Output from the body for 3 days. Astral projection is real!

This video is guaranteed results within two days with a probability of 50%. And 90% for the week with daily attempts!

To whom videseminar:

- For those who want to learn how to exit from the body and lucid dreaming;
- For those who can not stand idle talk and theory;
- For those who need real practice and only practice;
- For those who want to discover a new world;

Video seminar that will give:

- The evolutionary transition to a new level of existence;
- Another world is even more clear and limitless;
- Ability to leave the body and knowing how to do it right;
- Ability to manage the out of body experience, and all its components;
- Ability to travel around the Earth, the universe and time;
- Access to relevant information;
- A totally new and amazing way to self;
- Ability to see again and communicate with the dead;
- Mastery of the most powerful extra-technology;
- And many others. etc.


Group: 35 people. The real result of more than 60% (35% after 1 day, 25% after day 2). Age 18-70 (!) Years. M / f 40/60%. Materialists / esoteric 35/65%. The group is documented evidence of the reality of the phenomenon and its ability to achieve just the one or more attempts.

Day 1: as the easiest and fastest way to survive out of body experience, the easiest algorithm for working out the basic techniques and algorithms, emergency return to the body;

Day 2: analysis attempts to group and its result, the analysis of examples in fact, the deepening of the state, hold state, moving, finding objects;

Day 3: analysis attempts to group and its result, the analysis of examples in fact, the direct technique, the application of extracorporal phenomenon in applications;

+ A lot of details about the techniques, the curious history of the practice, funny cases, the mass of a variety of useful and applicable technical information;

10 + video lessons demonstration.

The peculiarity of the video is not just that Michael Rainbow is very carefully explains all the technical steps and described in his books, but also that the viewer can see the actual results of other group members that can be applied to their experience. As a result, can only do things with people at the seminar to get the same result. It is through this workshop collapsed wall of inaccessibility of this phenomenon. This is really possible to learn a couple of days, not decades as previously thought!

The proof is in front of you.

Benefits of Video seminar:

+ Effect of the real presence in the workshop;
+ No geographical limits;
+ You can see anywhere;
+ You can watch anytime and as many;
+ At much cheaper real workshop;
+ High quality footage from two cameras.

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