Armageddon. Instructions for survival. List of needed items

Preparing the family for survival must begin by making a list of lists, and then — rough list of priorities of things (if you're a fan of computers can make them in electronic form, the main thing — do not forget to print them before the world lost electricity).
In these lists, it is important to take into account the features of geography, climate and population density in the region in which you live, as well as your needs and desires. Lists of the man whose refuge is located in the coastal area will be different from those of mountain residents.

People who come to me for advice, often ask how best to buy everything you need. Sometimes what they get, makes me wonder. For example, a family bought for each family member a snowmobile, but recently moved to where the snow is two to three weeks of the year. If a couple of years and they have to use snowmobiles, it is only after they dovezut them on trailers to a place with a suitable climate.

Most of my clients coming to the purchase of necessary things rationally and systematically. This is a smart, calculating, and people are not afraid of difficulties, and they will be better prepared for the rich, who throw money away by buying up everything. Carefully make a list of useful things and stick to it in the preparation of stocks.

Do not go overboard in buying the same type of things at the expense of others. Everything must be balanced: food, garden accessories, tools for preserving food, medicines and equipment, communications, reliable vehicles, fuel, heaters, night vision devices, etc.: to maintain the balance necessary as proper planning and reasonable proportion of self-control.

Experiment: the world would end at the weekend

The best way to figure out what to put on the list — a three-day rehearsal for the end of the world family. Arriving on Friday from work, turn off electricity, gas and water shut off and spend the weekend in these conditions. Eat only food from stocks that are prepared for the real end of the world. Cooking By the way, you also have to fire or wood-fired oven.
This experiment will reveal a lot. What you first got it without much effort, the result would be too difficult. Misconceptions will be torn to pieces, but after regrouping and refining plan your relatives will feel greater cohesion and confidence in each other. The best are the lists that you will write by candlelight.

Your list of lists will consist of the following lists:

— Water;
— Products;
— Devices for cooking;
— Personal belongings;
— The means of first aid;
— Objects of protection in case of attack by chemical or nuclear weapons;
— Remedies in the event of an attack, or biological weapons or military surge in the pandemic;
— Garden supplies;
— Hygiene and sanitation;
— Adaptations for hunting and fishing;
— Equipment for generating electricity and lighting, batteries;
— Fuel stocks;
— Fire fighting tools and accessories;
— Devices that provide a tactical survival;
— Security: general points;
— Security: weapons;
— Communication and surveillance equipment;
— Instruments;
— Additional things;
— Books on survival;
— To exchange goods and charity.

Specific recommendations for the compilation of lists


— Pick up a metal gutter system and barrels.
— Think about how you will get water from open sources. Purchase the additional capacity. Do not buy big barrels. The full 20-liter buckets — is the maximum that can raise a man without hurting the back.
— In case the fuel is a luxury purchase for the delivery of water two large two-wheeled garden carts and replace the tires of their wheels on pasted foam rims. They make you not only to transport water, but also many other purposes, such as transportation of hay, firewood, compost, etc.
— Waste water: bleach advance purchase. Even a small amount of it will be enough for a long time. Get also a couple of extra liters, which you can then exchange or donate to charity. If you can afford to buy a special ceramic filter.

FOODPrepare a year's supply of food for the whole family:

— Start with the purchase of canned food, which will be the backbone of your power;
— Buy some food, prepared with water is not needed, such as ready-to-eat dry food — individual diet (PRI) for the military;
— Thorough stocks of wheat, rice, buckwheat, beans, potatoes and other vegetables, honey and salt, placing it all in buckets for food for 20-24 liters;
— Carefully lay out reserves in the pantry on a «first put — first eaten ';
— Set aside a certain amount of food for later sharing and giving.

List of cooking appliances: — A lot of people under one roof will mean the need to purchase a large frying pan and spacious boiler for cooking. You might want to buy a few extra boilers to heat the water in the oven for bathing, washing dishes and laundry.
— More pots, barrels and buckets of capacity 20-24 liters you will need to carry water, processing food raw materials, cooking, soap and paint. These vessels will be fine and commodity exchange. As my teacher, Dr. Gary North (Gary North), «to be a bunch of nails, barrels must be a mountain.»
— Do not forget to cling blades for finishing leather buckets for tripe, raznogu for cutting carcasses and other similar instruments.

A list of personal items needed:

Make a list for each family member:

— Spare glasses;
— Drugs, prescription and without it;
— Contraception.

List of cases to ensure normal physical state:

— Go to the dentist in a timely manner;
— Do not delay the planned operation;
— Follow the normal work of the digestive system;
— Stay in good physical shape;
— Train your strength, endurance, and maintain the overall level of health (this is particularly important when the need to perform hard physical work for a complete self-sufficiency);
— Get items «comfort» that will help you overcome moments of stress (books, games, CDs, chocolate, etc.).

List of basic medical care:When you make this list, imagine a few months without electricity, continued use of open fire, watch the outdoors. Now imagine the work of novices with axes, chain saws and tractors, and probably a large number of gunshot wounds. To all this add almost complete inability to go to the doctor or do a survey for which you need high-tech instruments and equipment.

— Pay special attention to the means of burns.
— Do not forget to stock up on people's means of preventing dental pain (clove oil), devices to install a temporary filling or tooth extraction, etc.
— Buy a set of tools for small operations in stainless steel. Even if you do not know how to use them, you can learn it, or at the right time you will have the opportunity to pass them over to someone who has experience.

List of means of protection from attack by chemical or nuclear weapons: — Dosimeter and charger;
— A device for measuring radiation levels (such as a portable Geiger — Mueller);
— Rolls of cellophane (to isolate the air flow in the filters that are used to clean the incoming air from the outside, and dragging the window frames, if the glass is broken by a shock wave);
— Duct tape to seal the heating pipes;
— High, dry air filters and sprays;
— Potassium iodate tablets (KIO3) for the prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland;
— Waterproof coats for work outside the home.

List of means of protection against attack by biological weapons, armed attacks or splash pandemic: — Disinfectants;
— Respiratory masks;
— Steam spray;
— Expectorants;
— Antibiotics and antivirals.

List of accessories for use in the garden and the garden: — One of the most important things to work on the plot — a high fence that will protect your crops from wild animals. In the current environment the rabbits seem to shift, probably just an inconvenience, but once the riots start, the difference between a healthy diet and fasting would make the choice for you.
— Soil material to improve the soil and fertilizer.
— Agricultural tools for the job, sharing and giving.
— Non-hybrid (cross-pollinate) seeds with a long shelf life. Non-hybrid seeds should be chosen according to the climate-seekers.
— Herbs — start preparing medicinal herbs such as aloe vera (for burns), echinacea, calendula, valerian, etc.

List hygiene and sanitation:

— Lime powder bags for toilets outside the home;
— In large numbers — the necessary technical means;
— A sufficient number of detergents (for dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc.) and hand soap;
— Bottled lye for making soap;
— Hygiene products for women;
— Toothpaste (or powder);
— Dental floss;
— Fluorine-containing liquid for rinsing the mouth;
— Sunblock.

List items for livestock:

— Rasps, pliers and punches for the hooves, brush for cleaning horses, sheep shears, hemostatic agents and wooden combs;
— Devices for milking goats, cows, etc. — a chair, equipment for milking and udder wash, anti-irritant cream udder devices for the castration of animals;
— Fly swatter, nail clippers (various sizes), disinfectants for animals;
— Leashes, belts, collars and fasteners;
— Rakes and scythes for harvesting hay, shovels, buckets and the reserves of grains, the latter should be stored in galvanized containers for garbage with tight lids to preserve the mice;
— Harness, saddles, their means of repair, etc.;
— If in your area in the soils contained insufficient amounts of selenium (as can be found at your local department of agricultural management), make sure that instead of the blocks with regular table salt, you will be stocked by selenium — at least, in case you want to eat local food.

List of accessories for hunting and fishing: — A selection of books and films about the traps and improvised methods of their manufacture.
— Night vision devices, spare parts for them, the tools and charger.
— Sol. No need to spend effort on the hunt — you must learn to woo game — buy at least 20 bags of salt.
— Get rid of most of the bait fish and buy a reliable telescopic fishing rods.
— An additional amount of bait can then be exchanged, although this may be done only in the case of a protracted crisis.
— If in your area are found edible frog, buy appliances for their catch, but if you have crabs, then the network for them.
— Learn how to deal with bottom bars and set traps for fish to make them easier to catch when absolutely necessary.
The list of devices to generate electricity and lighting, battery:
— When electricity is lost and your home will be the only place in the county where it has produced, you will become a beacon, screaming, «Come here and take me away,» so make pre-reflective screens and do not let the light curtains for the windows.
— If possible, buy efficient nickel-hydride batteries.
— If your house is a device operating on propane, get a universal generator, running on gasoline, propane and natural gas. If your home is heated with fuel oil, buy a generator that runs on diesel. Make sure that you have had at least one tractor, also runs on diesel fuel.
— Kerosene lamps, a large number of spare wicks, valves and pipes.

List of stocks of fuel: — Buy as propane, gasoline, heating oil or diesel fuel as local ordinances allow, and your budget. All tanks shall be filled to not less than two-thirds of the volume.
— For your, ballistic, and fire prevention is better to keep the tanks under the ground (if ground water level allows). In any case, do not buy ground tanks for fuel, which will be visible from the road or the beach.
— Fuel must be in excess. Do not forget enough kerosene.
— Stock up on firewood and charcoal.
— Get the best chainsaw, what you can afford. It is better to get two or three saw the same brand. Stock up on extra chains and other fast wearing parts as well as plenty of oil for the engine.
— Buy a pair of Kevlar protective devices required when working with a chainsaw. They are expensive, but will avoid a trip to the emergency department. Always wear gloves, goggles and headphones, and when you cut wood, do not be lazy to wear a special helmet.
List of firefighting tools and appliances:
— You should be prepared to set fire to the property, as well as to random fires that arise through the fault of beginners who are not accustomed to the treatment of wood stoves or kerosene lamps.
— Make the roof of your house fire-resistant.
— Construct a kind of water, according to which in case of fire, water can enter from the storerooms of supplies into the room to fire.
— Install fire protection devices with adjustable water flow, as well as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO).
List of devices that provide a tactical survival:
— Try to find camouflage clothing from durable fabric, the colors that will blend with the surrounding landscape.
— Paint — please be several boxes of green and brown dye for clothing. With its help you in the short term can turn bright dresses in low-key.
— Strips of burlap or jute normal tissue, painted green or brown. If you do not have time to deal with their painting, just stock up fabric to make camouflage if necessary.
— Collect corks from wine bottles. Burning them, you will quickly achieve a camouflage for the face.
— Clothes to the case of cold weather. Buy it in sufficient quantity — after the disaster you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, doing chores, hunting or being on guard post.
— Means for insect control.
— Synthetic double layer sleeping bags at the rate of one for every inhabitant of the refuge, plus a few spare. It is recommended to purchase bags with a wide temperature range.
— Night vision devices and infrared lamps for being granted asylum.
— Flashlights with subdued light and in the form of pens.
— Noise and Blackout.

Safety — general points:

— Locks, alarms and tracking systems, means of external protection — fencing, gates and barriers (of at least 15-25 cm in diameter), the chain shut out for the entry, planting rose bushes, «decorative» ponds (moats), ballistic protection ( for people and buildings), ditches, berms, and concrete garden vases, impeding traffic on your land, barbed wire, etc.
— Electronic image intensifiers — is a last resort. Night vision devices (as glasses or monocular) enhance low light environment in 100,000 times, turning nighttime darkness in the day, though a bit vague and too green.
— Plans and sketches of landmarks sectors of the site. If your shelter is located off the beaten path, make a large geological map of the place you live in the center. Place the card on a large surface, mark the boundaries of refuge, and the names of all owners of adjacent plots located within a radius of at least 5 km. The territorial boundaries of parcels and the names of their owners can find in local government. Learn and remember, where the property boundaries, neighbors, and the name of their respective owners. Make a list of telephone numbers of all the people mentioned on the map, as well as the number of city and regional authorities and hang it next to the card.

Security — Weapons: — Arms and ammunition;
— Discharge vest;
— Protective devices for eyes and ears;
— Cleaning equipment, portable containers, sights, shops, spare parts and accessories for the repair of weapons, targets and target frames, etc.;
— Every rifle and pistol should have at least the sixth level of quality (ie, military, or factory-built) with replaceable shops.

List of instruments of communication and surveillance:

— Choosing a radio, focus attention on models that will run on 12 V DC battery or a nickel-hydride batteries (which can be recharged from a 12-volt DC generator in the shelter, without the help of the converter).
— If you can afford, to second place in the list put a spare radio other types to be stored in sealed metal boxes to protect from exposure to electromagnetic pulses.
— If you live in the interior of the continent, I advise you to buy several 12-volt radios with a range of frequencies allocated for maritime communications. Due to their infrequent use of land is unlikely anyone will decide to listen to these frequencies, leaving you with a secure channel for personal use.

List of tools:

— To work in the garden and the garden;
— To repair the car;
— Welding;
— Cutting screws — a vital «key general application»;
— To work with wood;
— To take care of arms;
— All kinds of hand tools;
— Hand or foot grinding wheel;
— A large number of spare working gloves discreet colors.

A list of additional things:

Make a list of items that you use in everyday life, as well as those that may be needed if the local store closes electrical: wire of various diameters, sealing duct tape, compacted straps, chains, nails, nuts and bolts, adhesive, abrasive, twine, PVA glue, acrylic glue, etc.

List of goods for exchange and philanthropy:

List of goods for exchange shall consist of a strong non-perishable items that are packaged or easily divided into parts. Pay special attention to subjects that other people are likely to forget to buy.

— Ammunition.
— Items feminine hygiene products.
— Sol. Purchase the bags in a large number of food and packaging of iodized table salt.
— Two-stroke engine oil.
— Stabilization of the gas.
— Antibacterial additive for diesel fuel.
— Bags of lime for use in the yard toilets.
— Bottles of cleaner screw shafts and grease.
— Waterproof duffel bags khaki (like «dry bags» for the alloy in the water).
— Warm socks.
— Neotsyrevayuschie matches (like those used by the military).
— Military discharge vests — many need holsters and cases for stores, etc.
— Cans of kerosene.
— Rolls of parachute straps khaki.
— Packaging Tape khaki.
— Coils of fishing line.
— Rolls of plastic film for sealing broken windows, insulation in the event of a nuclear explosion, etc.
— Playing cards.
— Condiments — search the Internet, as are large quantities of spices.
— The ropes and cords.
— Sewing.
— Candle wax and wick material.
— Any items that may be needed for housekeeping — leather tanning, minor repairs, repairing weapons and mechanical works. Each family will have to do some business that was on what to expect in the event of an economic collapse.
— Make additional supplies of necessary things, to distribute them to refugees as charity.

Over time you will have the opportunity to expand and refine these lists. The main thing — do not get stuck in their preparation: for the infinite planning there is a risk to forget about practical actions.

And remember, the survival — not a question of resources and skills in the first place. If you have some free time and money that can be trained and acquire them. Among the well-known establishments such training include courses in first aid and resuscitation, Camp Boy Scouts, clubs, dog handlers. You can also visit the section of fire, orienteering, knitting, sewing, crops and livestock, etc.Author: James Wesley Rawls

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