Feng Shui for money

Above the door of his house the Danish physicist Niels Bohr hung a horseshoe, which supposedly brings good luck. Seeing a horseshoe, one of the guests asked Bora with surprise: «Do you, a great scientist, believe that a horseshoe brings good luck? '. „No, — said Bor — of course, do not. But, they say, it brings happiness, even those who does not believe it. “
The ancient Chinese sages argued that the meaning of human existence consists in the enjoyment of life, and how we called and cursed my life, she is beautiful in all its imperfections. Only we can organize your life in such a way to be happy. For this there is the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, which can bring happiness, abundance and satisfaction in our home, allowed to live in harmony with each other and all that surrounds us. Now we are increasingly faced with the manifestations of the science around us, the Europeans, the world. At the entrance to the store, beauty salon, bank, restaurant rang the bell of the tubes (called „Singing Winds“), or you can see a small mirror, framed trigrams, which are intended to drive away evil spirits.
But not always enough mirrors or bells. In life there is also a kind of Slavic Feng Shui — the unwritten rules that have built houses and churches. In every Russian house had a „red“ corner, which houses the icon, it is the most distant corner, located diagonally across from the front door. In Feng Shui it is called the „angle of force.“
»Feng" in Chinese means «wind» and «shui» — «water.» Chinese believed that wind and water the two main components of earthly existence. From this and went conviction that the compound of wind and water man gets life energy.
Secret number one is to keep in the house only those things that we always use!
Walls, floors, furniture and other items in the house to keep yourself energy before the events. Negative or recurring events «settle» in the premises and affect its tenants. Heaps of things are an impediment to a favorable flow of energy, and after cleaning the negative energy is rapidly disappearing not only from our home, but also of life.
It is believed that exposure to depressed people often tend to keep stuff on the lower level of the home. If all the space of the house littered, it prevents new things and events to get into your life. To create a prosperous tomorrow, get rid of the past. Probably, everyone familiar with the desire to do something unusual, which often occurs after cleaning the house. Heaps of things in the attic, attic restrict our progress, aspirations and opportunities. This creates the false limitations.
Secret number 2: Determine the area. Zone financial health in any room is South East. Activating this sector flats, you will attract money flows. At this point it is best to place the fountain bubbling aquarium with goldfish, or simply a container of clean water. You can also hang on the wall with a picture of a beautiful lake, the sea surface or a small waterfall. Awakening wood energy south-eastern region also contribute to indoor plants, especially succulents, money tree. Recommended to make that corner in a green or blue color.
Secret number 3 — symbols and mascots. They harmonize the space, protect and attract money into your home. The main symbol of money in feng shui is water. Needed to raise money is to put in our living space water symbols.
Aquarium with goldfish
An aquarium with 9 gold fish — a necessary part of the interior for those who want to get rich. It is believed that if one of the fish will be black in color, it will absorb all hanging over your troubles. The aquarium should also always splatter water, since it is the movement of water pref l ekaet your house blessed energy. Do not place the tank in front of the front door — the wealth will «leak» out.
Chinese coins
Round Chinese coin with a hole in the middle — the famous symbol of wealth and prosperity. Three coins tied with red ribbon, put in a purse or under the doormat. Six tied with gold ribbon coin destroy the influence of negative energies, bringing strife and disease. Also nice to put them in a home aquarium or fountain. There is a tradition for the material well-being — to scatter uglammelkie coins.
Three-toed toad
Three-toed toad — a symbol of wealth retention. Surely you've seen the mascot holding a coin in the mouth three-toed frog, which sits on the coins or gems. A monk's cap on her head says about spiritual wealth. Once in your home, this talisman will not allow wealth to disappear. Need to «have» a toad in the north or the south-eastern sector back to the entrance. There is an ancient legend that tridactyl toad was angry and very greedy. Buddha caught it and decided that it should continue to help people. And in order to rid it of excessive greed, forced to bring people money. Then Toad began to appear in the evenings in the homes and spit gold coins.
Money Tree
Money Tree is responsible for your family budget. The tree grows and develops, and the leaves on it — a symbol of coins. Preferably under the pot to put three Chinese coins wrapped in red paper and tied with a red ribbon.
Owl figurine
Next to the money tree would be nice to post a picture or statue of the Owl — wise bird that will protect your money from the reckless spending and unsustainable investments.
Money signs
1. You can put money tree, make sure the leaves green.
2. In the house have to be a piggy bank.
3. Broom keep inverted pen down.
4. Keep money in a beautiful gift box. Stack notes as follows: at the bottom of the smallest, the largest at the top.
5. Be sure to use a red purse.
Treat money with respect, learn to keep them and count. Customize yourself and your apartment on receipt. After all wealth comes only to those who are willing to accept it!


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