questions, but in the end to say goodbye to those from the other world, that he returned safely to his other world, and not pursue any of you…

Incidentally, this is an opportune time for all sorts of occult gatherings. If you are going to a lecture on magic, conjectural, or a seance, then that day fate will not pose any obstacles to you, you safely get to the place and get something that counted. But at other times this can cause problems, since irrational forces do not like to turn to them «not in time.»

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