Dreams about sex! Succubus and incubus - visitors from another world!

Quite often I am asked about the unexplained strange dreams. These dreams are frightening, surprising and injected into question the people who dream such dreams.
What is in these dreams a person scares, misleading or confusing? All these dreams are sexy color. When a person falls asleep, he plunges into the wonderful world of sleep. In his dreams, a person experiences a variety of amazing adventures, such that in real life can be seen only in science fiction films.
It can be fun and easy dreams, and dreams can be, which is filled with human fear and terror. Even when a person wakes up and comes out of sleep such dreams are remembered and have a certain amount of pressure on the person, for some time he has been impressed by this dream.
I now want to talk about dreams in which a man dreams that he is engaged in flirtation, or even immediately enter into an intimate relationship with different people! This can be a person familiar people, and may be completely unknown person.
If you are a married woman dreaming dreams, which everyone in the family well. She loves her husband, but during the night she has sex with people who are familiar with it or do not know. And in real life it is this myself, of course, would never have made it possible! And then during sleep she does freely and easily. And during sleep she experiences the pleasure of such a relationship, it is very good and nice.
But when she wakes up she becomes very frustrating and difficult. A woman is experiencing discomfort and guilt before their loved one or husband. She can not understand why her dream such dreams. Sexually she kind of does not lack or dissatisfaction, and in the dream with pleasure and delight to have sex with strange men.
One would assume that in a dream realized a man of his subconscious or conscious dreams and desires. That during sleep is compensated what is lacking in real life a man or woman. But as a rule, it is not so!
From ancient times, people know the truth about these dreams. During sleep, when a person knowingly has no control over their actions and not protected, come to him with the spirit of the world hungry ghosts. These entities even have names. For women come incubus. For men succubi. These entities come to feed on human sexual energy! This strong energy, reproductive energy, life energy, which is released in man during lovemaking.
And if in real life, when people are engaged in «love» with each other, there is a normal energy exchange between a man and a woman, there are even special tantric practices that allow consciously control the redistribution of these powerful energies. Such a relationship between people who love each other certainly favorable.
And what happens when a man in a dream comes in the guise of the essence more familiar people, it does not matter. And he starts to provoke the man on sex. And, as a rule, in a dream, when the process is not consciously controlled, the man does not refuse such a relationship, and support them. That's the kind of relationship there is no, mutually beneficial power exchange.
During such a relationship is consumed, the fence of vital energy in man. Yes in a dream is very nice and good. That these energies and feeds the one entity that specifically stimulates them, seducing a man in a dream.
After such dreams a person lost a huge amount of vital energy. This kind of energy vampirism and the donor is a person. You can give up and say — it's just a dream. Moreover, as a rule, rather pleasant dream. But this is misleading.
If such dreams dreams periodically, people losing energy, begins to experience in real life drawback that is reflected in the state of health, relationships with partners, and deeds. So that such seemingly innocuous dreams, actually serve as food for energy parasites!
So who dream such dreams regularly, we suggest you contact for help. Specialist — parapsychologist will help get rid of these uninvited guests. In fact, this is important. It is important to save your energy, instead of wasting it, not only during waking hours, but during sleep. This will have consequences!

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