How to a become Psychic and use these abilities.

Developing clairvoyance: THEORY AND PRACTICE
Everyone has the power. that lies dormant in one person, while the second man is manifested at birth. In addition, there is a practice of clairvoyance development for those who really want it. You need to think very well this step, because the ability to see through time — it will change your life. If you are ready — go ahead.
training system is not complicated, but you need a lot of time. Activate your strength, ability to develop nb — it's not fast. The practice is aimed at activation of certain areas of the brain that we use in everyday life are not.
Previously, people could do it without thinking, but in the process of evolution have lost this ability. There are even a mantra for the development of clairvoyance, which came to us from ancient India.
WHO IS Psychic — in fact?
If you ask, who are clairvoyant and what it is, then the simple answer:
«Type of extrasensory perception, the alleged person's ability to receive information about events of the past and the future.»
This means that the source of knowledge is not established, it can be anything you want. Scientists can not yet say exactly where the seers take this knowledge about the world. Many clairvoyants claim that all the information obtained by his assistants — Angels or demons. They whisper all that psychic wants to know.
If it was an official confirmation, the clairvoyance would cease to be so mysterious and attractive phenomenon.
Many people psychics cause fear, because they can look into the most hidden corners of the soul. Today is a very popular TV show «America’s Psychic Challenge». Many people are scared, but I want to. I want to be like these amazing people. It is particularly important that each of us sooner or later myself surprised by making discoveries about yourself:
— guessing the phone calls and messages.
— Many people see in a dream, he met only many years later;
— dead relatives in dreams convey accurate messages
— the ability to see the future.
All this is happening, but why? Humanity has reached surprising results in the knowledge of the world, but our brain is still a mystery. We use only 30-34% of its capacity. We do not employ the whole area of the brain, scientists can only guess what a person really is.
The ability to see: benefits and risks
Psychics involve the brain by 55-60%. And this is not the limit. Man is capable of much. There are many exercises for the development of clairvoyance, so you can start working on them. But, like any talent, have clairvoyance has its pluses and minuses.
Positive aspects of capacity
You appear unprecedented force. See through objects, to read a person's eyes his fate — only a small part of what you're capable of. This is interesting, opens up a world of possibilities. For many it is an opportunity to earn money. For assistance to the clairvoyant will come, even if it is very expensive. Desperate situations lead to you people. How to deal with them?
Negative aspects
You've done it — long training helped you discover in themselves the talent. What's next? Few people know what lies on the other side of success. Did you see your death, predict the death of someone from relatives. To live with such knowledge is not easy. Even harder to see what lies ahead. Many clairvoyants pointed out that the merits of the different parts of the world come to visit them. Some of them are friendly, they are trying to help, but others on the contrary — do everything to stop you. Or even worse — to win over to their side.
You need to first find out about all the charms that must be worn at all times. Your meeting with the world of shadows, spirits can be dangerous. Stones, amulets help here. Although no one can predict what awaits you there, but success.
Before you start, remember one thing — there is no turning back. If you open a gift, return it as it was already will not work. Life has changed, it is necessary to adopt these changes.
Those who are engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena, gathered a collection of training and training for the development of its internal forces. No need to practice every day — let your brain rest after a fruitful training. Let your practice for the first time take place 2-3 times a week. Then you can increase their number up to 10 times.
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