Aromatic oils and perfumes in love magic! The use and manufacture!

In magical practice widely used essential oils, perfumes, scents of herbs and plants. Flavors and scents play a huge role in everyone's life.Magic oil used for their concentration of forces and energies and grass plants, flowers and trees roots almost the same as the fluid capacitors.These concentrated in the oil power and energy are directed to achieve the desired result. In this case we are talking about love magic.Sorcerers believe oil manifestation of the elements of fire, just as incense — symbolizing the air and salt — represents the earth.Oil is drawn from plants absorb and store their energy and strength. This is the language of sorcerers and magicians called «fiery beginning» or «fiery essence.»Ever since the ancient times, different smells were magicians excellent tool in love magic. Oils with different scents were made to attract (omens) of the object or, conversely, to repulsion (lapel).In the old days, and now parapsychologists and magicians are used as essential oils and incense. As in ancient times made various love potions, as well as oil.But all this laborious process, requiring special ceremonies at the right time and the right place. All of this takes a lot of time and effort.In our modern world smells did not lost their relevance. On the contrary, now based aphrodisiacs (on behalf of the Greek goddess Aphrodite) — special flavors that contribute to the excitation of the partner sexual attraction towards women, exuding the desired flavor.And if before such a composition, the solution could make only magicians and sorcerers, and now these perfumes or oils can be freely purchased at the store perfumes.Therefore it is very important for women, and for men to choose for themselves their own individual flavor and smell that will attract people to the person opposite sex.That's where the fun begins. See oil or perfume you have already purchased! According to their chemical properties of these perfumes or oils already contain substances that will enhance and excite feelings of love partner to you.What if now ready to combine flavors with a magical force that many times will increase the strength of such a substance? Do not think about it?And you think! In fact, it is real and possible. There are special rituals and treatments that are a magician or a parapsychologist, in order to charge the magical power of perfume or oil! These oils and perfumes are many times more effective.In addition, it will be charged just for you! Made it in your name to suit your personal energy! You can even make these spirits direction. Recharge their energy impact on a particular person! That again — still enhances the effect of your perfume or oils!That this will require. Your desire, a ready flavor (perfume oil) and of course your message to the person who is able to conduct this ritual! Held a magical ritual and all! Your personal perfume or oil are ready to work for you !!!&

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