A rite of passage. The image of initiation into magic

Dedication — mandatory ceremony for all who choose to engage in sorcery and witchcraft. But from the above can easily understand that the initiation for those who took the sacred knowledge of the inheritance, and for those who do not have that gift will be different.

«The ritual of initiation should mean a ceremonial request admission and followed by a reception in the future member of the coven. This type of ritual common to all secret societies, and indeed, most of these rituals have many common elements. Magic meaning of this ritual is to receive the individual consciousness into the collective consciousness of the Sabbath witches. Because the extent to which the individual candidate's interests come into harmonious relationship with the goals and ideals inherent in the Sabbath in the same degree he will be able to draw from the coven „combined energy reserve.“

Most of initiations in the coven is performed in one of the eight magic ritual meetings. If possible, it is preferable to one of the great meetings in May or November Eve Eve, when there is the entire group as a whole. However, the initiation ceremony, performed during informal weekly meetings on the Sabbath, will be as legitimate, though less spectacular; depending on the orientation of the magic coven initiation ritual and all other ceremonies differ significantly. Indeed, there are many Sabbaths, so many kinds of rituals. Some covens follow Kabbalistic and Hermetic ceremonial rites, while others take a more causing overflowing ceremonies „cult of freedom and love.“ As supporters of Mr. Gardner and his followers, who are concentrating their attention, focusing on the naked goddess worship of the Great Mother, they perform their rituals completely naked. There Sabbaths, „which refer to the medieval type of communication with the Horned God with all its attributes, and there are those who are returning to the basics of Celtic, interested in ancient druidic teachings: rather like a shaman or sorcerer than as a priest of the cult of the sun. There are basically two type of initiation ceremony.

The first type is used by the Sabbat who work “dressed» and focus more on the concentration of knowledge and energy, directing their energies to more «masculine» aspect of the deity.

The second type is used by the Sabbat who work naked, directing their energies to the cult and healing aspects of love, focusing more on the goddess.

You can use any type, including those elements that you feel is best in line with the very essence of your coven. The first type of dedication has more in common with the magical cult that existed in medieval Europe. He should be in one of the eight Sabbat or Esbat, in the ideal case — one of the great meetings in May or November Christmas Eve Eve. The idea of initiation rituals in any case — the idea of purification and liberation from worldly ties candidate.

It is as sure as the cleansing of the object before performing magic acts with him. The first process is sobichevanii, flogging, which is also a symbol of purification by fire, air, earth and water. Second, performed naked, based on flogging, whipping, which is also a symbol of purification.

However, I want to add that many witches who hold traditions, believe that, despite its resemblance to the late Roman versions of the Greek mysteries, it is more associated with the British tradition of «privileged high school» and «club shlepalytsikov» than with the art of witchcraft. Beating symbolic or currently not raise any way the very sense of inner purity and spiritual attitude that directly causes the Nordic warrior medieval monk, a boy from the English privileged high school or have naked witches. "

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