How do I know that I - spellcaster, magician or clairvoyant?

Manifestations of magical gift very much. And if the obvious signs:
levitation, telekinesis, teleportation is more or less clear, but there are not obvious signs of magical abilities:

Please note if:

-You Constantly carries
-When Approaching the electronic devices they or begin to fail, or, conversely, begin to work better and it happens all the time.
-You often dream prophetic dreams
-You chustvuete feelings of others
-You can treat hands
-You constantly react to danger before it occurs
-You know in advance about the majority of events
-on you react strange animals
-Do you change eye color
-Your eyes glow in the dark
-The people who make you feel bad, always something to be punished
-on the black and white photos have a strange pupils or more
-You Body strange signs, symbols, moles
-Your grandmother or you often referred to as a witch
-Country legend of your family
-When you walk down the street, the lights will go out first, and then light up again
-You need to be sure the door was closed and annoys you open the door. Either the door was always open and you are irritated by the closed door.
-Some say it comes from your hands a strange warmth
-When you get closer to a working radio or TV, then there are active interference
-you feel whether the electronic device

This means that you have a magical gift.

Of course, that your power has grown, it is necessary learning. If you suddenly feel a strange energy going for you, then fix the direction, change your location and direction of the lock again. So you calculate the source. The signal can be felt at a distance of several kilometers, if the source of magical energy is strong enough. Usually in the crowd so you can identify people with magic gift.

Just other people can detect the presence of a gift, if you bring the arm to the area of the coccyx. You will feel a strange warmth. Heat can be felt in the genital area, but it is weaker.

Out of the house or apartment where he lives powerful magician or witch disappear cockroaches, but there are spiders. Cockroaches are very sensitive to strong manifestations of magic in any form

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