Ancestral curse - "Case Study, as it happens"

I worked with a man. He was the strongest curse passed on to him by his mother. Man (in the future, I'll call it for convenience K.), I was introduced into the trance state. While in this state, K. could maintain communication with us and answer our questions, though his mind was far away in the past when it has not itself been in this world, he was not yet born.
There, in the past, was the cause of his illness, misery and misfortune. The man suffered a bunch of diseases and lonlyness.  In  a trance state, K. gained an opportunity to penetrate their consciousness of the past and to «see» how his mother had done damage, which is the cause of suffering. To put it in modern terms, when we introduced K. in an altered state of consciousness, his mind working in a different mode, they can connect to a single universal memory bank information. This bank contains information about everything that happened, is happening, and even that may occur in the future. Male brain began to work as a receiver, capable to accept such information in the form of a visual image.
I plunged into a state of K. altered consciousness. When I brought it to the desired phase hypnotic sleep (while in this state, he could already see and speak), we began to ask questions. Appeals to K. I will refer to as R (Reddy).
R. Where you are and what you see?
K: I'm in the yard near the house, next to some extension. Next to me a barrel, plastic barrel with water. A little further on my left I see a fence and gate. Near the gate stands a woman in a dark scarf tied at the head. The woman is a black skirt and gray sweater. A woman looks out through the gate.
R. How do you feel?
K. Good, but his body, I do not feel the feeling that I am hanging in the void, and all I see.
R. Observe further and talk about what you see.
K. Then the yard I see some buildings like sheds. In the courtyard stands a cart and scattered some items from the farm.
R. Watch for woman.
K. The woman turned to the house and went towards him. She opened the door and entered the house.
R. Follow her.
K: I do not know how. The door is locked.
R. Just wish to see this woman.
K. I am at home in the kitchen. Woman sitting at the table and something to eat. She looks straight at me, her eyes were evil, it seems to me that she sees me. Her eyes some ice.
R. Keep watching and do not be afraid, the woman can not do you no harm.
K. She gets up and goes to the refrigerator and took out a jar. Goes to the table and pours out of the jar into a mug, it looks like it's milk. Drinks. Clear the table. Leaves.
R. Follow her and talk about what you see.
K. I'm in the other room. Woman standing near the big clock.
R. What time clock show?
K. Eleventh Hour.
R. Tell me what you see.
K. The woman went to the bed and sat on it. Now she lay. I think that she knows I'm watching her.
R. Do not worry, everything is under control, at any time, you can get out of there and get back to us.
K. Woman lying with his eyes closed, but not asleep, she was waiting for something.
R. Watch out for her.
K. A woman is sitting on the bed, her eyes open. She gets up, goes to the clock.
R. How many hours of show?
K. Almost twelve. A woman comes to the table. She lights a candle. Goes to the closet, something lacking. This black bundle. Again coming to the table, sits down on a chair near the table. Bundle puts on the table and turns. Woman dismisses her hair.
R. What is a convolution?
K. convolution knife and some other items. It is something to put on the table. This photo is still small and svertochek. She unwraps svertochek. In it something is, in my opinion, is the hair. Yes, it's a tuft of hair.
R. Watch carefully. Whose picture she?
K. I are not clear, her hands in my way.
R. Wish to see everything clearly.
K: Yes, I did it, I see. Oh, I know a woman in the photo is my mother. A woman looks at a photo of my mother and whispers something. She makes some hands signs. Again whispers. Now she writes something.
R. Look what she wrote.
K: I see bad.
R. just want to see.
K. I see. It is written: «Let him curse will come by air, land and water… Mary conjure all its descendants in the 9 generations to come, conjure the names ...
(Word, read and then retold to us a man, I intentionally skipped since it is a very powerful magic spells from the black magic.)
Woman constantly whispers something and makes some signs with his hands. Now she wraps a piece of hair in it, on which she wrote. Gets up, takes a photo with the hair bundle, takes the candle and leaves the room.
R. Follow her.
K. She leaves home and goes to the buildings that I've seen before, the night on the street, I'm behind the woman. It comes in one of the sheds. No, it does not shed, this bath. Woman comes to the stove and threw it into the stove bundle candle she holds in her hand, and again whispered something, looking at the photo. Now she sets fire to the bundle in the oven, put a candle beside him and makes some signs with his hands, it speaks loudly about the curse for my mother and pronounces the names. I feel bad! I can not anymore. It chokes me. I gasp.
R. Go back. I stop the session.
Yes, a man had a curse. Ancestral curse. Such a program is usually passed down from generation to generation until the disappearance of the whole damn family. I later came across a lot of time with such programs in their practice.
With the help of hypnosis can be transferred to a person deeply in the past. You can help even see his past reincarnation (previous life). This technique is called regressive hypnosis.

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