How to protect against witchcraft. Terms protection from witchcraft

In modern life, magic and magical practices continue to thrive no worse than a century ago, because people have always been particularly vulnerable to the mental level. This is not surprising, because in the schools and families of children did not learn how to protect against witchcraft and what to do if committed unauthorized intrusion into the small world of the individual. As a result — total domination of damage and the evil eye, omens and incantations, rituals and ceremonies designed to disrupt life cheloveka.Eto the more regrettable, because in fact, means to deal with this sort of thing, there are even strong enough.
Rules that protect against intentional or accidental witchcraft evil eye
To followers of black magic could not make you bad — put the spell, read the plot, do spell and exercise any other negative actions — you should always try to follow the simple rules of communication with representatives of various social groups, as well as do basic safety practices:
Rule the World.If suddenly you find yourself in a situation when you look unkindly or start any negative impact on the physical or mental level, you should try to create around themselves a protective screen, full all-consuming and do not miss the darkness of the world. To do this, enter a meditative state, relax and imagine that everything is bathed in dazzling wildly bright light which floods not only you, but also the one who set negative. The light should remove all darkness, leaving no trace of it.
&Rule of Purity.Any items that you have to leave, try to throw in such a way that they can not get all detractors. This is especially true of their own hair, nails, teeth, etc. With this kind of particles person, professional magicians can make a strong black magic, the effect of which will not be worse than in the rite for photographs. Therefore, such items are invited to throw into the water, it neutralizes them and eliminate the possibility of their evil people.
Typically kind look.Ever, under any circumstances, need very kindly treat people as if they were not disposed towards you. The more positive energy in a person, the more he learns good and sincere light — the harder it is to break his bright aura of black magicians. Love and respect for others — the main factor in preventing any negative witchcraft practices. Often no more protection from witchcraft person does not need to, if he is well-developed sense of love of neighbor.
Rule Charged things.&Try not to give away the right and left objects with which you linked to mass memories, because they are powerful energy trace a man who belonged to. If this is necessary or unavoidable, try to clean it well, or wash the thing, thus zeroing its memory. Likewise, try not to take other people's things without the need (especially from strangers), they can carry the energy of illness or death. For the same reason it is not recommended to raise the lost wallets, coins and other valuable, at first glance, things.
Rule of Water.Negative energy, which is full of our life, easily eliminated by a universal energy inspector — water. You hurt? Narugal chef? Quarreled with her husband? Wash immediately with running water, better take a shower, imagining how water absorbs all negative energy. Experts advise that destroy any witchcraft also help any running water (stream, river, stream rainwater) you want to cross the ford.
Rule of Faith.Do not be afraid of sidelong glances and strange people, each time seeing them as magicians and sorcerers, bringing thus their suspicions to the end point. Remember that you can only affect what you allow to influence you. Do good deeds, believe in good people and justice, often pray not only for family and friends, but also enemies. In this case, the evil can not penetrate into your life.&

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