Can the people pass through the wall. Scientifically proven!

And it would be cool, right? At night, in a rich bank quietly so through the wall, just sniff… protection does not hear anything, the apparatus is silent… I'm rowing, rowing coin… The next day, another bank, even bigger ...
And one could do industrial espionage. And the money is huge. And, most importantly, elusive! )))))) And climb to the beloved, and… find out who he cheat on me.

Well, I'm all about the fine… After all, if you think about it Well what kind of power over matter! Already captures the soul!

Is it possible? That is because the question. And if possible, what to do for this? Or someone should have to walk through walls? And if he knows about Kabbalah?

This research has made a film Semyon Vinokur. I propose to see his film.Each detailed tutorial on atomic and nuclear physics describes the classic experiment electron interference by two slits. But since many visitors to the site can not be a physicist, you need to recall briefly the nature of the experiment. So, take a sufficiently broad plate, cut in her two closely spaced through-slot, put the plate vertically, before it set the electron gun, and her screen. And includes a gun. If the pre-close one slit, then flying out of the gun the electrons pass through the remaining gap and draw on the screen, the vertical bar. That is, act like little balls or grains of sand. By logic, if you open a second slot, then on the screen next to the image of the first slot should respond by the second. But this is our everyday logic. And micro logic is quite different. And when we open the second slot, the picture on the screen is changing dramatically: now the whole screen is filled with alternating light and dark stripes, the brightness of which will gradually recede from the screen center to the periphery.&Physicists explain this phenomenon as follows. Electron — this is not a small hard ball, as thought in the 19th century, and a single wave of the electromagnetic field strength decreases from a maximum at the point where we find the particle to zero at an infinite distance. In different circumstances, this wave can manifest itself in different ways, showing very different properties. Sometimes it can manifest itself as a wave of pure wave properties, and sometimes like a particle (or corpuscle) with the properties of discreteness. When an electron flies through one slit, it behaves as a particle that is showing us the discrete properties. But when you open the second slot, the electron behaves like a wave, and draws on the screen a picture interference, which belongs to the waves, but not the individual corpuscles. Why is it the end of the scientists have not figured out. Today, therefore, that fact simply accept this, as it is, without trying to explain it.&But few people know that this was a continuation of the experiment. Moreover, the continuation of so unusual that gave so striking result, not fit to all the canons of objective reality, that in any physics textbooks say about him. Continuation of the experiment was as follows. If people get up the screen, the picture from the interference of two gaps did not change as long as man looked away. But he had to look at the gap, and electrons immediately lose their wave properties and began to exhibit the properties of discrete, that is painted on the screen image of the two slits. And as soon as the human mind is put aside, the electrons resumes wave properties and starts to paint a picture interference. Thus, one man only look changed with the wave nature of the electron to the discrete. But exactly how the human eye could not act on the electrons through what mechanism? This phenomenon has the power over the nature of human consciousness so did not fit into the framework of modern science (and still does not fit), what people are trying to once again not to speak.&Here is my explanation of this phenomenon. In many of my articles on this and other sites I spend this idea: most of the energy for their livelihood man receives not from the breakfast, lunch and dinner, but from the physical vacuum (or as it used to be called — from the air). But energy can not exist by itself, it is always in need of some support. So getting the energy from the air-vacuum means the acquisition by the body itself of this substance. At night, we inhaled the air around us, and a day to throw it away in the course of everyday activities. The result is something like air breathing: breathe at night, day expiration. And how we dispose of themselves acquired the night air and the vacuum? Uniformly in all directions on the basis of a fire? If that is so, then many of the phenomena of the human mind is not possible. In fact, we throw ourselves out of air and vacuum for the most part of the head, and a very important part — of our eyes. This happens continuously every second. But coming out of our eyes-vacuum air flow is so weak that may affect only a very small objects, such as electrons. When standing at the screen the experimenter looks at the gap, they emitted from the eye-vacuum air stream so affects the electrons, which are beginning to emerge as a particle. Why? And most of all, because man sees himself not as a wave, and as limited in space discrete object with clearly defined boundaries. And he unwittingly sets the electrons exactly the same program.&But apart from the physical body has also soul. If the physical body may be regarded as consisting of matter (though for me it's location is a big question), our soul itself is impossible to imagine. Soul — it is rather a field education, that is, of a bunch of fields. There are special techniques and equipment output soul out of the physical body (astral projection or out of body experience). When we go out of his physical body, our old stereotype of identification with the physical body stops working (if not immediately, but no longer.) And now we begin to identify with the soul. The soul, as I just wrote, it field education. While in this state, we will be working on the electrons, now we are giving them a program, the field. For such effects need only place the desired object inside his soul, for example, inside my astral hands. I have first hand observations made sure that our soul (or astral body) to the form of the physical body with the hands, feet, body and head. Therefore, extending the astral hand so that the desired object was entirely within his hands, we achieve that all electrons, neutrons and protons of the subject changes its nature from corpuscular to wave. A wave penetrates through any walls and ceilings with no problems.&Remember, sometimes described as witnesses kidnapping earthlings pilots flying saucers: from the bottom of the machine is pulled ray captures the man and raises him on board the right through the walls. Our official science of the nature of the beam is still not clear. I am sure that such a beam is not more than the astral hand of one of the pilots of UFOs. I'm sure because he repeatedly pulled their astral limb to 10-15 meters. However, until now the astral hand to move something I did not, well, so for me the evening had not yet arrived. Also, I managed a few times in this condition so «swell» his astral body, it takes almost the entire volume of the room in which I lay. And if it will be possible in this state to carry not only a foreign object, but also its own physical body (and why not), then we get the opportunity to walk through walls. And everything will be done within the strict limits of physics.&

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