Information for impatient people and other!

tarot reading informationThere is a type of people who are not what they can not and do not want to wait. Such people believe that to easy flick of your wrist, I immediately should dance like a puppet and sing serenades them about what they are beautiful and that they are waiting for a great happiness to come. Such people believe that once he! or she is! paid me, I should throw all of its customers and to engage only in their majesty ,, ,, I should apply to all objectively, but damn! I did not always succeed! Open my mailbox, I can see the 47 letters from one person reports — «Well?» «Well, when ?!» «How long more?» «I do not understand where the answer ?!» and in my soul begins to simmer quietly angry.

There is another type of people who do not care about anyone or anything. Their brain perceives only the information «tarot reading» — then they can not see anything, just do not want to strain your brain and eyes.
Just yesterday, once again there was a case here: I wrote the girl, so kindly and ingratiating — «Help me, I beg you! I love him, I can not! You help me?» I of course say yes, of course, and tell fortunes than I can help, but at the same time ask to read carefully the rules on my website, so that every time is not repeated. The girl because of their laziness and unwillingness to strain your brain to read, trying to persuade me to repeat my terms. I gathered strength in his fist, once again reiterated their working conditions. As soon as our «white angel» learned that I love spell is not free, I got a quick response — «Bitch!»

As King Solomon said: — «Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.»

This is not the first time that the client learned of my condition, immediately showered me with insults and accusations of cheating. It happens that the client, knowing that spells for free for a long time trying to persuade me to still feel sorry for him / her poor little casting and free, and in the end get kontse- final rejection, send SUCH swearing at me, that I am given the diva!

«What I do not like the poor, so it's impudence. They give nothing, and they are asking and asking. „- Maurice Chevalier said.
Excuse me, but why is considered chtolyubovny spell, remove curse, tarot reading, clairvoyance and healing that does not work, well… fun. Why, then, do you (all those who are looking for a free lunch) do not go to work for nothing, for free or for a magic word “thank you»?!!! Yes, all because it was his work as a high value on you!!! Your work — it is work!

Perhaps I now have many condemned, but understand, I'm also a real person! I also get tired or I just do not happen mood and energy. In order to predict the future or help you get out of a difficult situation, I did not throw the cards on the table while sipping coffee or talking at this time on the phone. I give myself entirely to his work.

«It is necessary to allow one to sit on his head, as there is a queue for them.»

Who wants to hear me- hear and understand well, and that for the rest, to them I just do not care.

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