Candle magic. Candle magic colors. Candle making. Candle magic spells

Candles — are one of the oldest and most commonly used magic attributes. Their heating, flickering flame of itself and without additional load magic,creates an atmosphere of mystery and much altered perception of the world.
In ceremonial magic candles are used as auxiliary material, and as the main tool. Of course, just a candle used as a symbol of fire, when dealing with the elements.
Dancing flames of the candles used for centuries as an instrument of witches.

In the proper setting candles and are used to increase strength conspiracy, ritual, spell, or potency of a given energy. Candles accumulate your personal energy and release this energy during combustion. Candles used for magic, may be different in shape, size, color and material of which they are made. Candles with aromatic additives should be used with great caution. It is better to give preference to candles and odorless. Color of candles is very important when making a magical action. Each color emits certain vibrations and attract the appropriate action.

For the magic (and divination) should acquire a good quality candle, be sure to completely dyed. Decorative, white inside, and only a layer of colored wax poured out, for these purposes are not suitable. Proper use of color allows the candle in many cases to reduce their own work to establish intent, and everything else is done «on the program» a burning candle. So, for example, has the effect of simple ignition of red candles in the room of a weakened human disease with the intention to give him strength. In some rituals require wax candles, or candles from the church.

Combining candles with oils, herbs, talismans, or cut out the candle on the appropriate symbols, you can improve efficiency and sharpen the focus of the plot / cast. Formula mix of spells and candles is quite simple: + fire = intention to change.

Fire has always inspired awe and fear as the most aggressive of the elements. Control over its unpredictable nature means force. The action of burning the candle itself is the planned goals and is supported and amplified by a spell. The image of the candle has a symbolic meaning and is used to focus and visualize the magical action (conspiracy, spells, rituals ...). The candle can be used even as a doll in a spell on the «subordination of man.» The cut on her name, zodiac sign, together with the corresponding binding, may enhance the identification with the personality of a candle and focus your intentions.

Seven-day candle can be used in two ways: they can be cast, which either requires performance of seven days, or consists of seven parts. Each piece can act as a unit separate spell (in the same direction), or as the next step in the work. At these candles can be cut «action words» and appropriate signs, which «plan», each such step. Additional use of mascots may increase the effects of the most relevant forces.

Candles — pillars and candles made by hand (eg, thin dip) are used as well as seven days, but may have different shades of colors and different times of burning. They are also used when there is no division in the ritual of the seven mandatory units. Thin lines are optimal for the dip of rituals, is not holding a lot of time, they usually do not burn more than an hour. Spark-columns are very good for long burning. Good for rituals and candles enclosed in a glass case. Wax candles are used as well as paraffin or stearin.

Candles from animal fat used as a «ritual sacrifice» to enhance the intensity of the spell. They are used just like other candles, but the fact that the candle was taken the life, adds power and intensity in the ritual.

Candles double and triple action is purposeful self-sustaining system that helps achieve the best success. Depicting what you want, and at the same dispersing negative energy, they serve as two or three spells in one. In some cases, are suitable only for use of these candles.

Astrological (astral) candles are made for the Zodiac signs that correspond to the person conducting the ritual, or the person on whom is the magical effect.
How and when to properly light a candle required, as consecrate the candle before work, and other basic rules of candle magic

Candle — this is magic, and a psychological tool used when you need it. Each person has their own reasons for this. Candle Magic — is one of the easiest arts of natural magic. With candles is easy to work, because it uses a little bit of ritual and ceremonial tools.

The candles you use for any magical rite, should absolutely new. Under no circumstances should you use a candle which has already graced the dining room table, or used as a bedroom candle or night light. There is a very good reason to use only the magic of new materials. Fluctuations raised second-hand materials (in our case, candles), can disrupt your work, and to nullify its effectiveness. Do not use in even the candles that had been purchased for other non-magical purposes, and for a long time, just kept in the house. Always use candle magic for, or purchased specially made for magic rituals.
Candles used in magic, can be very different in shape, size, color and material of which they are made. When choosing a candle in the store trust your intuition.

In candle magic works as «an independent object.» It is our own reflection, or reflection on who we would like to work. Sometimes we have to entrust our dreams more powerful force than we are. The candle reflects the changes that we want to call it — a symbol of our desires.

Great importance is attached to the magic of the choice of color candles. Use the magic of the type and color of the candle, which is suitable for the performance of the selected target. White — always a good choice, but you can choose a candle color that exactly match the specific energies. A prerequisite here is also that this candle should be fully dyed, and not just doused with paint from the outside. Choose the right candle, on the basis of their purpose, as well as in accordance with the basic guidelines for choosing a color or shape candles.

In magic, sometimes used two or three-colored candles. For example, black and white candle, you can choose to perform the ritual, the primary purpose of which is the victory of good over evil forces. Green-white-red candle to light the need, if you wish to receive a blessing, or to achieve success in business.
The choice of candles depends on what purpose you put in front of him, performing a magical ritual.
Good for ritual candles, dressed in a glass or ceramic container. They are safe and do not require the use of candlesticks.
Traditional lines, as well as votive candles, paraffin wax, or, perhaps, are optimal for the Magic. They can burn for several hours and come in different colors. Work fine candles made from natural palm or vegetable waxes. These types of wax on the properties are no worse than bees.

Before the ritual candle it is desirable to further sanctify. Dip the candle in pure mineral, a key or distilled water, and then carried by it through the smoke from the smoking incense, or a mixture of cleansing herbs.

In our shop presents different kinds of candles, each of which can be used in certain magical rites. Many of them are in themselves constitute a separate «rite.» These are some scented candles, herbal candles, programs, egregornye candles, double and triple action, Moon candles, chakra candles and mystical. They can be used as the basic and the additional candles in rituals committed by you. The strength and vibration of color, herbs and fragrances combined with the power of fire to achieve the desired result and transform your intentions into reality.

The energy of a burning candle with your concentration on what is happening and the concentration of ideas to help make a magical effect. Under the action of your thoughts in motion energy, resulting in you and get the opportunity to have an impact on the elements of the world. However, if you'll just cast spells in the light of burning candles, a miracle will happen. It is important that these actions were combined with powerful energy emanating from the tension and the concentration of your thoughts. Lighting a candle, always visualize your true intention and the result, which must be obtained.

Never extinguish candles, let them burn down completely, if only breaks in the combustion process are not a necessary condition for a particular ritual. Repaid until the time the candle means a rejection of his plans, and your intention is never executed! Some additional candles in the ceremony (such as «Magic», aromatic — if used) can pay off your hands or a special cap to extinguish the candles and reused.

The growing moon lit candles for rituals aimed at the creation, growth (money, power, energy ...), attracting good luck, to find work, to improve health, love rites (charms, and similar actions).
On decreasing the moon lit the candles for rituals aimed at the destruction, getting rid of something or someone unwanted, magical rites for the expulsion of misery, of pain, and overcoming obstacles to achieve success and happiness, to mitigate the actions of other spells, weight reduction, and also cause various troubles.
During the full moon lit the candles for a very wide range of spells. A very strong day, and work best directly on this day (or night). It is believed that with the same effect can work three days before and three days after the full moon, that is, a period of seven days.
During the full moon lit some candles, especially in the days before the new moon rituals for expulsions, lapels and other similar actions.

Moon Candles
The cult of the moon has been around for thousands of years. Lunar candles are designed to assist you in carrying out your wishes in overcoming any obstacles or problems. Each candle contains certain herbs that contribute to this goal. Light a candle in accordance with the lunar cycle.
The growing moon: «Moon Love,» «Harvest Moon».
On decreasing the moon: «Cleaning the Moon,» «Healing Moon».
During the full moon: a candle, «Full Moon».
During the new moon: a candle, «New Moon».

Herbal Candles
The candles are made by hand, with the addition of various herbal mixtures composed according to the ancient and modern magical recipes. We use herbs, roots and resin has long been used in magic and witchcraft. Simply light the candle grass in the right place at the right time to get it incorporated in the program came into effect. These candles are also great work in the rituals of candle magic.
The time period chosen and the moon, as already indicated, in accordance with the desired effect. Before you light a candle, scrawled a new knife or needle to spark his intention, be sure to include the names of those who will be directed action. Light a candle, focus on their desire, some watch the flame burn out and leave a candle.

Candles — program
The candles are made by hand by our craftsmen and created specifically for use in appropriate ceremonies. Included with the ritual. Just follow the instructions on the package to a program built into the candle came into effect.

Candles double and triple action
Candles double and triple action is purposeful self-sustaining system that helps achieve the best success. Depicting what you want, and at the same dispersing negative energy, they serve as two or three spells in one. In some cases, are suitable only for use of these candles.
The time period chosen and the moon, as already indicated, in accordance with the desired effect.
And some of these candles, for example, black — red, can work for different purposes depending on the choice of the period of the moon.
Before you light a candle, scrawled a new knife or needle to spark his intention, be sure to include the names of those who will be directed action. Light a candle, focus on their desire, some watch the flame burn out and leave a candle.

Chakra Candles
Lack of energy in the chakras leads to failure in all body systems, so it's important to periodically feed the chakras, especially the first and seventh. Excellent opportunity to do so provides aromatherapy and travoterapiya using specially created for the purpose of candles. Scents are the carriers of bioenergy information correctly applied and each flavor can enhance a particular center in the human body. The same applies to the incense, or smoking herbs, soldered to the body and burning candles with it. Use a small chakra candles to fill your room with rainbow energy. The colors of the rainbow have an amazing healing powers, if seven candles to light all at once.

The astrological, or zodiac candles
Correspond to the person conducting the ritual, or what to whom is the magical effect.
Specially chosen for each sign of the Zodiac combination of color and aromatic oils enhances the action of the candles in rituals.

Magick & candles
Magic candles are created according to these principles: the more people use them, the stronger are these candles. One candle is a magnified energy egregore.

Generally, the results of magical acts do not occur instantly, though sometimes marked and rapid effect. Most have to wait patiently for the results. Sometimes, in order to achieve complex goals must be repeated several times magical acts to channel the energy in the right direction, and speed up the fulfillment of a wish. Magic ritual candle is a good way to achieve the planned but never rush things. And do not worry, if you just can not get it. Aggressively continue to perform a magical ritual with a candle, not relaxing and still and concentrating their thoughts on the plan. Do not «hung up» on the expectation of the result, let go of desire, distracted, as much as possible — and the result does not take long.
The organization of the altar in the rituals with candles

In various areas of magic, there are different versions of the device and design of the altar.
Can serve as the altar table on which are placed the sacred and ritual objects, and rituals are conducted themselves. The altar can be placed in any quiet place at home. It is best to allocate a special place in the apartment is not occupied with furniture, where you will not interfere with anything during the ceremony. In this corner, you can also engage in meditation, that will only improve the overall energy background. You must be sure that the corner of the altar is pure and not influenced by negative energy. The altar can not be used for any purpose other than magic rituals. Altar candles and other accessories should also not be used for other purposes. Table should be positioned so that it was possible to walk around it. Or create a circle, if necessary. Often require the parties to the altar have been oriented to the cardinal. In candle magic is allowed to use «temporary sanctuary» in the case, if your house is not a permanent condition for the device. It may be, for example, table cloth, which unfold at the time of the ceremony and do not use for any other purpose.

Decorate your altar items, which are important to you. The presence of flowers on the altar, crystals, and various religious items and jewelry will help to strengthen the energy emanating from him. It is desirable that at least one candle was continuously in the place where you spend the ritual actions. This will strengthen the energy of this place and will help to keep the altar consecrated. Well, if on an altar to be constantly present black and white altar candles. If you prefer, you can use only a single white candle. Altar candles should not be kept constantly burning, they should only be used for magic. Some rituals need to extinguish the altar candle before it goes off by itself. Never blowing out the candles, the process of blowing the candle has a detrimental effect on the magical energy dissipates and weakens it. Cook them or soaked fingers, or a special device.

Candles are used in the rite (ritual candles), are taken each time new ones. Candles that have already burned, are not suitable for rituals. Not suitable for magic and candles, employees decorate your home, even if they were not used. These candles have already absorbed the energy of the events that took place around, and do not necessarily clean. Always use new candles purchased or specially made for magical rites.

Cover the altar cloth of dark, quiet colors, you can draw a pentagram on it, or other signs of strength. Put it all the necessary items: a knife, a clay or metal bowl of ash left after incineration facilities magic acts, a pen or pencil, paper, and its working notebook with hand-written plots and rituals, candle holders, amulets and other items that may be needed in the process. Do not abuse the altar, the presence of debris on it and the waste material does not give power to your magic act.
Candle magic colors.
The value of the candles in the colors of magic

Color of candles can be compared with the key that unlocks a certain area of your subconscious mind and being. The actual value of each color of our candles may not coincide with traditional values, or adopted in different schools, as we have in mind the final analysis, the only actual real power for you, which you use yourself. Colour has an important part of creating a ritual, and each color has its own magical significance. Color can direct effect on the desired range. Using colored candles, herbs and magic of our oil, you can leverage the full effect of a magical ritual.

Physical strength, love, passion, enthusiasm, health, energy, courage. Used in rituals to sexual desire and passion, love and marriage. Promotes fertility, courage, willpower, an increase of magnetism. Faith, vitality, communication, defense. The red color gives protection against physical and mental attacks. Helps to overcome laziness.

It symbolizes the sun in midsummer. The color of strength and power. Adaptation, energy, enthusiasm, authority, power, success, adaptability, attractiveness, weight loss, friendship. Justice, legal affairs, trade and financial transactions. Calm. Used in rituals to attract success, the «right things» and «right people» wish fulfillment.

Honor, glory, honor, respect, morality, romantic and sensual love, friendship. Femininity, softness, attraction, affection and harmony. The understanding, clarity, prophecy, training, faithfulness and reconciliation. It is also used in rituals for spiritual healing or receiving sensual pleasure.

Removal of spells, divination, prophecy. Ambition, business development, power, domination, submission, success. Wisdom, hidden knowledge, the third eye, meditation, treatment of severe diseases. Intuition, dignity, understanding and spirituality.
Enhancing your own magical abilities.
Can be used in rituals for the acquisition of spiritual power. Effectively repels evil, break the conditions and circumstances that bring bad luck.

The color fuchsia
Candles of this color is usually used with other candles in a ritual to accelerate the desired result, or in rituals aimed at obtaining rapid change.

Attracts a victory, strength, courage, happiness, cosmic energy. Brings a quick fortune.

Gives confidence in spells, gives strength to the concentration of will and imagination in the rituals. It is used in divination, predictions and clairvoyance. The energy, creativity, attractiveness, intelligence, improved memory, accelerated learning. Breaks down the mental blocks. Eliminate barriers and all that brings bad luck. Used in rituals whose purpose — to get someone to do as you like. Gives a charge of cheerfulness, drives away negativity.

Balances the connection with nature and the world. Used to attract money and to overcome the financial crisis. Also used in spells to attract and the spirits of the earth.
Home magic, healing, magic animals. Love and affection of animals, treatment of animals. Terrestrial relations, stability, education, telepathy, the discovery of things that were lost. The success of the overall business and professional goals.

Healing, meditation, peace, forgiveness. The wisdom, harmony, inner light, truth, good luck and protection. Spiritual inspiration. Prophetic dreams. Use in rituals to strengthen the human social relationships (friendships, partnerships), the success of a group of people.

Tranquillity, consent, patience, health. Dedication, inspiration. The spiritual color, helps to godliness, or meditation, brings calm and peace. Spiritualist and psychic request. Can be used in spells designed to ensure that a person was loyal to you, the peace and blessing.

Understanding, reflection, moon magic, creativity. Turquoise is a color change, allowing «unlock» the problems that interfere with your development and achieve the goal.

Dark blue
Depression, impulsivity, volatility.

Color of inertia, stops situations or people, induces deep meditation.

Symbolizes nature and material terms. Promotes well-being, fertility and success. Finance, luck, money success, career, and achieve personal goals, employment. Determination, will. Youth and beauty. The magic of trees and plants. Used as in spells aimed at positive change in circumstances, the repetition or renewal of desire or intention and fixing the result.

Emerald Green
Fascinating love, social pleasure, fertility.

The disease, cowardice, cowardice, anger, envy, jealousy, discord.

Dark Green
Color of ambition, greed, envy. Counteracts this in the rituals.

It symbolizes the stability and neutrality. Promotes the removal of negativity, helps to develop physical abilities. Astral energy, telepathy, intuition and dreams, sensitivity and self-healing, clairvoyance. Used in rituals to remove any existing negative impacts.

Charisma, charm. Wound repealing color. Useful for reflection, meditation.

The expulsion of the spirits, the treatment of serious illnesses, the absorption and destruction of negative energy, remove obstacles. It is used to induce deep states of meditation, opens the deep levels of unconsciousness.
Works well in banishing rituals. The black candle is charged on virtually any action, as well as the color black absorbs any kind of energy.
Can be used as a creative and a destructive magic.

It symbolizes purity, truth, sincerity and wisdom. Promotes spiritual enlightenment, cleansing. Clairvoyance, healing, peace, purity, divinity, protection, peace and truth. The balance of all other colors, if necessary, may be replaced by any other color.

The color range of the magic of numbers

1 — Orange
2 — Light Green
3 — blue-violet
4 — Rainbow
5 — light yellow, for women — silver
6 — Blue
7 — Purple
8 — indigo, black, white
9 — red, white, red

According to experts in ancient numerology, respect the person of «their» color spectrum enhances vitality, promotes good luck and bring happiness.
Astrology. The colors of candles
Astrological (astral) candles are made for the Zodiac signs that correspond to the person conducting the ritual, or the person on whom is the magical effect.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18): aqua, blue / green, gray / blue

Pisces (February 19 — March 20): light green, white / green, white / lavender

Aries (March 21 — April 19): red, white / pink, white / red

Taurus (April 20 — May 20): pink, green / brown, pink / green

Gemini (May 21 — June 21): yellow, yellow / blue, red / blue

Cancer (June 22 — July 22): dark green, blue / white, white / brown

Leo (July 23 — August 22): orange, orange / red, red / green

Virgo (August 23 — September 22): blue, yellow / black, yellow / green

Libra (September 23 — October 22): lavender, blue / pink, blue / black

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21): burgundy, red / black, brown / black

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21): purple, blue / purple, white / purple

Capricorn (December 22 — January 19): brown, red / purple, red / brown

The colors of candles for each day of the week

Sunday: Yellow

Saturday: White

Tuesday: Red

Wednesday: Purple

Thursday: Blue

Friday: Green

Saturday: Black
The colors of candles for the holiday magic (SABBAT)

Samhain (Samhain): orange and black

Yule (Yule): red, white and green

Imbolg (Imbolg): red, yellow, white, pink and brown

Eostara (Ostara): green, white, yellow and gold

Beltaine (Beltane): red, white and dark green

Litha (Lita): red, yellow, white, green and blue

Lughnasadh (Lagnasad): yellow, brown and orange

Mabon (Mabon): purple, green, orange, brown and yellow
Behavior of the flame of a candle in the ceremony.

Every time you light a candle for magical purposes, you can interpret the same time forms the molten wax, the flame and smoke. A simple but effective method — identify the right and left side of the candle as a «yes» or «no.» And if the first drop of wax flows, for example, to the left, it can be regarded as «no.» You can also watch the dancing flame of a candle or a spiral of smoke.

1. If the candle is lit easily, the first time, and the flames smooth and calm, confident, which means that you have chosen the right place to work (of the rite), everything here will contribute to your magic. If the flame is high and strong, the magic will act quickly and effectively. If you have a problem with the ignition spark, it means that external forces will weaken your work and hinder the achievement of the desired result.

2. If there throughout the entire rite of the candle flame is weak, a little, it seems that she is about to go out, it could mean that there is some kind of interference and obstacles, and the situation can not develop the way you'd like. The candle, as it were «not coping» with the job. Weak flames — the indicator of instability, potential losses and constraints. Nourish a warm candle power to give it strength. You may need to clean the house and himself, and then repeat the spell.

3. If the ritual altar candles or flames jumping, swaying, «dancing» — means a situation over which you work, very hot. There are things that matter to you inflame passions, or heating up the situation. You decide whether this is good or bad for you at this time.

4. If you use two candles in the ceremony, each of which represents a specific person, carefully watch for their combustion. If you see that one of them burns more brightly and steadily, it may mean that this person has the power, the upper hand over the other. If the flame is jumping on both candles and unstable, which means that both people have strong feelings for each other. You need to decide is the anger, hatred, or passion.

5. If the flame has an unusual color (eg green, blue, red), check the value of the color of magic. It usually affects appropriate to conduct the ceremony. The blue color of the flame, for example, indicates that you are dealing with the divine energy. If the spark plug, wait for the guests. If the black candles in talismans, strong black glass, this could mean that someone is thinking about you bad. In this case it is necessary to clear the room. If you gathered a bunch of black on the bottom of the banks, this means that the magic was faced with opposition, and the results will have to wait and repeat the ritual.

6. Burning candles can be accompanied by unusual sounds, reminiscent of a whisper or talk. Quiet «chirping» means the presence of clean energy. Frequent, mid-range «conversation» may indicate the presence of threat, or someone else's power over the situation. Sudden, loud noises mean chaos. If the candle is cracking, it means that magic is faced with opposition.

7. Observe which direction selects the flames: deflected to the north, south, west, east, or the lights vertically. The direction of the flame indicates the kind of energy around you at work. North of the physical means readiness to conduct a ritual — you will be able to work and get results. You might also stand before the physical test. Eastern area of the flame: you work something significant, positive impact the very nature of the outcome of the ritual, but you should think about the reasons for this assistance. Pay attention to what you think at this time. Southbound: Rite effect will be short, but will appear with maximum intensity. You will find the greatest success. West direction: strong magical intervention from outside, it is necessary to hold additional ceremonies of purification and elimination of interference, and then repeat the ritual. If the flame is inclined to the west, pay attention to their emotions.

Eight. If the smoke toward you, the spell will act quickly, but if the smoke is coming from you need to make an effort to make your wish come true.
The value of the candles in the shape of magic

The examples here use candles of various geometric shapes are quite universal significance in various areas of magic, cultures and religions, but, of course, using one or another candle, and must rely on their own experience, intuition, and inner beliefs.

Round (cylindrical plug)
Circle — an ancient universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, female power. Candles of this form work well for the establishment and strengthening of friendship and romantic relationships, at the consecration of the premises and in many other areas. It is almost universal form of candles. The circle symbolizes the spiritual and sacred, included in the concept of «holy place».

Crystal (crystal candlestick geometric shapes)
Candles of this form are perfect for meditation, for rituals for prosperity and abundance, to solve problems in the family and home.

Heart (a heart-shaped plug)
Candles in the form of the heart used in the rituals of love magic (true love, happiness, the return of loved ones, strengthen the love), in th

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