Energy used of things: why dangerous second-hand shops

second hand shopEach of us has a favorite thing — watch, clothes, a toy, anything. Perhaps, just to part with them, no one would have wanted to. But sometimes, for example, that the sweater became too small or tired, and then it goes into the use of someone else. Nothing abnormal in this, but there are oddities associated with the new owners of my old clothes.
Energy things
Sometimes items of clothing, favourite toys and purses retain the energy of the previous owner, which can hold on to them long enough. To approve Haguenau sneznaya Fatima, the winner of season 13 of «the battle of psychics», it depends on how much of the thing people loved how long it was worn, in which event this thing was. The more time it belonged to its previous owner, remains the stronger the astral trail.
In human life there may be many different events. Funerals, illness, separation, bankruptcy evoke negative emotions, the person is in bad condition. It's transmitted things. They remember the mood of their owner and the crowd. So the superstition that the cemetery or anything, you cannot bring home, has a perfectly understandable explanation.
However, positive emotions also accumulate. Students often wear the clothes in which for the previous examination I was fine and again successfully pass even complex subjects. Passing thing with your past, you can help the new owner to attract good luck, getting rid of illness or in a love relationship. The energy of his master can be charged not only wardrobe items, but absolutely any subject, with whom he has frequent contact.
Negative energy wearing things
Illness, lack of money and the quarrels in the family can be any strange thing. Quite often the story of how suddenly and seemingly for no reason start unexplained ailments, a healthy person suddenly can't get out of bed. And then it turns out that he wears the jacket of a deceased person, acquired through second-hand.
The article of clothing as if turning to his former owner, and there also lured its new owner. Therefore, considered to be the second-hand can actually cause damage to the biofield. As, however, and is just the thing, taken from friends or relatives.
Terrible in the transfer of energy even negative nothing. Enjoy this little, but psychics and esoteric claim that from the bad influences negatively charged object can be eliminated. It is enough to wash or wash the item or clothes which you feel attracted to the house of trouble. Water purifies from all evil, allowing to accumulate new emotions and impulses in positive before negatively charged thing.

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