Children's magic

&So it befell in this incident?So if there are so-called «poverty» that describe children or is it the fruit of their imagination?&& & The pioneer in this genre moved AL Puffin, he wrote in 1980-1984 gg. narrative of the Queen of Spades, and her cause, and published in 1992 an article about the genre. AL Puffin suggested that «imposing fame Pique Dame probrela exclusively in the second half of the 1970s, once in the whole later calling it with mirrors,» because «of a long, intense gazing into a mirror, participants evocation, of course, start visual hallucinations». About the reasons for and the composition of the participants and elicit their age writer says: «It is the law in the dark… to perplex your question for the elementary or feel a sense of dread… In the process of calling, as a rule, take part in on their only children, students at the school… „&& & &Dwarfs are used to evoke a thread “thread tie the legs of the table, that is around at the very Seredka thread to tie candy ...» and mirrors «to take the mirror, spread it well with toothpaste and put in a dark place to hide himself in the closet. Get out, get a mirror, and there may come to be traces of gnome », but in fact it is the traces of the little fingers of their own hands. Dwarves often encouraged by good food — sweets, cakes, cookies, cakes.In order to call a special kind of dwarfs — gnome-sweet tooth — need, usually, especially candy. Occasionally you can just put the empty wrappers «of chocolates that tastiest» and expect any candy wrappers instead.But the kids well aware of the threat of these experiments, but the sense of danger they spread out: «If it comes, then it will be possible to learn about his future, and since you do not priglyaneshsya her, she'll just strangle. She has a great big claws, and it pierces your throat »," need to draw on the mirror lestnichku, put it near the bullet. Close to the mirror set with a glass of water and place a slice of bread. Pronounce the 666 three times before the mirror and you can go to sleep. But at night you will come to the Queen of Spades, and strangle you, «and the like.&& & Area of „evocation“ is necessarily in connection with time. Significantly, that is the true time it takes to „induce“ denser than not fixed (the same with the mythical persona of folklore in adults, where most of the time consistently recorded or midnight or noon). But it is worth noting some of the features: a day to call and „evil“ and „good“ people, but it was believed that the cause „evil“ people more successful night. That night, they will just „come“ and in this episode, we can not say that the whole night, and not only „24“ (the same face value of time saved, for example, in the horror stories), fantasized themselves as children of „peak“ time. Especially as a manifestation of the character with the mythology is determined not at night, and more accurate to say the dark night, that's where there was likely to simulate the „night world“ during the „inducing“ better be in total darkness, with no light or dark rooms.One of the conditions necessary for the appearance of mythological characters in our world is the complete absence of adults, because they are connected to a „safe“ world, and the reaction of the world „other“ in their company is not feasible. Once the adults emerge, they destroy the environment to touch upon two worlds.&& & Only three questions need to be clarified: Why kids do this? The result is that they all get? So who is to them?Answer to the latter, we will be able to know and answers to other questions. There is a misconception, since Baby smiles during sleep, which means that it has come to play Lilith. The child should be immediately wake, otherwise it will be able to torment him before his death. In the XVIII century there has been widespread among most cultures give protection to young mothers and their infants with amulets against Lilith. Little boys are the most vulnerable in their first week of life, girls are less vulnerable in their first three weeks. Lap time is in the crib, and outlined the magic circle of the spell. It inscribe the names of three angels (Sanwa, Sansanvi, Semangelof), Adam and Eve, and vows, „Lilith dams“ or „giving protection just born baby from all sorts of harm.“ Often charms with such written placed around the room and on the perimeter bedroom.&& & One of the first mentions of Lilith corresponds to the papyri from the Dead Sea. In Jewish demonology as Lilith different title identity of her mentioned as early as 700 BC in the book of Isaiah. Come across this reference and in church texts compiled not by the canons. In the canonical Bible is its main source in Aramaic, perhaps meet a treacherous memory of a demonic creature that has a view of either a woman or a bird that appears only at night, and has, in the name of Lilith. Because the text of the Old Testament was repeatedly changed, the story of Lilith has been excluded from the data pages. Thanks to the major variations of the Old Testament were the very first people, Adam and Eve. Eva was the wife of Adam, they tasted the forbidden fruit and is exiled from paradise. The text, which were banned church, namely the Hebrew texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Talmud, and even some of the altered it is possible to know the gospel and other versions. Eve was not Adam's first wife, and the second, because before it appeared he had „tasted the forbidden fruit.“ And with his first wife, Lilith. According to Jewish tradition, when parted with Adam, Lilith was transformed into an evil demon and began to kill babies (this character exists in the myths of the Arabs). In Mesopotamia such a name is nocturnal devil that kills children and mocks men in a state of sleep (also speaks of men „pastimes“).&& & And in the Hebrew language, the subtleties in the Hebrew, the word is an adjective feminine „night“ (eg, „Lail demama» (???? ?????) is quiet night). At times like adjectives used as a girl's name. Accordingly, another opinion, this name is derived from the Sumerian “lil» (wind, air, ghost, spirit).In Europe, the Middle Ages, it is often portrayed as a spouse, lover, or grandmother of Satan. At the end of the XVII century it was painted as Straseni owl, she is blind in the afternoon, and at night sucking blood from the heart or the navel of a young child or a goat's udder.In ancient cultures, growth occurred at the same time with the development of the mind (which is why small children have found themselves under the protection of the faithful).In recent times stage infantilism loose, that's why children remain associated with the worlds of spirits a long time. To the point a long time, it gets the ability to cause these spirits in the real world.Consequently, considering the point of view of ancient magical myths, we can find the answers to set questions:First. The child feels the attraction of the invisible world, due to the desire body, which redistributes energy, and at the same time, has a body of life, a child can become a simple catch any demonic creatures. Entity data, of course, invented many methods to push the child to open the veil of secrecy.&& & Second. Actually in the absence of the possibility of filling the entire escort child (just like the old man and the old) is in close relation with the elements (by mistake called «lower astral»), due to this is relatively easy to be able to help the transition and transfer of elementary in dense world. It becomes clear that the more successful are only provoking that made the child with an existing body of Life, but who do not have the desire body (from about 6 to 14 years).Third. The self-energy of the child easily have access to demonic creatures. In particular, this is true for children who have not been baptized, they do not have the protection of the Christian Egregor. At the time of this protection idolatrous carried talismans and prayers, and still full of all initiations, which deals with the child in the process of growing up.Third. The self-energy of the child easily have access to demonic creatures. In particular, this is true for children who have not been baptized, they do not have the protection of the Christian Egregor. At the time of this protection idolatrous carried talismans and prayers, and still full of all initiations, which deals with the child in the process of growing up.

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