Answers to your questions: "my ex will come back to me? Does he think about me? He remembers me?"

Very often, almost every day I HEAR THE SAME ISSUE !!!
I honestly though used for many years to hear these questions, but to this day when I hear them, it makes me uncomfortable.
To read this short article to understand what I'm saying is happening and where I have this feeling of discomfort and confusion, it would seem, after some simple and clear questions!
Therefore, try to explain and examine in more detail some of the things that I do not understand AT example of a very common question.
That is the question
«From my favorite separated two years ago, will we with him? Will have to have more children? Does he think of me? „
Pay attention to deadlines after parting was, year, half a year, even two years.
That is, if we assume that the hope and feel that sounded in the question — “whether he will return, my favorite, and whether we still all good!» Hope — it's a great feeling! Great light, right feeling, so they say, «Hope dies last.»
And a woman tormented by the question — whether he likes it (ex-husband or a loved one) if they want to come back and do whether it finally has. While at all, her favorite has been living with another family, even the children already there can be.
Let's say if we approach the issue philosophically it can be assumed that a loved one leaves the family or loved, did so in order to go back! Yes, exactly what he was thinking. I thought, here I am now, and go through a couple of years I'll be so is welcome and love, I experienced all the feelings that were. I know that my favorite is waiting for me and the likes. I know that during this time she did not change, and I will have no other relations. And we will preserve our pure feelings for years.
Agree, this assumption seems delusional, well, in a mild form it is very unlikely that this is so.
Usually people go to CHOOSE to leave and terminate these boring, unnecessary and intolerable attitude. And for this reason, in most cases, and there is a break.
So let's consider the following question. — «Does he love me, do you remember?» I want to scream — Of course, all this time WITHOUT YOU He lived in agony!!! He cries every day, looking at your photo. Do not eat or drink in distress. Remembers, loves and suffers!
Do you think this is so? And if he does not remember what fear was, and what he escaped?
Anyway, I took it for example two extremes. Let's consider a third option possible. Yes, in life anything can happen. And then there was the people bad phase of life. Misunderstanding, resentment, or someone — that blatantly harm and intervened in the family fortune. And all the rupture of relations. And it happens. And loving people parted.
But each of them begins to build their lives differently. The time is coming. So in this case, as in the first two there is a chance that this way after years, people suddenly throws everything back. Again, this is from the fairy tales and fantasy.
So maybe coming to the witch asking to change it? It should sound like — «WHAT CAN BE DONE TO MY HUSBAND OR FAVORITE returned to the family? Is it possible to do something in my case? „
Or a woman satisfied answer.
“Yes, of course onn loves you, thinking of you, come back).
»No, of course not come back, he has another."
What are the answers and actions to choose each.

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