How to make the curse with salt and how to identify

Salt — is a strong magic ingredient, whereby the curse can be done and clean. In this article I will tell you how to make salt sispolzovaniem curse and how to remove the curse of salt.

How do you know whether there SALT'S CURSE


On a clear night, close to midnight, take a clean pan and salt package. Put the pan on the fire and burn, and then with his left hand throw a handful of salt in the center, which is heated for 20 minutes, asking out loud, do you have an enemy, and if he did curse or wish evil.
If you do not notice anything strange, and salt during bulb calm, slightly yellowing and slightly crackled, then your suspicions are unfounded. When the salt of the Copts, explode, let the black smoke — which means someone casting a curse on you.. But first you have to get rid of the damn salt, spilling outside under a tree while looking at the sky, then turned to the right and tell the stars to 21, and asked the sky to return evil to the one who sent it to you.
After completing the ritual, go to sleep and do not be surprised nightmares — in them you can dream your foe, who had sent a curse upon you. In the morning you will be much easier, as part of the salt absorbs your negativity. At the same time the next day try to communicate less, no one and nothing to lend, under any pretext — categorically.
If you found near the threshold of needles, earth, cereals, salt or any other thing, then you definitely need to clean house. This will help you again salt! When it gets dark, sprinkle salt on a plate, light a candle.
Burning candle crisscross salt three times and tell her desire for deliverance from evil. Then you need to go around the perimeter of the house clockwise. This should be silence. It is better if the house will not be anyone. If you have nowhere to send them — ask them to be quiet and not ask questions.
During bypass house or apartment drop in each corner of a pinch of salt, which is necessary to leave there until morning to night she absorbed all the negative. At dawn, gather salt broom, fold into a paper bag and take them as far away from home or throw it in the running water or under a tree.
Back home, spend cleaning, thoroughly washing their floors, and finally protecting the front door some talisman.
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