Since ancient times, it noticed that the death penalty is often accompanied by mysterious mystical phenomena. Statistics related to the execution of sentences, literally full of fateful coincidences and a tragic fluke. Sometimes someone suddenly sentenced remained alive, and those who are pardoned, on the contrary, you still die. Why is it so — is unclear, but the facts speak for themselves.
100 years of parricide
Here are some of the most famous mystical coincidences.
In 1911, in the town of Grinberri Hill near London condemned and hanged three-accomplices of murderers. Their names were Green, Berry and Hill.
Something similar happened in 1952 in Louisiana (USA). Executed criminals with the names of Steele Road and Place assassinated outside Stilroud Place.
February 13, 1846 in Tarbes (France) for parricide executed a man named Jean Marie Dubarry. Later, local officials have found that its direct ancestor of the same name, Jean Marie Dubarry was executed for exactly the same crime — and also on February 13th! Only 100 years before — in 1746-m.
A curious love story of American Evelyn Mittelmen. Her lovers were always gangsters. And each subsequent killing of the former darling. This happened four times. Fifth lover, Harry Strousa for numerous crimes were sentenced to death. On the day of execution of the sentence he was allowed a meeting with Evelyn. After him Strous returned to the camera and there suddenly fell off his chair, smashing his head to death on the concrete floor.
The number
The death penalty is inseparably linked unlucky number 13 — perhaps because, according to the biblical story, Cain killed his brother Abel in the 13th day of the lunar month.
It has already been noted that the execution of the two Frenchmen named Jean Marie Dubarry occurred on February 13, 1746 and 1846 respectively.
July 13, 1826 held the first sentence in respect of five of the Decembrists. Unhappy number clearly played a role in carrying out executions. Three of the five ropes were cut off, but the penalty is completed.
December 13, 2005 in California (USA) executed Stanley Williams — a murderer and robber, who was waiting on death row for nearly 25 years.
Stanley Williams
In prison, he repented of his crimes began writing children's books and went down in history as the only nominee for the Nobel Prize, who was sentenced to death.
But most surprising was the role of the number 13 in the execution of an American serial killer Crawford Goldsbi held in Arkansas in 1893. He was tried for the murder of 13 people. The arrest of the offender was made on 13 February.
At trial, the case was heard 13 hours, evidence was given 13 witnesses. The sentence was carried out 13 days after the announcement. The ladder to the gallows consisted of 13 stages, and the criminal death was 13 hours 13 minutes.
He wanted to be born a tree
Since executions related and other numerical coincidences — for example, the date of March 15th. For some reason on that day we had a large number of executions.
It held a secret execution of Ibrahim Pasha on the orders of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, March 15, 1536 (he was strangled after dinner with the sultan).
March 15, 1718 in Moscow the first mass executions took place, which lasted more than three hours on the Red Square, Peter I ordered to present to them his son, Alex.
March 15, 1938 resulted in the execution of the sentence in the case of Bukharin and Rykov, accused of spying and called enemies of the people.
On the same day, March 15, 1938, shot Henry Yagoda, the former head of the NKVD — also on charges of collaboration with foreign intelligence.
March 15, 1988 in Florida (USA) as a result of a miscarriage of justice was executed by Willie Darden, who, despite his alibi, was convicted for the death of three people. The real killer was arrested two weeks later.
March 15, 1990 the first in Iraq hanged for espionage British journalist of Iranian origin, a reporter for the magazine «The Observer» Farzad Bazofta.
And one more tragic event, which took effect on that date: March 15, 1963 for the kidnapping and murder of American Victor Fegueru lethal injection was introduced. His last meal was the only olive — he swallowed it with a stone, to be born into a new life tree.
Every bullet has its billet
It happens that the car overtakes sentenced at a time when it would seem, the worst is behind us. As if fate itself does everything that the offender caught up with a fair punishment.
Lawrence Baker in Florida in 1996 for a double murder was sentenced to death in the electric chair. The sentence had to perform on Christmas Eve — but in honor of the state governor pardoned criminal.
The prison authorities allowed him to watch television using headphones so as not to interfere with other prisoners. January 1 at the substation voltage suddenly jumped. Baker was killed discharge current passing through the headphones.
In the early 2000s in Texas, he was sentenced to death the murderer Ronnie Blackwill. State Governor's wife persuaded the wife to show compassion. Penalty Day coincided with the day of her birth — and six in the morning she said her husband, that the best gift is a signature on a document of pardon. The governor agreed and signed the necessary documents.
But a call or send an e-mail to the prison where he was kept Blackwill failed: hurricane cut power and telephone lines, mobile phones are also not working last night. One of the aides of the governor volunteered to go to the execution site, but due to the fog in the beginning of the road crashed the car. I had to send another servant — but of the road to grab an upset stomach, which is why he lost time. In addition, before the prison in his car ran out of petrol.
Assistant Governor rushed to run. Before the execution, scheduled for eight hours, three minutes left. But it turned out that the letter remained in addition to the official, who crashed the car. The warden did not dare to take responsibility, without an official document, and the sentence was executed.
Survive the death
Similarly, the forces of nature interfered with carrying out executions — but for the fact that it did not take place.
In 1724 in Edinburgh (England) for the murder of her child hanged Maggie Dixon. The family was able to persuade the executioner and took the lifeless body. He was put in a coffin and carried to bury in the local cemetery. Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the coffin.
Relatives, overcoming fear, lifted the lid — the woman was alive. Since the penalty was held according to the rules, it is not repeated. Maggie lived another 40 years, but in Edinburgh there is still a tavern, named in her honor.
In Australia in 1872, a killer nicknamed The man Francis escaped punishment thanks to a series of amazing coincidences. First, the execution was detained for a few hours to her could attend the sheriff busy chores.
During this time the rain has passed, and the rope is wet. It is dried over a fire — with the result that it has ceased to slide. When the executioner knocked out from under the support of Francis, he hung in a loop — but that is not compressed. Three minutes later, the culprit pulled on his hands, pulled his head out of the loop and jumped down. As a result, the penalty was commuted to life imprisonment.
The American Romelu Broome in 2009, a court in Lukasvil (Ohio), was sentenced to death for kidnapping and murder. Doctors for two hours trying to find at Bruma suitable vein for the injections — and finally declared that they could not guarantee the humane action of the drug. The death penalty is first postponed, and later, under public pressure, commuted to life imprisonment.
Runner without a head
In the history of executions are cases when after the execution of the condemned body made any movement or talking.
Archive of Tomsk province gendarmerie custody of the documents of an event that occurred at the end of the XIX century, when the jury sentenced him to be hanged murderer of his wife and three young children.
Once taken out of the loop was executed, the doctor leaned over the body to ascertain death. But the «corpse» suddenly grabbed the doctor by the throat — and only then finally lost his life. Police were unable to pry the frozen hands, as a result of the doctor died of suffocation.
A similar case was documented in medieval Germany. Noble Dietz von Shaunburga and four of his companions, rebels against the King of Bavaria, was sentenced to beheading. The execution took place in the presence of the monarch. Background Shaunburg turned to him with a request to the latter, if he has no head, will be able to run past the other condemned, they are pardoned. King agreed.
The distance between the prisoners was eight steps. The decapitated body Dietz von Shaunburga made 32 steps — and only then collapsed to the ground. Shocked by the monarch kept his promise.
Picture Dreaming
And another amazing mystical coincidence, which is relevant to the topic. It concerns the famous painting by Vasily Surikov «Morning Streltsy penalty». As is known, the musketeers in 1698 executed on the scaffold and the gallows. Surikov on canvas gallows.
The painting was first shown to the public March 1, 1881. This day took an attempt on the Emperor Alexander II, which led to the death of the Emperor. Organizers and performers of terrorist attacks was sentenced to be hanged.
What caused these mysterious coincidences? Right on this issue, perhaps, no one will answer. Perhaps executions interfere with some unknown to us natural forces — natural or even reasonable. And yet we can only record the facts and make sure their amazing nature.

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