Doctors confirmed the strong influence of the full moon on the people

For thousands of years, people believed that the full moon has magical powers: according to legend, it was a full moon intensified vampires, werewolves and witches.
Today, the approach of the full moon makes people do not wear too many ornaments and amulets to remember the words of prayer, but the lunar calendar, prompting the best time for surgery or cosmetic masks are still popular.
Such faith, based on the change of the phase of the moon, causing skeptics only smirk. However, the statement of American surgeons, which was made last week, suggests that the full moon does have an effect on the human body.
Doctors noticed that the death rate among people who have had heart surgery during or immediately after the full moon, much lower.
«We found that the chances of a quick recovery were significantly higher in those patients who underwent surgery as soon as the moon was waning. Also, we found that the Moon reduces the length of stay of patients in the hospital,» — says cardiac surgeon Frank Sellke (Frank Sellke).
Reports of American doctors confirmed his words: indeed, people who have had surgery during the full moon, in the hospital for an average of ten days, but the patients who underwent surgery in the other phases of the lunar cycle was carried out in the hospital for about 14 days.
This kind of lunar influence, known as «the effect of Transylvania» (Transylvania effect), has long attracted the attention of medical experts, and encourages them to carry out a thorough study of the nature of this phenomenon.
So, the doctors of the Central Hospital of Augsburg, Germany, analyzed the medical history of 16,000 cores, and found that the number of heart attacks is significantly reduced within three days after the new moon.
Some experts believe that such changes may be caused by the gravitational pull of the moon affects the function of the heart and the flow of fluids in the body. In support of this theory are the results of research by British urologists, according to which the full moon increases the number of patients with renal colic.
However, the moon does not only affect the function of the cardiovascular and urinary systems, but also in the brain: Dutch researchers have found that cases of emergency hospitalization of mentally ill have increased during periods of full moon.

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