HOW cast love spells to girl. CHOICE OF SUITABLE SPELL

There is an opinion that love spells and magic are a purely feminine occupation. But this is only an opinion and it only exists, in fact, men are also often used to magical rituals, like women.
The greatest popularity is enjoyed by the love spell of the girl.
Men also want to be loved… If you are among those who are unrequitedly in love, I will tell you how to make the girl change her anger to mercy, indifference to interest, and hatred of love.

5 PRACTICAL TIPS how to make a love spells girl

1. Doing a ritual at home, you must carefully prepare for the ritual and observe all the conditions, only in this case you can count on an effective result.
2. For the love spell to be safe for your loved one, use the rituals of white magic. It's easy to distinguish from black magic in the text, in which you will not find the words that a girl should die without you, wither, dry out.
3. Ritual love spell should be done on the growing moon, so that your girl's feelings grow with the moon.
4. Effectiveness is often directly related to the chosen ritual, so you have a reason to choose the most suitable love story, having studied at least a dozen love spells.
5. Do not use cemetery love privoroty. In inexperienced hands, death becomes very dangerous, both for the object and for the author.


The most mild and quite effective are energy love love spells and village magic. Neither the first nor the second do not require special knowledge and specific equipment. The most simple and popular love spells on photos and love with personal things. In addition — very effective.
The main thing is, after you perform the ritual, do not sit and wait for alms from nature. Take Action! Take the initiative! Fall in the eyes! Face in public places nose to nose. You are in common companies or in some places. As the saying goes: «Under a recumbent stone — water does not flow.» So the girl herself will not come to you, because her feelings should wake up, and for this she must be awakened. And you have to do it.
To begin with, it will be enough just to be in her sight, so that your image is imprinted in her subconscious, which you have already processed. Consequently, in the near future it identifies you as a potential loved one.


This is a very strong love spell. It is read at midnight, four times, one time on each side of the world. Before you begin the ritual, you should take a shower and put on clean clothes. It is better to learn spelling words by heart. If for some reason you can not do this — rewrite them on the sheet. The printed text does not fit!
So, picking up the photo of the girl, turn to the left and say:
«On our lands, the ardent prince drained the seas, rivers, streams, so you would have dried (name) for me (name) so that I could not live without it and live in 70 joints in 77 veins. In the open field a black falcon. I tell him to fly into the field, into the dark forests, into the blue sea, to the high mountains, and ask the prince to give him the strength to get to my girl. Sit on her breasts, on the heart, on the hot liver and put the girl (name) in love with me (name), without which she could not live, eat, drink. Amen, Amen, Amen. „
With the same words, turn to the right. And so on all four directions of the world. When you read the zalilanie, think about the girl. Try to imagine the girl as clearly as possible, even to feel her smell and warmth.


This love spell is easier than the first, but for him, again, you need to have a photo, and this should be a portrait. Put the photo on the floor, stand on it with a heel and say three times:
“How my heel (name) strongly presses, so your heart will be hard for you, so that it draws you to me, to me (name). Amen».
This love spell girl should be repeated for three days in a row.
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