Simple love spell, which can handle even the person who has never had such a «magical» experience. At the same time for making love spells does not require any special tools. All you may need can be bought in a regular store.
The spell is quite often used not only women but also men willing in this way to win a lady, do not pay them absolutely no attention.


The easiest way to charm a woman to love a spell in a Church candle. One of the advantages of such a ritual it is necessary to highlight not only that it is simple in its execution, but also that requires no special skills for its implementation, as well as monetary costs. With the help of this love spells to attract your favorite lady, you can literally in a jiffy. To make the ritual of love spell, you should purchase the three Church candles.
He a love spell in this case is due to the influence of a woman power of fire and candle. By themselves, these components of ritual are pretty strong handles by which you can control not only a woman but a man. For love spell guys there is a similar ritual action. Correctly using all the necessary rituals fixtures, you can achieve the highest score in solving the problem of spell interested man ladies.
Before you do this ritual one should calculate when to observe the moon is waxing. Waiting for this day, you should sit at the table and light candles. Looking at the fire, you need to try as clearly as possible to imagine your sweetheart drawn her appearance in his imagination with all the details.
Spell, done on candles, works on the basis of visualization. That is why at the initial stage of its carrying out it is especially important to visualize the image of the lady, which actually should be a ritual spell.
Ten minutes from the time of lighting the candles, you must read seven times the following mantra:
«As a burning candle as the flame erupted, so let a servant of God (name of the woman held a ceremony spell) smitten unto me the servant of God (name of man who holds a love spell) love. Let her feelings forever remain to me the same strong, like a candle flame. May she misses me. She could neither drink nor eat, but only to think about me. So it always has been. Implore. Amen.»
After the man finishes reading the spell, it should, not saying a word, go back to sleep. First you need to extinguish the candles and remove them out of reach of other people place. Especially carefully it is necessary to hide the spark in that case, if the man lives in the apartment or house is not alone. Be sure to condition before you remove the plugs, you need to wrap them in a clean prepared for these purposes tissue.
The effect of the spell must begin immediately after it was posted. As for the results of such impact on a woman, they can be seen after a week from the day of the ceremony.


If the young person is familiar with the girl that he likes, superficially, in this case it may help spell love using candy, if other methods failed to find the ideal to conquer the ladies. It will be necessary to treat the fairer female candy or some other pre-enchanted sweetness.
A prerequisite of ceremony – so that he started to act, she is obliged to eat candy. It is desirable that young man saw to that. Otherwise a hundred percent of effectiveness of the spell he can hardly be sure. The girl sure ate a sweet, it is necessary to know in advance what kind of Goodies like lady of the heart of men. For example, it can be bitter dark chocolate or, say, a marshmallow.
Know in advance what specific sweets like the girl with whom a young man wishes to build a relationship, in one fell swoop, he kills several birds with one stone. First, learn what sweets loves to eat the girl, to which he is indifferent, a man may be a hundred percent sure that the girl will eat the enchanted Goodies.
And, secondly, later, when the spell will take effect and the fair female will start to show sympathy for the person who was informed she did not nice, man is very useful knowledge about what sweets loves his girlfriend. He will be able to periodically indulge them.
Choosing the sweetness, you need to read over it the following text free spells:
«Like candy like (the name of the woman, which makes the spell) and I (a man's name, which makes the spell) I like it. Amen.»
Then you should buy a girl chosen by the sweetness.
Act spell begins in ten to twelve days. To maintain the resulting in the course of conducting a love spell results, you can periodically repeat it.


To perform the ritual of the spell with the help of coffee, you will need a number of things such as:
tablespoon of coffee beans;
Church candle;
a small cloth pouch.
The ideal time for the ritual – late in the evening. You need to get more comfortable at the table. In the room should be quiet. It is a prerequisite for the ritual. In the right hand must take a handful of coffee beans and read the following text spells for love:
«I adjure those of grain and this will keep the heart and the servants of God (the woman's name, which is a spell) steal and I'll keep to myself. To her without me I sluchalos. Amen.»
After the last words of the love spells were uttered, should be up all the grain in a pre-prepared bag and always take it with you.
Such a spell is considered to be one of the strongest. It hardly will keep itself waiting long. The first changes in the behavior of women, which was produced by the spell, you will notice in just a few days after a man bewitched coffee beans.
It is important to remember that the spell is only part of the «work» to raise awareness of the fair female. In order to forever conquer a girl, the man has the appropriate to behave, and to constantly try to impress a girl with various gifts, which she did not even dare to dream. To find out what dreams the girl and what she would have wanted to receive from a loved one, will be enough to make contact with her friends. Naturally, to make it succeed immediately, but the result will not keep itself waiting long.
You should also try to stand in front of the girl in the best possible light, displaying the best qualities of those who would be able to offer a woman.

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