Break up the spells on the spouse and his mistress.

break up spells spouse mistressIn today's world, divorce has become almost as common as marriage. The main reason for divorce is considered to be adultery, and men are much more likely to change their wives, husbands than women. Breaking up in a family of extremely negative impact on the psychological state has a former spouse, but the hardest of his children are going through, they are innocent victims of failed relationships of their fathers and mothers. Everyone who is on the verge of divorce, wondering why it happened and what went wrong?
In most cases it is possible to avoid break up of family relationships and only required for this desire of human. If you want to keep the family together, but you can not get your man a break-up connection to the rival, then why not turn to the magic.
Break up spells against the mistress — a simple and effective spell that can be done at home and for free. Even beginners of witchcraft can quickly master the basic aspects of the spell and save their relationship.
The main thing is to believe in their own strength and effectiveness of the magic rite, and the result is definitely positive.

FEATURES Break up spells AGAINST mistress

There are a large number of up gap spells that vary by type impact at a target speed, and many other parameters. For rituals aimed against a rival with which your man already had an intimate relationship, as some characteristic features.
Full moon, has entered a phase of decrease — your best ally in the break-up affairs
The ideal time for such a magical effect is considered to be a full moon during the waning moon. This is the time best suited to complete the relationship.
Before transgress to fulfill a gap up the spell, you need to devote some time to meditation is to concentrate on our own desires, to rethink what you're doing, and what result you want to get
We can recall the most joyful moments experienced with your husband, and save a rage on his mistress. Such emotions make any otvorotny ritual is very effective.
Break up against the lover can really be the last means available that will allow return of her husband and keep her own family, but before doing so, you should be sure that your spouse is really cheating on you, and, precisely with that woman, which you think. It should always be remembered that magic is a powerful way to influence their own lives and the lives of others, and therefore should not endanger the innocent.

Break up spells using candle

Spell at the purple candles is considered one of the most efficient flaps, it works great when you need to destroy the relationship of man with his mistress. By itself, the color purple is a symbol of the cooling of relations between lovers.
For the casting of the spell break up light a candle, write the names of her husband and his mistress on a blank sheet of paper. When you need to cut the paper in such a way to share names. Alternately ignite sheets and throw them into the pre-prepared vessels. Even during combustion, they must not come into contact with each other. At this time, utter words of conspiracy:
«Gori purple candle, burn, burn, forever lovers forever separated. You all their passion and love yourself take away. Burn, burn, burn, forever separated. „
Words need to be repeated again and again, until then, until the leaves turn into ashes and the fire is not quenched.
Now the ashes of vessels need to take in hand, to go with him into the street and throw in different directions. If at this time a strong wind on the street and in the air may mix the ashes, it is first to throw the ashes of one hand clapping, and after a while from the other.

Break up a spells by a pin

Break up a spell against his mistress at the pin — it is an ancient and effective spell. For it must be cast to the clothes pin beloved new unused pin and read over her words:
“New Pin, pin sharp, with you… (husband's name) be everywhere, you keep it, so do not forget. From treason saved the servant, his loyalty to the… (your name) to save. Let… (husband's name) from his mistress once and leave, and to me with all your heart and soul will turn. He forgets the bliss and joy of adultery, seeing rival no longer, and it all kind of forget. Word of my strong will is strong. May it be so».
At the next meeting with his mistress, your man begins to feel discomfort and emotional distress, which eventually will lead to discord in their relationship.
My video tutorial break up spell on my Youtube cannel (click on video):


Break up a spells on the briefs

This spell must be cast on the underwear of your husband or lover. This will require pants (it is best if they are unwashed). Now you need to sew underwear black thread at the seams, so that your work has been invisible, and read the incantation:
«I sew clothes, sew up the path… (name) to… (name of opponent) close forever. Will you all (the name of a man) get in the way, will be serious obstacles arise, they will be the way the way you block. Let… (name of opponent) drives let you curses, but the latest word called. Will you run from it, hate it, you'll be angry at her ferocious beast forest, you will be afraid of her most powerful enemy, more than certain death. Will you do with it in bed and disorder and never your love will not go smoothly. I close your way to the opponent, to sew up, so to him you… (name) ever sew. Be you only mine. May it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen».
Read throughout his work many times as you work. When you need to return the pants and the man to see to it that he often wore them.
Break up a spell on the chicken foot
During the period of the waning moon, buy a chicken leg market (can be several, but only need one). The seller will not be able to take delivery, it is best to prepare the money just below the settlement.
Pour into a copper or enamel basin a little water and light the black candle (you can use an inverted church). Now chicken paw drive on the right hand surface of the water and counterclockwise thirteen times read, spell the word:
This spell will cause the strongest dissonance between your husband and his new passion. However, energy efficiency and can catch you.
«Go for the mouse hole, I will go to a high mountain. On the tops of the mountains sit hell with chertihoy at each other angry look, but his teeth chattering with rage. Chertiha to hell with his fists thrown, but claws into his flesh clings. Both heathen black blood, are poured poisonous, but nothing they did not…… (name razluchnitsy) also fight, but in the same house ever szhivutsya. Let angrily staring at each other, let the anger teeth chattering, let each other are thrown, but bleeds. The names of each other they are no longer to call, not love in the same bed and not lie. That said, it will be. Key. Lock. tongoue».
In the process of reading words spell is to imagine the scene of hostility and fights between lovers, visual images will create a more powerful lapel with a strong binding power. The used water can be poured in the house or a rival in the housing, where the spouse is cheating on you. Chicken leg can give a homeless dog or bury in a deserted place.
Break up spells on the graveyard
During the waning moon at night you need to go to the cemetery, to find there the grave where buried person named as your unfaithful husband and take her bit of land. Now, find a grave with the name of his mistress, and put it before the land taken. Cast spells words:
«As these dead people in their graves apart lie, as they do not run away from the grave, and my husband (name)… to (name) does not run, do not walk away from me. The dead man in the coffin, the coffin into the grave. The dead man lay in the damp earth, and you… (husband's name) go to me. Amen!
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