7 myths about girls with ginger (red) hair

girl with ginger hair red hair woman long ginger hair witchRed-haired people have always been the cause of the many myths of origin. And this occurred in ancient times. Some of the myths about girls with red hair funny, some strange, and some are very hurtful, but none of them are clearly not true. So, do not worry about the complexes and the unusual and extraordinary appearance. After all, these myths have long be debunking. They are so absurd and ancient.
Centuries ago it was believed that red when they die, are transformed into vampires. And this view of the girls with red hair and not only hold the ancient Greeks. It is still unknown where did this myth. But certainly it can not be true, because scientifically proven that red shade of hair — it's just the result of pigmentation.
There is such a silly myth, rather, a village tale, that the conception of girls with red hair and in general all redheads occurs during menstruation. No evidence that scientists have failed to discover. It is known that pregnant during your period is not possible because During this period there is a destruction and removal from the body of mature eggs. But still some ignorant people continue to adhere to this version. Maybe they're just jealous.
Ancient Egyptians believed redheads are so unhappy and unlucky that prefer their sacrifice, hoping that it will help prevent bad luck that haunted them, and at the same time to attract good luck. Who would have thought that would only kill for hair color. On the other hand, however, the Romans were convinced that the red people bring good luck, and that is why the girls with red hair preferred to buy as slaves, and along with talismans for good luck.
It is believed that people with red hair have a passionate nature and short temper. Myth or truth? Hard to say. For centuries, it was believed that redheads have a violent temper and a very strong sexual attraction, ie libido. Serious research on this topic was conducted. Surely that's not the color of the hair, and the man himself. And hardly anyone thinks to correct nature.
Red and bees
It is believed that the bees are much more bite red haired people, but science is not yet able to prove. And hardly anyone would be willing to voluntarily offer themselves to the attack of the bees, and then calculate how much is left biting their impact blondes, brunettes and redheads. Meanwhile, according to some redheads, they really bite more bees. There is a true fact that red haired people have to enter a lot more anesthetic during various invasive procedures, and that they suffer less pain. Be ozhzhet these facts somehow related.
Tough times prevailed in the Middle Ages, and God forbid that the family rodilsyaRyzhaya redhead girl child. Spanish Inquisition it immediately and automatically to rank as the kidnappers of hellfire. Redheads were considered wizards and witches, and therefore subject unfailing burned at the stake. Fortunately, those were hard times, but some prejudices about the red remained.
It is believed that in the end all men will become gray-haired, and the same fate befall the ginger world population. However, there is good news for the red. Their hair will get a beautiful shade of blond. And while everyone will inevitably turn gray, red-haired acquire luxury hair color blond.

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