Children's obsession. The expulsion of the devil child

For five years, both in Sevastopol Catholic parish of St. Clement is Fr Jan Bielecki — one of the few Catholics in Ukraine who have authority exorcist.
For more than 30 years, this man, literally and figuratively, courageously fighting a war against the forces of evil. The journalists managed not only to communicate with father John, but to witness the unusual action — the rite of expulsion from human demons.
A voice not his
Instead we get a magnificent temple in ordinary apartment Sevastopol, where he conducted the service. Before the altar, sitting on his knees and clasped his hands in prayer, we have been waiting for a young woman. Asking not to take it off for the camera, Svetlana (name changed) immediately warned: «Do not pay attention to all the words that will fly out of my mouth.»
A few minutes later, holding a special prayer and dressed in different garb, he returned to the hall father Ian: «If it gets really scary — get out.» In any case, holding the door, I'll stay, but the woman's face and I see: it sits with his back to me. Bridging horror will only her hands, brushed his neck and writhing from time to time in the sign of unclean protruding index finger and thumb.
I must say that the action is a bit like the picture of Hollywood films about exorcism, but it was a lot less scary. For 20 minutes, the priest read over the «demoniac» of prayer, while she coughed, made strange guttural sounds and screaming is not my voice. Suddenly said, quite clearly, «I want to sacrifice.» Father Ian put a cross on a woman, «Do not you be the victim, Lucifer.» Stoically endure the process, after the ceremony is quite adequate woman, wearing a jacket and thanked the Holy Father leaves the church headquarters.
«It happens a lot worse, but here half the work is already done — says the father of Ian visitor. — At first, she heard voices, was aggressive. Now she is a lot easier. » According to the priest, Svetlana herself came to him from out of town, knowing about their problem. However, a lot of people, he said, live, not knowing that someone is to them «hooked»:
«These people are tortured constant nightmares, depression, they may have a split personality, and others may see a terrible, like» double «view. Sometimes it happens that a person has changed his voice. Here you have, for example, the view clear — it is immediately obvious. „
All of the above symptoms are ignorant people, according to his father John, are often confused with schizophrenia and other mental disorders: “I, too, sometimes it is difficult to discern where the devil, and where the disease. Communicating with people asking to talk about their problems. When people start saying to myself praying. I had a case where a man suddenly said, „Do not pray!“ This sort of thing can only do the devil. „
In the footsteps of Emily Rose
, Told the priest, people do not always remember what they said or shouted during the ceremony: “Sometimes they are even in the air rises to the ceiling — a crazy power. I had a case where a 14-year-old girl, which was possessed by the spirit of Lucifer, during the ceremony held three healthy men. „
About this schoolgirl priest decided to tell more, because the case of the Ukrainian girl is very similar to the well known story of the life of Anneliese Michel Germans, in whose biography was made popular horror film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose», «Devils was sent by her teacher-satanistka. She set a school dance where all the girls were dressed in black dresses and were holding candles. And turned the ritual: they danced in a circle, and the girl went into the center. So it all started. First family thought she epilepsy, but doctors found nothing. In fact, a child possessed by the spirit of Lucifer — the most dangerous of demons. I prayed for her every day from three o'clock to three o'clock in the morning for eight months. She managed to free. „
According to Bielecki, demons, people can nasylat witches, sorcerers, and such popular Vorozhko today psychics. “You can not go to them in any case. Demons enter the human rights not only in the rituals, but also with the „Blessed“ water or food. There may be times when the „catch“ children. Why? Satan wants to take an innocent soul. Once I brought the child, who for several days from midnight to three am very much shouting. This is exactly the time when the conduct various rituals. Child could otmolit. „
Father John, by the way, I am sure that the tragedy that occurred recently in Kerch (woman killed the night of her two children and her mother. — Ed.) — This is the work of Satan: “Most of all, she possessed the spirit of death, which required her victims and, unfortunately, got it. „
Not only visits to fortune tellers can be dangerous to humans. According to the priest, people everywhere are inclining to the side of evil: “You can not watch and get involved in mystical films such as» Harry Potter «or» All women — witches ", because they show the whole structure of the black arts. Many think, «This is just a fairy tale.» But it is not so! "
Even more dangerous, according to Bielecki, celebrate Halloween is popular with young people, «It is the worship of all the evil spirits that are in hell. Those who wear masks and different costumes, automatically become members of Satan's Ball „- says the father. It is also worth paying attention to the innocuous at first glance, souvenirs, “Elephants with raised trunks, pyramids, statues of Buddha, toads a penny can do great harm. Someone donated seven elephants can destroy the entire family. In my experience, was a case where a woman has a very bad night, and the doctors could not do anything. I went to her house, looked into her room — and there is a half-meter black cat brought her colleague from Egypt. These gifts do when they want to eliminate rivals. „
The machinations of the evil one
The priest shares the influence of Satan in three main areas: the madness — the devil is infused into man, devilish addiction — prevails over the victim when a pronounced defect, whether the use of alcohol, drugs, or inability to non-gaming, as well as the diabolical persecution, or, in other words — Poltergeist “:» I've read many times of prayer in the homes where people feel the presence of some evil spirit. Often it is either the Dead soul, or an evil spirit. "
Parish of St. Clement — a small chapel in an apartment in the center of Sevastopol. For many years, local Catholics are trying to regain the building of the temple, where in Soviet times, opened the cinema «Friendship», but to no avail. This place has become the 26th in the account of Jan's father, native — a small wooden village that under Kamenetz-Podolsk.
For more than 30 years of service with the priest had to spend about six rites of exorcism, but everyone — only with the permission of the bishop. «He gives me permission. I did not have the right to refuse. But if the bishop does not give blessings — there is no choice, „- said the Holy Father. He is convinced that only with the sincere belief can be practiced exorcism: “I would like to see all the young priests of their practice with more experienced fathers and ignorant of the ritual. Because when I started out, I knew next to nothing: no books, no special prayers I did not have. » By the way, according to his father John, to take money for the expulsion of demons can not in any case.
Such a ritual to get rid of evil spirits is, by the way, in Orthodoxy, but it is rarely practiced. «This can only deal with the priests and monks only with the permission of the bishop. As far as I know, in Ukraine it is done only in Odessa Pochaev „- says Father Alexei from Simferopol.

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