Gifts that can not be present on Valentine's Day

 February 14th the world will celebrate Valentine's Day. This is a great holiday, which symbolizes good convergence and warmth. Almost all the love in this time give each other gifts. However, there are the presents, which, instead of joy can bring disappointment.

Gifts that can not give men

Ladies are often much harder to surprise your loved ones, because men have much range of interests. Of course, there is the person who will arrange any gifts, but because the majority of the male loves sensible gifts that have some practical benefit.
Apart from the usual socks and shampoo as happened to joke on the topic of women's gifts, it is not necessary to give your man what he did not need in functional terms. For example, do not need a man photo frame that he can buy with such need. You can not give the man's underwear — especially if you are not so close.
Also, do not present things in which you do not understand. It is easily possible to carry any electronics and tools. Independent selection of gifts you made at random is likely to disappoint your lover. It is better to trust or to himself or to ask specifically — that he wants to get the 14 of February. But then a surprise, of course, will not work.
Not the best solution will be a joint photograph, as well as a variety of toys. This applies to all toys, even male. Planes and helicopters with cars on the radio — it's something that an adult male of time, most likely, will not. Remember that for men is important functionality.

Gifts that can not give the girls

Men are important to remember that a woman needs attention. That is why so often they appreciate not only useful items, but also something beautiful that glitters and shimmers in different colors. You do not surprise your lady book (of course, if it is not an avid reader, conducting round the clock for reading). On the other hand, if you know about her hobbies and hobbies — do not bypass this time round. So you show how much you care about their interests.
Women set for this romantic holiday, so any gift should mean something pleasant, warm and sensual. Go to the black list can add things to the house — it's utensils, pots, spoons, forks, blenders and other electronics. The exception may be a cup with the inscription «I love you» or «the most beautiful girl.»
Girls in this day waiting for attention, so the most important thing — it is a gift of its beauty and romance. Do not skimp on nice wrapper; even if the inside is something strictly functional design on the theme of Valentine's Day will still be welcome. Do not give gifts to women that do not have emotions.
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