Horoscopes for animals

&In Glasgow, Scotland, recently appeared unusual astrological services to which are pets.&&Animals affected by the stars in the same way as that of their mastersThe company has created a local resident Fiona Celeste and the basis of its activity is the development of personal horoscopes for cats and dogs from Glasgow.&According to most of Fiona, to create such a service for animals made her love for astrology and animals. Also, she says that animals susceptible to the stars in the same way as that of their hosts, but because they just need to know their future.&For example, those animals that were born under the sign of the twins, love to travel and have an active lifestyle, and a dog, who is the patron of the Scorpion, are just great guards.&Order horoscope their students can not only from Scotland, but of the whole world, because Miss Celeste provides services and via the Internet.&All you need to obtain your personal horoscope of your pet — this is due to the astrologer, to pay £ 20 and send it to the e-mail data on the production pet.

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