Egyptian magic. Egyptian spells and Egyptian witchcraft

egyprian spells egyptian magic witchcraftIt is known that Egyptian magic does not exist in parallel with an official religion, or to be precise, the Egyptian magic and became the state religion. The rare case where the secret knowledge or knowledge for the elite, which is essentially a magic that was in «the public domain». Carriers of magic in Egypt were the priests, the Pharaoh and his family, but with this, the magic was available and easy to Egyptians, and they used it, almost every day.
The origin of magic as unique — Egyptian magic was given the Egyptian supreme goddess Isis, for all those who believe in it, live, and good health. And she herself, according to various myths, walked the earth, healed people, helping them to their knowledge, and ability to pass on that knowledge to people.
Egyptian Witchcraft spells
 Other features of this magic should include the fact that just as concerned with their own magic, the Egyptian priests were scientists. Chemistry, medicine, mathematics and astronomy, but also agriculture and land reclamation, in these sciences have been achieved the most success. The Egyptians were the first, long before the advent of Christianity, who believed in the power of words. Whether it is spoken in the spell, or in everyday life, in communication, the power of words is not lost.
 In addition, the Egyptians believed that the world, the earth, air, water, underground world filled with small, invisible creatures, some of which are favorably configured for people, and the other part — no, everything depended on the natural phenomena to which these creatures are treated. The task of magic, including, was so affected by these creatures, so they do not cause harm — that is a feature of Egyptian magic spells. When the other magical teachings and beliefs task was — to force a person, such that he could overcome any natural phenomenon or to perform the feat, this magic worked on by the phenomenon, in order to take control.
Egyptian Magic spells  to solve two major problems. First — the good living and the dead, the second problem — injury to those against whom it is applied. Implemented both problems by conspiracies, amulets and ceremonies. It must be said that the ancient Egyptians were the highest excellence in the manufacture of amulets. There were a great many charms, for a wide variety of tasks, but their production was strictly regulated, they could not be any other form, or carry other image than what it was prescribed. There are two main types of amulets, were on one line, the other not. Amulets with inscriptions considered stronger, more power to them gave «words of power» inscribed on it.
Also, in the course of the Egyptians beat various figures depicting people, animals and objects, it was believed that a figure between a human or animal there is a relationship, and if the harm figure, it will certainly reflect on the person, this figure represented a. And if the person remained in the hands of a figure, and the man, whom she represented, has died, it can help to have contact with the deceased.

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