How is it treated in Tibet?

The human body — it is a single unit. If the sick one body, so there are infringements across complex multi-level system. Based on this principle and formed the whole teaching of Tibetan medicine.

People starting treatment, a Tibetan doctor first examines the state of the entire body. He pays attention to all of life's concrete manifestations of the human body:

 Internal manifestations:

• The state of energy;

• The external manifestations of the disease: the state of the skin, eyes, tongue.

• The presence of pain in the spinal column (depending on the point of the pain is determined by the defeat of a body);

• Diagnosis of heart;

• The results of the analysis of urine;

 Look For:

• Life in general and in every season of the year alone;

• Features of residence;

• Compliance with the principles of full and proper nutrition;

• Mood and ways to communicate with the environment;

• astrological influences.

Based on this information Tibetan medicine can draw some conclusions about the state of the human body and designate specific treatments that are best suited to achieve the best result.

Doctors in Tibet believe that diseases are not only due to the defeat of any one of the physical body, as well as due to the imbalance of the human spirit. According to the teachings of Tibetan medicine, if the main body of the vital principle — Wind, Bile and Phlegm — out of balance, then a disease.

And each of these vital principle is responsible for a system of the human body:

The nervous system is subject to the Wind. He has full control physical health — blood circulation, physical strength, energy body, sense organs.

 In the digestive system is responsible Bile. Her balance is the key to healthy and beautiful color, correct heat transfer and emotional spirit of man.

 lymphatic and endocrine system regulates mucus. It stabilizes and balances the mind, gives spiritual and physical strength, responsible for getting the nutrients and energy, protects the joints and ligaments.

If a person maintains a balance of all three life began, a clinic he just never needed.

In the history of the fact that, talking about the fact that the principles of Tibetan medicine came to Russia in the middle of the XIX century. Then, in the State of typhoid fever epidemic was raging. Then, for the case took Buryat medicine man, who used traditional recipes and destroyed all signs of a terrible disease in just 20 days. Due to this case, the medicine man was presented to Tsar Alexander II and his permission was opened in St. Petersburg pharmacy Tibetan medicines. Unfortunately, treatments that promoted this medicine man, was poorly received by traditional medicine and centuries-old experience of Tibetan doctors are not widely used.

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