Ancestral curse - "Black Widow"

In parapsychology, there is such a thing as a family curse. Under these words imply a number of adverse effects and destructive occurring in a person's life, but rather a family or even an entire genus for several generations. Because such phenomena and are called «generic». Well, curse, because nothing good these events people carrying this program does not work. It's bad luck, haunting, as a rule, all members of the family. Curse and can be transmitted through the male and the female line.
In this article, I want to consider one of the most complex programs, which is popularly called the «Black Widow». This curse can carry not only a woman, but a man, then that curse will be called «The Black Widow.»
In principle, the name itself, this phenomenon already contains and says that it is a curse! A man who carries this destructive program — Cursed. Curse «Black Widow» work? People marrying, after a while becomes a widow or widower. Spouse dies, after a while, not necessarily from the disease, it may be an accident. And when that happens a few times in a lifetime, when a woman is experiencing some of their spouses, begin to call it «black widow».
Now I have a practical example from his practice. In this example, it becomes clear how this happens in life. And where are these curses.
I have a woman at the reception. She complains that her life is not going well. She was sixty, and personal life has not yet been arranged. At this time she meets a man, he, in spite of its 72-year-old age uh, agile and feels good and is consistent completely, like a man. They meet periodically for the past two years. Relations are good, but the man refuses to live together. And she wanted to not just live with him, and even legitimize their relationship. But man, for some reason against it.
You know, when I looked at the runes spent diagnose, understand the situation, I was all clear. And I realized why this man was categorically against the marriage. He probably just intuitively felt that this should be done. It's dangerous.
Woman, which is now in question for his life visited the status four times already. And each of her marriage ends in divorce is not, and the loss of a spouse. Her first husband was drinking, and in a very drunken state cold winter outdoors.
Second husband of the woman, after five years of marriage, died of lung cancer.
With the third man woman lived status for seven years, but the marriage ended sadly, her husband died of a heart attack.
Woman for the fourth time getting married. All is well. The marriage lasted for more than 10 years, but it ended tragically. This time her husband died of a stroke.
Before my eyes the whole tragedy unfolds the life of this woman. Imagine, she buried four of their husbands! Is this a coincidence?
And that's not all! After the second formal marriage, she lived a short time in a civil marriage, maybe this relationship would end legalization, that is, the official marriage. But circumstances have ordered differently. And the following events took place, to prevent what could lead pair in the registry office.
According to the story the woman, boyfriend went to work, and she, as luck would have broke the lock of the apartment. And this, she invited a friend to replace the lock, as she, too, had to leave on business. When a friend, remodelers, unexpectedly returned boyfriend from work, much earlier than he should have. As a result of a quarrel ensued and the fight between men. In this fight roommate woman kills with a knife, a friend who repaired the castle.
Again death. And again, indirectly through the fault of the woman. So as we already has died and the dead? Five people. And is it really an accident? Of course not! That's what works curse «black widow». Who would the men this woman did not connect his life, all died.
Where did this curse a woman? When the woman was a teenager, he and his mother and sister pacified drunken father. Father drank heavily and brawled. And once they are out drinking bouts with his mother and sister decided to calm him down. Tied up and shoved under the bed. Where he died, as stated forensic examination of circulatory disorders.
I can not imagine how a father cursed, in the last hours and minutes of his life his daughters and wife. That's the curse of death, and even the native human blood, the father has a destructive effect on all who are close to the woman, namely men who associate it with their own destiny.
This I told only one of the examples. Gave an example of how there was a curse, and it worked!&

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