Dedication magical spellcaster or witch. Initiation.

dedication spellcaster witch initiatiomInitiation spellcaster or Witch — moment awareness of reality of magic and its first successful application. She is spontaneous and intentional.

Spontaneous initiation occurs very rarely, usually in some extreme situations talented witches and sorcerers. Often it occurs when a serious head injury, concussion and severe head injuries.
Also spontaneous initiation can occur at the site of force. This is the place where concentrated magical energy. Church altars of the ancient gods and just strange places.

Intentional initiation occurs after sexual contact with a partner with a great magical power. To initiate compulsory employment in the usual vaginal sex and oral desirable. When you initiate a woman is on top. It should initiate their own men, and copulation. Man shows no activity. He seems to be a bystander. Before initiating certainly one of the partners must see a prophetic dream, to understand where and how it should be.

Black witch can be initiated by drinking the blood of the magician or the other witches. At the initiation of voluntary blood usually a few witches or sorcerers poured in one vessel, there is mixed and then drunk together. Abilities obtained after initiation remain forever. At initiation expended from 6 to 12 hours. It is necessary to have sex three times, reading in front of him, and after each time a special spell. The main objective of spells — to convince the witch that she is a witch.

Black witch swears and demands that she obeyed the new forces. White witch turns to God. Gray witch asks forces to obey. Words do not play a big role, the main meaning. All should be perceived very seriously, but the humor perception of the situation is quite acceptable. The timing of plays very important role. It is better to spend the initiation night, but you can afternoon. Additional rituals are desirable but not mandatory.

Some magicians beyond classification can initiate Woman having undeveloped potential ability to simply touching the girl's spine with his right hand. 3 times better, but one is enough. It can immediately be higher witch. Less than one day it will reach the maximum of their capabilities. She will experience a state of euphoria from the unusually high energy. But, having no experience of managing such flows of energy, the newly formed witch can harm themselves and others. An urgent need to establish a connection and start her training in the use of magic.

Powerful magician can initiates a normal witch.
Higher Magician can initiate a powerful witch.
Mage is the highest categories may initsiiirovat witch.

Just initiates witch immediately attracts the attention of the powers. For influence in her struggle begins. For influence on the higher witch this fight takes place at the level of the gods and their helpers.

Some magicians have the ability to initiate communication with no physical contact. With long-term contact with them via the internet or phone companion magical abilities increase. This happens all the time. The stronger the magician — the sooner it happens. When communicating in real physical contact and the ability to grow very quickly. Interviewees should be warned about this.

What does the magical connection initiates young witch recently:
-usilenie own abilities (1 link layer);
-Getting information about the location of various objects (1 link layer);
-New abilities (with 2 levels of communication);
-Additional energy (with 2 levels of communication);
-Additional protection (with 2 levels of communication);
-Getting information on the use of magical powers (with Level 3 Communications) (depending on the level of communication and quantity of the increasingly complex and energy-consuming);
-of impending danger (with 3 levels of communication);
— All the necessary information that is not related  with magic (with 3 levels of communication).

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