Causing the rain - rain magic secrets

In Ukraine, in September 2007 there were conducting a magical ritual, which is not heard in decades. Four villagers Vyshnopol Talnovskogo district, Cherkasy region, three of whom worked in the church choir singers, decided to save the village from drought, with the help of an ancient ritual at the grave of a suicide, hanged himself six months ago. The men dug a hole at the head of the grave 10x15 cm, and whispered incantations, poured the water back.
Tom-toms in the night

How to explain their actions at the police station latter-day magicians in the fields and orchards and crops completely burned, disappointed in your prayers to God, they would try to encourage rain pagan practices ...

The practice of calling the rain in the past existed in two forms. Church, such as in Russia, when applied procession and prayers for rain. And Arcane, when the calling rain acted on the ancient pagan rites.

"… The tom-toms beaten incessantly throughout the night. Ju-ju, a miracle worker, a professional from a mysterious clan of dedicated, sat motionless facing east, whispering something inaudible under his breath. Opposite him was a naked young woman, her face covered thick veil. It was «Zaklinatelnitsa rain» from a neighboring tribe, the volume, which Ju-ju, apparently, invited him to assist in such an important ceremony. For a while in silence Zaklinatelnitsa swaying to the beat of drum rhythm. Then she began conducting a tom-toms, sharply raising his hands at all speeds up tempo drumming and making further accelerate the roll.

I looked at the sky and did not believe my eyes: barely noticeable whitish haze of the evening turned into a gray haze that thickened and tyazhelela every minute. A Zaklinatelnitsa customized and should flush all tom-toms, machine-gun fire whipped by clouds. And the sky did not withstand such brutal executions: from low hanging clouds, at last the long-awaited rain poured. "

Describes the English traveler Hugo Chateris magical ceremony call rain, which he saw in the 50s of last century in Guinea. Similar ceremonies from time immemorial, there are many other nations.

In August last year in the north of Nepal, which traditionally grow rice in the rainy season from the sky did not fall or drop. It was enought to despair. Farmers have tried all the prayers, offerings to the gods, special religious services — but the sky remained deaf to their appeals.

And then the Nepalese women from the region of Kapilvastu said they were aware of an ancient way, which is used only as a last resort.

After that, about fifty peasant women rose at sunrise, and had an extreme ritual call rain. They undressed, went to the rice fields naked and began to utter only led them to spell. To the surprise of watching the spectacle of journalists, by the end of the day over the fields of Kapilvastu was really rain!

One of the great «rain queen» in the Transvaal was Mudzhadzhi, the old woman, which even heard of Rider Haggard. Many years later, after it was described in a novel by the writer, General Smuts spoke of her as a woman, which made him «the impression of the strength of his character and imperious manners elusive — a woman who really was the queen.»

It has long been the custom, that, having reached old age, the queen of rain was supposed to pass on their secrets to her daughter or other young woman, and then commit ritual suicide by taking poison.

Mudzhadzhi inherited from their predecessors clay «pots of rain,» which contained the drugs that are intended to ensure that the heavens asunder. She is ordered to arrange «Rain Dance» and drumming.

Two ethnographer who watched the ceremony, wrote that the pure silver flute tone gave the impression of bell chime. Without a doubt, was the most successful Mudzhadzhi Queen of Snow. There were times when the land was suffering from an excess of rain, and then it came to the chiefs, and timidly asked her to send the dry weather.

Aliens are concerned ecology of the Earth

Mastered the art of the rain and, conversely, clear skies and modern shamans. So to the rains and thunderstorms did not stop holding large outdoor Malaysian golf championship, which was held in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian Golf Federation hired a magician — to disperse the clouds in the sky. And he coped with the problem: although four days before the match lasted, in many parts of the city were thunderstorms and showers, where the competitions were not dropped a single drop.

American Amos Klivs to shamans has nothing to do but is also able to control the weather. He says that aliens have learned it! Klivs repeatedly proved its ability to change the weather in the presence of dozens of witnesses.

«During the drought, I call the rain. Can the clouds to disperse and, when wet for too long — says 55-year-old Amos. — People always complain about the weather, and I'm able to change it. But do it only when really necessary. „

Recently, Amos Klivs showed prodigious ability far from his home in Jacksonville (Florida), and in the presence of psychiatric research opportunities.

“For several days incessantly rain fell, so we asked Amos to make sure that the sun shone, — says one expert. — We went out into the street, and he stared at the sky, as if trying to send mental signals through the black clouds. Even it was scary. After about a minute or two to our surprise, the sun began to break through the clouds. 10 minutes later there was a great sunny weather. „

Amos says that the aliens came to his house a year ago. He described them as follows: a semi-humanoids were growing a little more than a meter, with big eyes.

“Telepathic way they are within a few hours taught me the art to control the weather, and said that they wanted to preserve the Earth's atmosphere is in good condition, as it is now too polluted,» — said the psychic.

Amos also said that it is much easier to form clouds, than to disperse them. «I have come into contact with the aliens to the sun shone — he admits. — The fact that in this case it is necessary to cleave the clouds, and this interaction is required aliens who are both outside and inside the Earth's atmosphere. „

In Russia, the clouds disperse Ukolov Nicholas, who lives in the village of Tambov Mordovo. Its unusual ability to control natural phenomena, many local residents are skeptical. However, if during a wedding or a funeral, it starts to rain, they fled to Nicholas for help.

Nicholas calls himself a healer and a prophet. Unusual ability it opened twelve years ago, when he saw the Virgin in a dream. “She had a baby in her arms, and behind a pillar of red light, — says Nikolay. — I immediately realized that the dream is prophetic. » Since Ukolova nature was subservient.

Once the head of the district administration has asked him to ensure good weather during the harvest, Nicholas kept his promise, and for his pains was a half tons of grain and three bags of sugar.

Before last fall Ukolov decided to test their strength on a large space. After the Russian weather forecasters reported that the warming is coming and winter is unusually warm, Nicholas decided to freeze the country to catch up. «That's just not a little calculated — apologizes old man — too cold it was ...»

«Tornadoes we run only for peaceful purposes»

«In Novoazovsk region Donetsk region, one of the villages, now operates a state-weatherwhiz fans, who claim to possess the ancient secrets of natural phenomena.»

Their existence Ukrainian public found out just recently, after the local mass media reported tornadoes over the Sea of Azov, which was attributed to the mysterious origin, associated with magic.

«My grandmother was in the years of the October Revolution found in the garden Glechik with letters and a statuette of god Perun, the patron of rain and thunder — tells reporters of the Ukrainian newspaper» Donbass «Lydia Stepanovna Zaklinatelnitsa rain. — After that she became a skilled worker of the present weather, could cause the snow almost clap their hands. Then he handed her the secrets of my aunt and me.

»I honestly can not explain why nature is still subject to us. Here to take hurricanes in America. Heard that saying in the News? In many ways, of course, they self-fulfilling prophecy for his films, where America erase from the face of the earth. They have programmed themselves to disaster! But I'm sure this is the work kakih-nibud «weatherwhiz» interested in the fact that the U.S. has a problem. "

Personally, I consider myself to white mages, and teach their students to be good and no one doing nothing wrong. Weather, we adjust only for peaceful and research purposes. For example, vegetable gardens wither in the summer, rain is needed. Even five years, we are experimenting with tornadoes, are small over the Sea of Azov run. But they are perfectly safe.

Total have 16 people. Seven of our village, the other visitors. My cousin lives in Russia, and she, too, a few dozen students. "

«In order not to be unfounded, rural weather lady showed reporters how she» makes the rain. «As the evening Lydia Stepanovna took the guests for the village on a vacant lot. There were waiting near the bonfire seven pupils climate magic: four young women, two men and a boy nineteen years. Lydia Stepanovna got out of the bag small fabric pouches: This collection of herbs, dried toad. So did our ancestors, the Slavs. „

Leaving the journalists a few meters away, “witches» were seated around the fire and began to read something in Old Church Slavonic, vaguely reminiscent of the prayer. Lydia Stepanovna unblinking look at the flames, walked around and waved his statuette Perun. After her team all stood up and took turns in a clockwise direction, began to throw the bags into the fire — the fire hissed and smoke became thicker.

«Weatherwhiz fell to his knees and swaying from side to side and wailed, and then said that the rain will go up in an hour.»

Weather forecast for that evening, as, indeed, for the week ahead, precipitation is not promised. Those seemed incredible mystery guest on the first drops that fell from the sky. The rain was short lived, only about ten minutes, but he was soaked from head to toe and «weatherwhiz», and journalists to see firsthand the man-made miracle.

Shamans are casters, scientists come up with ...

Make it rain on the forces and residents of the village of Ivanovo district Dmitrievka Amur region. In the heat of summer, when all the known ways of escape from the heat tridtsatigradusnoy tried, in the family Khachatryan has been for many years resorted to the ancient ritual.

Year-old sheep is sacrificed and then eaten. The main thing — the meat was boiled, not fried.

The family Khachatryan animal sacrifice brings his wife Valentina. The head of the family — Valentin — himself a knife has never taken, it only monitors the process.

Once the skin is separated from the meat starts culinary mystery. Most of the meat is not at the family table, and the villagers in the kitchen: as usual, mutton are dealt seven yards.

Half an hour — and the sacrificial soup is ready. Only after he tasted all the members of the family, the ritual is complete. And after a few hours on the field must shed the rain!

A more complex ritual calls for the implementation of the rain, called «Lusad» almost every summer is held in place Shungete Ivolginsk region of Buryatia.

One of the last rites took place in the sacred grove at the foot of Hamar-Daban. This grove is a natural phenomenon. On her visit to ancient times there is a prohibition: it is impossible to collect berries, talk loudly, tear the grass and break branches of trees, to relieve themselves, and to disturb the animals. Also imposed a strict ban on women visiting the grove.

The men settled down in a grove on the grass on the sunny glade in the depths of the forest. Prayer service held Lama Ivolginsk datsan led Tibetan Lharamba baqsi. The prayers were accompanied by five llamas ringing bells and drum beats. The men sat in silence, only occasionally talking quietly.

At the end of the ceremony took Lama «Balima» — special offerings, made of barley flour in the form of cones with images of snakes, have taken to the two springs and carefully lowered into the water.

At this time the sky became overcast quickly tightened. Men standing formed a large circle and began to spray in all directions milk. Then the choir shouted several times: «Ahra! Accept gifts and give us your blessing! Ahra! „And straightway in the leaves of the trees rustled the wind and the rain poured!

Scientists, of course, the rain did not believe the magic and try to exclusively through scientific advances to repeat what make modern shamans. Not long ago, Israeli experts finally learned how to generate the clouds and cause rain.

“For the first time in human history has almost become a real project, which is called Geshem (in Hebrew — rain). It is a system that will allow you to create artificial rainfall in the desert or extremely arid regions.»

«This can be achieved through the installation of giant sand islands of heat, which, thanks to a special black panels, accumulating rays of the sun will be at great speed to lift the atmosphere of water vapor from the hot air, thus creating clouds, which then will shed heavy rains.»

«The idea came about due to the fact that climatologists are called heat island over the cities, — said one of the leaders of the project, a specialist in atmospheric modeling Leon Brening. — These zones where the temperature is 4-5 degrees higher than in surrounding rural areas, are able to absorb the entire power of the sun. It has been shown that these heat islands contribute to the rapid rise of hot air, which condenses in the upper atmosphere that leads to the formation of clouds in the suburbs of the metropolis and the surrounding rural areas. Similar phenomena are observed, for example, in Los Angeles. „

“The reasons for the existence of this phenomenon are two: the asphalt roofs and heating of buildings. In other words, the project is about creating something akin to fireplaces with heat, can use the energy of hot air and vapor contained in it, which is at an altitude of one thousand meters condenses into clouds. Experts estimate that the heat island, which will be built in Israel to cover the area ranging from 4 to 9 square meters. miles. „

“Today, scientists are able to induce artificial rain of pre-existing clouds. But they never generate the feedstock that is, the cloud itself — emphasizes with pride Brening.»

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