Summoning spirit, demon. necromancy and mediumship

Summoning spirit, demon. necromancy and  mediumshipOne of the first mentions of necromancy can be found in the Bible. It is said that the Israeli King Saul, afraid of the invasion of the Philistines brought with Aendorskoy fairy spirit of the prophet Samuel, in order to ask him for advice. Angered by Samuel stood by, severely reproached the king of the Jews during this ungodly rituals and predicted the defeat of Saul, and a quick death.
The tradition has a long summon spirit (demon) pagan roots. In particular, the Sumerians, Persians, Celts and the northern peoples for more than a thousand years, it was decided to contact the spirits (demon) of dead ancestors, forefathers. Specific spells shaman or druid revived the image of the deceased tribesman, and then carefully listened to the sounds (faint whistling or whispering), which published the induced ancestor.

Ancient Slavs and representatives of the African tribes preferred to deal with the spirits (demon)& of nature: water, fire, wood. Prior to the adoption of Christianity in the lands of the Slavs were considered especially wise men, who were able to cause such powerful gods as Perun, Veles, Chernobog, Stribog or Semargl.

Communicating with these formidable representatives of the other world was a very dangerous and inept sorcerer could even result in death. But in the case of a successful contact, the gods demanded abundant prey. Such victims usually become «clean» animals (herbivores).

But the most effective were considered human sacrifice perpetrated by the big gathering of tribesmen in the pagan temples, and sometimes turning into uncontrolled orgy.

Under pain of death

In many respects this aspect of necromancy over time has led to massive persecution of the exorcists spirits. Which replaced the paganism of Christianity in Europe has unleashed a real war against the spirits, declaring most terrible lesson necromancy and disgusting display of black magic.

The peak of the struggle of Christians to become necromancers XVII century, after in 1604 in England, was adopted by the infamous «act of witchcraft.» Following this document, almost to the end of the century there annually burned at the stake up to hundreds of necromancy. Often fall under suspicion, and innocent people.

Thus, the chronicles of 1657 the English town of Derby stories of some kind, Elizabeth Barker, who during the week and kept them in his home the body of the deceased husband. Denounced by neighbors, she was betrayed by the church court, confessed after being tortured, that dealt with the evocation of the spirit of her late husband, and was executed.

It was only after some time there were witnesses who reported that the poor widow had no money for decent burial of her husband and waited for the promised assistance from an extended family.

In Russia, the peak of employment was in the dark necromancy the reign of John IV. The Emperor ruthlessly punished witches, warlocks and spellcasters spirits, but… himself was not averse to engage in spiritualism.

In extant sources, interest in necromancy, with the Russian tsar awoke English adventurer, physician and astrologer Elizeus Bomelius, with whom Ivan the Terrible has repeatedly evoked the spirits of their ancestors — the kind of Rurik princes. During one of these sessions, which was the spirit of the late Prince Svyatopolk Damned if and advised the king to create a oprichnina.

Popular mystery

A new burst of enthusiasm the ancient mystery of necromancy occurred in the middle of the XIX century, when the Frenchman Allan Kardec, the interested paranormal phenomena after studying ancient manuscripts brought necromantic basic tenets of modern spiritualism.

It is believed that Kardec was used during the seance parlor round the table to play cards, around which sat the action. Such a ritual soon became known as «table-» because during the evocation table began to rotate. A. Kardec wrote several works: «The Book of Spirits,» «The Book of Mediums» and «The Gospel in the interpretation of the spirits,» which in our day — table table-book fans.

In the second half of XIX century spiritualism craze spread to America, where the tools were used mediums famous saucer with the arrow painted with letters and cards.

Starting in the 70s of the XIX century spiritualism enters Russia. Evocation is a favorite pastime in aristocratic salons and even at the imperial court. We know that in 1890 the future Emperor Nicholas II summoned the spirit of Napoleon himself, who, alas, he predicted the inglorious reign and tragic death.

Loud and dramatic events in the world in the first half of XX century some diminished interest in the exotic pastime. However, there is evidence that Hitler, Mussolini and Roosevelt practiced the experiments with the evocation of spirits, but no reliable data on this has not been preserved.

And with only 70 of the last century fascination with spiritualism once again beginning to gain momentum. He became especially popular among the youth of France, Britain and the United States. At its sessions neospiritisty, unlike their predecessors, are actively used psychotropic drugs, used voodoo rituals of the elements, and even Satanism.

Dangerous experiments

In the last quarter of XX century in the world have spread the closed society spiritists. According to the Soviet state security organs, similar organizations in the 1980s, emerged in our country: in some cities of the Baltic, as well as in Moscow, Leningrad, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

Around the same time, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church began to sound the alarm about the passions that godless deed, which, according to the Orthodox priests, drove people to demonic possession, and repelled from Christianity. Fathers of the Church explained: lessons spiritualism instigated by evil spirits, and often a medium, who believes that communicates with the spirit of a deceased person, in fact, a demon comes in contact.

In this regard, instructive were the events that have occurred since resident of Krasnoyarsk Elena Ivanova (name changed) in the mid-1990s. Then, after returning from a tourist trip to France, Helen became involved seance, which attracted and their girlfriends. Women are first treated to the spirits of dead relatives, then gradually moved on to a famous historical figures.

One day, instead of the long-deceased politician in touch with Helen came a spirit who identified himself as Velerosom, which is a very long time, and seemed willing to answer all the questions of interest to women. After a few days in the apartment of Elena suddenly began to be heard mysterious sounds: light tapping, the rustling of invisible clothes, creaking and sighing. They are especially intensified at night.

Soon the woman was be ghostly male figure, which was later claimed Helen, she is seen even in the street, on public transport and at work, although none of the people who were next to nothing of the kind observed.

Six months later, Elena Ivanova, was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic with a diagnosis of malignant schizophrenia. Spiritualist table, donated by Helen France, unhappy girlfriend immediately destroyed and never more return to this fascinating, but very dangerous occupation.

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