Curse of Che Guevara

October 9, 1967 at the school of the Bolivian village of Higuera was shot taken prisoner Latin American revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, known throughout the world as Comandante Che.
This story had its tragic sequel: for several years, one after another had gone to the other world, many of his enemies ...
Death does not seem unusual for each separately. But all of them killed, maimed in accidents and battles a strange disease killed political enemies or the revolutionaries of the new generation, one thing in common: all of them were directly related to the death of the famous revolutionary. These events gave rise to the legend of the «curse of Che.»
The first victim
October 9 at noon CIA agent Felix Rodriguez received from La Paz a telegram with the order to destroy the Che. The order was signed by Bolivian President René Barrientos Ortuño.
Felix Rodriguez came into the room where Che Guevara contained, and said: «Comandante, I'm sorry.» Less than an hour later Sergeant Mario Terán two queues shot Che, firing bullets into him 9.
April 27, 1969 René Barrientos Ortuño was killed. The helicopter, which was flying the 61st president of Bolivia, has blown up in the air. The weather conditions were perfect, the car was in perfect condition. The official conclusion of the commission — an accident. It was President of Bolivia has opened a long list of subsequent deaths.
Bolivian JUDAS
Che was hoping that his small party would be a match thrown in a haystack. Alas, it turned out moist hay. The peasants did not support him. One of the few who supported the fighters Che was a Bolivian farmer Honorato Rojas. He also gave them up to 3 000 dollars.
August 31 to the hut Rojas came otyad Joaquin (Che identified several people for a particular operation). Rojas supplied guerrillas products and showed them «safe» ford across the river El Ieso where partisans waited for an ambush.
Semi-literate peasant became a media star. All newspapers published a photograph in which the vice-president of Bolivia handed a traitor «30 pieces of silver» — documents in the possession of a private ranch 12 acres.
At the ranch, and he died, received July 14, 1969 by two bullets to the head of the guerrilla fighters of the National Liberation Army of Bolivia, the traitor sentenced to death.
Among the officers who participated in the operation to destroy the order of Che, Eduardo Huerta Lorenzetti excelled mockery wounded Comandante. Apparently, he enjoyed to insult and beat Guevara.
In 1970, Eduardo was killed in a car crash, crashing at night in speed without standing on the road side lights truck. Normal traffic accident, whether such a little? That's just it occurred on October 9, a day of Che's death.
And will be rewarded ...
Colonel Andreas Selich Sean, comes from a family of Montenegrin emigrants, he commanded a battalion of Rangers who participated in the defeat of Che's unit.
Selich indicates the body of the dead Guevara
Selich Guevara personally interrogated in the course of these interrogations snatched wounded tuft beard, beat his pistol in the face. I do not hesitate to rob captive, taking him up the phone and watch. He also insisted on the use of sophisticated torture during interrogations Comandante.
Colonel Ryan noticed it began to grow in the service and rose to the post of Minister of Internal Affairs of Bolivia. In 1970, Sean was arrested on suspicion of plotting a coup. Selich before the trial has not lived: during one interrogation he was beaten with sticks.
Colonel Centeno commanded the 8th Division. It was she who made a major contribution to the defeat of the guerrillas. Centeno was personally involved in the organization of the execution: summoned a few sergeants and invited them to take on the mission of shooting the wounded prisoner.
In 1976, Centeno was thousands of kilometers from Bolivia, in Paris, but «the curse of Che» get it here. May 11, 1976 Bolivia's ambassador to France, General Joaquín Centeno left the embassy and went to his car.
At this point, he was approached by a young bearded man in a long coat and black beret, pulled out a pistol and fired three shots into the general's chest. Raider escaped. After a day responsibility for the attack has taken the International Brigade Che Guevara.
Bolivian DREAM
Head of Intelligence of the Bolivian Ministry of Internal Affairs Roberto Quintanilla Thoth was not directly involved in catching Guevara, but among other high officials was Higuera October 9, 1967. In his presence, the dead Che Guevara their hands cut off. After a terrible procedure Toto Quintanilla took a bayonet and disfigured the face of the Cuban hero.
In September, 1970, in Hamburg, the German student Monica Erlt literally besieged Bolivian consulate requesting the issuance of her visa. She de childhood dream to visit Bolivia. Arriving on 25 September at the consulate to get the coveted badge to dream, she took the gun from her purse and discharge it into the Bolivian consul — Colonel Quintanilla.
He ran out of the next room the wife of a diplomat tried to detain terrorist, clutching her hair. Leaving a wig in the hands of inconsolable widow, she jumped out of the consulate, in the village waiting for her car and disappeared.
Juan Jose Torres held in 1967 as Chief of the General Staff of the Bolivian armed forces. The order of execution of Che his signature after the second presidential. In 1970, he became president of Torres, but sat in the chair at least one year.
Ousted in a military coup, Torres emigrated to Peru, then to Chile, followed by Argentina. In June 1976, he was kidnapped and killed by the Argentine «death squads».
Between life and death
Felix Rodriguez — one of the key figures in the story. Cuban refugee, a CIA agent who oversaw Langley Bolivian wards. Rodriguez was strongly against the elimination of Che, but he made the decision.
From the Bolivian expedition Rodriguez returned with asthma. Usually this disease suffer from childhood, her ill in adulthood — a unique case in medicine. None of the samples for positive allergy are not given.
Attacks plagued Rodriguez and in the heat and cold, and dry and in wet weather. Doctors just shrug. Sam Rodriguez believes his illness «the curse of Che» Guevara himself had suffered from asthma since childhood.
Comandante Che shot Mario Teran, the 31-year-old Bolivian army sergeant. It was he who volunteered to be the executioner to personally shoot revolutionary in retaliation for his three friends who were killed in an earlier battle with a detachment of Che Guevara.
It would seem that the direct killer had to suffer the most terrible punishment, but many experienced sergeant, in 2006 Mario Teran was still alive.
Why «the curse of Che» bypassed by his side? Apparently, less than Comandante all blamed his death semiliterate soldier. True killers believed he was standing over Sergeant officers and government officials, many of whom never saw Che's face.
However, cargo offense proved too heavy to Teran. Mario argued that Che haunts his nightmares. In April 1969, a former sergeant in the state of insanity out of the window. Survived. Several years spent in a mental hospital.
Captain Harry Prado Salmon commanded a platoon in the Yuro ravine. It's his fighters captured Che. In 1981, during the suppression of the armed uprising in the province of Santa Cruz, Prado general was seriously wounded. The bullet hit both lungs, touched the spine, partially paralyzing general.
Probably, it is the legend of the «curse of Che» Prado forced to break the silence. Harry Prado gave an interview in which he said that the body of Che was not burnt as officially stated power, and buried, thus giving rise to the search for the remains of Guevara.
This list is the «curse of Che 'victims is far from complete. In this case, none of the witnesses mentioned that the Comandante someone cursed, cried out to heaven to punish his killers. But is it necessary to do so was Che? He was strong in spirit, could greatly love and hate scary. And the spirit of Che gave to each according to the severity of his crime.

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