For casting love spells need a photo

Photos for the spell must be lovedFew people know that the photo shot contains girls of the human energy that is depicted on it. In fact — it is a phantom. A part of human emotion. That is why bewitch the photo, you can ask the Guardian Angel to protect human and vice versa — casting the curse or remove very simple. The photo should be no more than five years ago. Otherwise, the energy field is not enough to have its influence on the guy (girl) in the photo.


If a girl wants to bewitch Man alone on the photo, which she preserved, and the young man is in a different city, then it will succeed with a strong desire, but not immediately. Love spell consists of several stages. First come the thoughts and dreams, after the desire to see that maybe the guy will drive away from you. And after that, the subconscious mind will give an idea of the meeting. It will be some — the reason for the call, a chance encounter or an urgent matter, about which you will be asked, but, as a rule, in it you will not participate.
Love spells i need photo Man and your photos. It is necessary to select those images that, if you put side by side, will represent you otvёrnutymi apart. Acquire new light fabric and three red candles. For love spells need a red rose, rose oil or fresh petals of roses from the wedding.
On the growing moon to make the hands of white cloth envelope. Light three red candles and arrange them in a triangle. Sprinkled inside the triangle Rose aslom place or put the flower so that the bud looked at the central triangle candle. On either side of the roses put your photos with otvёrnutymi apart faces and read the spell:
«As the sun rises, as the river flows along the coast. As the day changes the night, as the seasons follow each other constantly, so he (his name) without me (name) ever live and love can not. Will we ever together at all times, to all life that is given to us. Amen»
Connect the pictures faces inward. So it turns out that your faces looking at each other, and will now be looking forever. In the photo, leave a flower or rose petals. If not, tie a red ribbon picture and hide in the white envelope fabric. White envelope polozhte the very sanctuary place, but not buried in the ground, and then run the risk of incurring trouble for themselves and for their own guy.

IF YOU HAVE PHOTO where your guy and his ex-girlfriend or a crowd of friends?

For love spells person in the photo must be one
If you have only a photo where your guy is not one, and even with his former girlfriend, it is better to cut his face from the crowd. If the man in the photo is a woman, love spell will work on it and not on you. If you are in the hands of a group photo, the magic simply does not work, the people scattered around on the photo by drop and the solution to the universal resonance of requests.


If you could only find an old photo of a Man, which for more than five years. All you can do is to take it with them under your pillow at night. 9 nights sleeping with these photos, reading a spell:
«Let them at all times to protect your Guardian Angel and my love.»
The words should be pronounced with kindness and love, but those words do not work nor the one who crowned or has really loves another woman.

HOW LONG AFTER RELATIONS hold on love spells?

Love spell on the photo is not eternal. The term of not more than five years. Then it begins to fade from the picture information memory and the magic begins to wane. If you have used love magic photo at home to accelerate the wedding certificate or common sense, there is nothing wrong with the disappearance of the conspiracy. Most of the men of this period, go through all stages of love and passion, and get used to his woman, as a native person. Repeat love spell will be three years peosle five years (8-10 years after the first spell), the body must be renewed completely otherwise you will bring trouble to her husband.
A love spells can not get?
It often happens that love privoot the guy from the photo at a distance simply does not work. It has plenty of reasons for this:
His bewitch someone did before you. you are ahead;
He has a real genuine love;
He is a strong talisman;
Your thoughts are not pure, and turned to revenge, not love;
Love can not be and the guy did not feel anything for you, which could ignite the passion with the help of love spell on photos.
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