Black Magic Love Spells - how to make fast and without retribution and consequences

black magic love spellsThe main purpose of black magic love spells — the suppression of the will, the restructuring of nervous and mental processes in the mind and reflexes to the emergence of special customer ritual. Therefore, in a black magic love spell object is called — the victim.

The effective black magic love spell begins a few days later and lasts about 13 years.

Real Black magic love spells — a ritual appeals to the dark forces (the souls of the dead, demons, entities). This ritual is recommended only energetically strong people who can control the forces of darkness. All types of black magic love spell are divided into several types:

— Cemetery love spell — an appeal to the souls of the dead. This ritual should be done very carefully and according to instructions. A small error in the spell can lead to negative consequences for the customer and the victim

— Voodoo Magic — a black magic love spell using a doll. Doll sewn from fabric or molded out of wax. For the manufacture of the dolls come from the hair, the victim's blood and pieces of clothing.

  — Demons black magic love spell — a call for demonic entities. Those who did this spell, recommend the full dedication of the customer.

— Runic love spell — a magical effect through skandinaskie runes and the photo of the victim

— Love spell with biomaterials — takes blood, hair, sperm, saliva of the victim or the customer


 Remove a black magic love spells is almost impossible.

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How to make best black magic love spells

To make black magic love spells necessarily need to be confident in their abilities.

Only faith in yourself, no fears will help to avoid errors in the spell. This spell is done at the full moon or during the rising moon, in an empty room. You can not eat 3 days — only bread and water.

Be sure to use a protective circle. All attributes must be in the circle to the top of the spell, be sure to turn off the electricity and computer. Light a candle, natural black. Close all the mirrors in the house, leaving only those which are necessary for a spell. Remove from the room orthodox, Catholic, Muslim and Indian  attributes.

Completely avoid the effects of  fast black magic love spells impossible. The victim always feels apathy, sadness, bouts of aggression, exhaustion. The consequences for the customer will be only if the spell sequence was not broken.

Energetically strong customer can transfer their symptoms on a protective amulet or a living creature.


How to remove the effects of black magic love spell.

 All attributes before and after a spell in the river water rinse. Mirror wipe with a damp sponge several times. This is necessary in order to malicious power did not remain in your house. Everyone who did the black magic love spell, it is advised to burn the candle until the end

 That black magic have left no negative effects have to do a protective amulet. One of the easiest — it's witch bottle. The bottle put a few needles, nails. Drop of blood from finger and pour salt water.

Say the spell.


Protective circle for black magic love spells

 During the entire casting spells you must be in a protective circle. Attributes are put in a circle in advance. For the love spell on the cemetery voodoo or rather counter-clockwise to make 3 laps. Bypass with a candle the tomb and the place where you will stand. After a spell — to make 3 laps clockwise. If a black magic love spell doing at home, on the ground to draw a circle. For greater security, you can add a second, outer circle with a small gap. At the break place to put a saucer of water. Drip a few drops of your blood. After casting spells saucer thrown into the fire or buried in a deserted place — water with blood should not get on the ground.

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