How to use magic to change eye color

change eye color spells for change eye color real magicSome people are wondering: how to use magic to change eye color and can it be done without resorting to lenses?
As everyone knows, eye color depends on the distribution and abundance of microscopic granules of melanin (black pigment) in the iris of the eye. Most of the black pigment is contained in special cells — melanocytes.
To change the color of eyes with magic offers free ritual of miracles. In this case, the change in the amount of melanin you will affect the strength of his mind and the power of ritual egregore.
Most often, eye color changes in children and animals. Thus, the majority of kittens born with blue eyes, eye color varies maturing and getting closer to the color of fur.
Some newborn babies with blue eyes, a few months later also become gray-eyed, green-eyed, brown-eyed and sometimes even.
Changing eye color is due to the accumulation of melanin, but not by increasing the number of melanocytes.
Through magic, a person can change the color of your eyes at any age. To do this, the power of thought to change the amount of melanin in the iris.
The easiest and quickest way to change your eye color can people with light eyes (blue, gray and green).
The same eye color can change depending on the color of clothing, cosmetics, environment, as one sees the reflected light, and color of the world is determined not only by their intrinsic properties, but also the environment.
You might also notice that the eye color changes in some diseases, under stress itp Thus, changes in the organism's activity affects the amount of melanin, and thus the color of the eyes.
Doctors say that some eye drops during their prolonged use contributes darkening eyes. These drops contain analogues of the natural hormone prostaglandin F2a (latanoprost, travoprost, unoproston, bimatoprost) are used to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma.
This means that the color of the eye depends on the hormonal levels. Hormonal background is the body can be changed through the power of thought, which is involved in the ritual of desire.
If we trace some diseases that affect the eye color, it can be concluded that the amount of melanin also depends on the human nervous system. Therefore, to change yourself, your life, or experienced a strong nervous stress can also affect the color of the eyes.
There is a chronic disease that has changed over time the color of the human eye or lead to heterochromia — the difference in the color of the eyes of one man.
How to change eye color with magic? To do this, there are many ways: hormonal changes, lifestyle changes itp So, if your eye very quickly or suddenly change their color (not your will), you should consult a diagnostician or consult the wizards that they have learned through clairvoyance cause a sudden change in the color of your eyes.

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