Attract Guy Love Spells to keep the love in a relationship

real attract a guy love spells powerful magic Situations in life there are different and we can not condemn the man who is going to do magic and love spells. If the guy went to study or get a job in another city, of course, the girl concerned about fidelity. There are people who can forgive, but will not forgive treachery and betrayal. Is it worth it to spoil hundreds of good families that the only weakness, perhaps even «on alcohol» can always be diluted in hand two loving hearts?
Love privoot guy usually done on his clothes and things. To bind man to his need to link his clothes. About a love spell can not tell anyone, or go gossip, evil thoughts and reflections, even the closest people. They thought you would not know, but the thin ears of the universe will catch the slightest hesitation and go to the desired course. Therefore, in the oath in front of the altar is given by the question: «If there is someone who is against this marriage, it is better to say now.» Believe me, there will volunteer a lot, and thought can not be silent.

Love spells attract guy using photo 

Examining the joint photo or picture guy — that's what most captivates girl when a guy is far away. Imagining living moments, joyful meeting and recalled at the touch of emotions. All the warmth and happiness hidden in the energy sector, one way or another, will be transferred to man in the photo. A part of his energy still keeps a picture imprinted. This fact relates to a phantom theory in the modern world has proved repeatedly. Therefore love spell guy photos at a distance can be faster than you think.

Attract guy love spells with photo

Spend the index finger on the face the guy in the photo clockwise. We do it with all the tenderness and love spellcaster:
«I wipe you wipe you against disaster, against misery, against the enemy and against foreign female eye. I has saved you, hide you from disease, from the misfortunes of others and sweet words. Will you just tell me, will you listen to just me, you'll only see me. And I will be faithful and lyubioy wife for you. „
Repeat this spell love spell on the photo guy you need every day on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for three weeks.

Love spells  for attract guy using 2 photos

In this love spell playing the role of two photos. The girl and the guy you need to make to each other face-cutting, sprinkle pictures rose oil, and spend 12 times clockwise around a lit red candle.
“How are replaced by 12 months to 12 hours, so 12 angels stand guard my love and his (man's name). In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen».


Night version of love spell and photos

Bring a favorite photograph to bed, put under the pillow at night and wish him good night with these words:
«Lips to your ear you whispered,» Good night. " How do without you I can not, because without me you can not live. "
Repeat this love spell every night. Even when the guy will sleep with you, do not upload photos. Hide it under the mattress with his hand, that he had no idea what he had done you. Photos can be removed when you change your mind to bind Man to himself or after the wedding.
If a guy guess you bewitched him with magic?
Guess what he attract guy, of course, if believed in ancient magic. But his suspicions because you can and cute smile, saying: «la, of course, my dear, where do I do without you, I can not live here and I do witchcraft» This definitely is widely open eyes and substitute his palm as if you want to scare. You do not sovret, telling the truth, but do not call the wrath of a loved one.
Love spells at a distance, if you do not have the things the guy and do not have his photo
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