Cursed city

The most famous damned cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were erased from the face of the earth the powers of heaven. But not only the city suffered the same fate.
City of Port Royal in Jamaica went down in history as the «pirate's nest.» In the XVII century, Port Royal became the richest city in America. But it is finally transformed into a nest of vice.
Three-quarters of its inhabitants engaged in privateering or piracy. And almost all of the female population were whores, pleasuring «gentlemen of fortune.» The city administration has thoroughly permeated by corruption and was the main dealers of looted goods.
Something Port Royal reminded the current Las Vegas. It was a city-festival, where day and night did not stop violent pirate fun. Booze and dice in port taverns continued until the sailors jingled the coins in his pockets. Rollicking pirate songs, fights, screeching whores-were the embodiment of ideas «coastal brotherhood 'vacation after bloody sea battles.
Welfare Port Royal based on pirate robberies and violence in the most vile evils and slave trade. This city has become one of the world centers of the slave trade. But whether God has bothered to look down to the center of vice, or the unfortunate slaves resorted to voodoo magic, sent against the city cruel punishment. But the June 7, 1692 that the city actually was.
Around noon, all the natural elements at once fell on Port-Royal. Almost simultaneously, the city buildings began to crumble from the powerful earthquake and tsunami struck the harbor, wash house and the residents in the sea and sank 50 ships. And then all hell began.
Port Royal Buffet 16-kilometer spit of sand. The sand beneath the city became a liquid and turned into quicksand, sucking in people, as if some subterranean monster. But even worse was when the sand suddenly began to dry rapidly. Those who are left in the sand on the chest or throat were shackled hand and foot. Sand strangled them, but unfortunate head for a few days stuck in the sand, and stray dogs chews them. Killed two-thirds of the city's population, 1800 houses of two thousand had been destroyed.
Among those who left in the sand up to his neck, and turned out to be a wealthy merchant Goldie. In vain he appealed to run past people for help, promising for it to give all their wealth. In the chaos around, and people have forgotten about the gold, and the nobility. Each corny saved his own life. Goldie desperate and prepared for death, when suddenly an underground stream of water like a cork pushed him out. God spared his life, but absorbed in the depths of his tavern, shop and house.
The devastating earthquake in Lisbon, many attributed it divine punishment. Only it is not clear to whom the punishment. Whether the Jesuits, who mercilessly burned at the stake of the Portuguese Inquisition. Whether the king, who promised a „new Christians“ to protect them from the Inquisition, when they gave him Cruzado 1.25 million for the construction of 36 galleons and then robbed and deceived them. Whether the first minister the Marquis de Pombal, which limited the right church.
Symbolically, the earthquake in Lisbon was November 1, 1755 — the day of All Saints. In the city hit a huge wave in an instant destroyed three-quarters of all buildings. Thousands of people came early in the morning to worship, were buried in collapsed churches. Survivors sought refuge in the open and rushed into the harbor, where there was a large open area. But instead of salvation they found death.
Huge waves rolled over the harbor and carried away in a sea of people were there. The earthquake lasted no more than a quarter of an hour, but in that time managed to take the lives of about 100 thousand people. It was the most destructive natural disaster in Europe.
From natural disasters of recent times, which are associated with God's punishment of the damned city, first of all remember the earthquake that occurred on 12 January 2010, which virtually destroyed Port-au-Prince, claimed 300,000 lives and transformed the lives of Haiti to hell.
It seems that the curse of Haiti lies in the voodoo religion, adherence to which local people court the punishment from heaven. The ancestors of Haitians were slaves, part of the locals, but mostly among imported from Africa with which Spanish and French colonizers were treated very cruelly.
Over time, local and visiting of religion slaves strongly intertwined and formed a new religion known as voodoo. The French attempted executions and torture to fight his followers practiced sacrifice, cannibalism and the revival of the dead, but nothing helped.
August 14, 1791 a large number of Haitians gathered secretly in the town of Bois-Caiman for Voodoo religious rites. It is said that his aim was to deal with the devil — Haitians gave him his soul, and the prince of darkness helped them find freedom. And then, Haitians went to cut their white masters. And we do not rest until they cut all.
Curse of the island first manifested itself in the fact that, having expelled the white colonizers, Haitians have never not been able to find happiness under the control of his black rulers.
Especially tragic period of time called the father and son Duvalier's reign in the second half of the XX century. And then the curse embodied in a terrible earthquake in 2010. Port-au-Prince in ruins, among which hosted marauding gangs. Survivors ran wild in his eyes, entering into a fight for bread and water, which was not enough. The police, too, forgot about humanity, she shot looters without trial.
However, looting — not the only problem of Haiti. Representatives of organized crime began to steal from orphans and hospitals to sell their organs. But the worst comes, if the prediction will come true voodoo sorcerers — dead, buried without religious rites, will rise from the mass graves, and the zombies flooded Port-au-Prince.

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