Classification spells. What are the kinds and types of spells

Classification and types of spells.

By the time of entry into force:
-Instantly steps: take deystvte immediately after casting (most spells of just this type)
c delayed the start time of impact: the action begins only under certain conditions.

For the duration of action:
-constant: up to death or destruction of an object or to the use counterspell.
-Time: ACTIONS short period (a few hours), the duration depends on the amount of magical energy applied when the spell.
-periodic: act a certain period of time, then prekrashayut its action in achieving the same period, again begin to act.

The impact on the project
Control elements: fire, water, air, earth etal
inanimate objects
living beings

By the number of properties per exposure
Define object
objects are in a specific area
-All objects of this type
-All objects in general

On the primacy of spells
Primary: spell
— Secondary: counterspell

By the nature of the impact
— To build: creating something new, not previously existed (treatment, construction, creation of magical creatures, recovery of lost parts)
— Destroying: destroying something that existed previously (things and beings)
— Transfer: move something from one place to another&

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