Internet Love (virtual virus)

Everyone who is now in finding solutions to their problems, which actually brought here to this site witch Reddy, I wish a speedy solution to all your questions.
Now I want to tell you about the «malaise» afflicting many. This «disease» strikes and takes root in the mind and soul, not only people living alone, but also people and families who are married for many years.
Cases are increasingly frequent and become a real scourge of modern society, violating social norms and family values. The fact is that many times I have seen in practice, as it happens. The woman has a husband, family, children falls in love with the Internet RIGHTS. He became her ideal which overshadows not only her husband but also children. What is the children — Children For women it glavnopolagayuschy instikt innate, this Mother Nature.
And what we see, fell in love with the Internet hero, a woman is ready to drop everything and run to the end of the world. It regrets that cast including children.
How does this process briefly. Woman likes ears. In the correspondence she can get whatever she lacks of communication in the world, where she lives. And through the monitor, you can say whatever you want. And the female imagination appends everything else, turning the Internet companion now long-awaited miracle and a dream of her life !!!
Signs when a woman or a man fall into dependence on Internet communication and conversation. This frequent finding in front of computer, constant correspondence with someone. Invisibility. If you go to the computer hides correspondence nervous. The person becomes irritable. The family start talking about what that's all wrong, maybe our relationship error, variance and so on. Man loses kontrolnad happening in the family and in general the physical world. Painted in mind the ideal of constantly encourages communication through the Internet, and the result. The family is falling apart.
A huge number of ruined families, we know from our practical experience, but we have no data that would continue with these people. I have not heard of love and happiness. Either they do not talk about it or this is not !!!
Dear men and women who appreciate what you have, not what you draw imagination. Peace and happiness to your home.

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